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Our Product

Injecting YuGuang Switchable Smart glass making the partition wall more functional choices.


Why Our Switchable Glass and Film Products Are Superior

Easy to install

Switchable glass can be customized to almost any shape and switchable films can easily be applied to exist-ing windows.

Energy efficient

Switchable glass dramatically reduc-es heating, cooling and lighting costs by minimizing heat transfer and providing natural light.


Embrace a modern, minimalist aes-thetic with soft light dispersal. Elec-tric glass creates a myriad of design options.


Our products can be customized to nonstandard sizes and have uniform opacity when curved.

With multiple of Smart Control: Wall Switch, Remote Control, Sound Control, App Control, Smart Home System Control etc.
And show a variety of shading effects: Dimming, Flickering, Subdivision flickering, Smart blind.

About YuGuang

Why Our Switchable Glass and Film Products Are Superior

Global Leaders in Switchable Glass Since 2007

Shenzhen Yu Guang New Material Company Ltd. is a professional and comprehensive service provider for the smart light control solution. Our team works have more than 10 years of experience in smart light intelligence and smart architecture. devoted to providing various professional light control solutions, smart products and technological service for global customers. Thanks to our professional technology and pursuing the excellent experience from customers, we have promoted a series of high-quality products, such as smart light control products, interactive digital sign, and smart home products, widely attention and favor from the market.

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Smart Glass products have a myriad of practical applications due to their customizable nature.

Now You can turn your glass from transparent to opaque with
the click of a switch

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