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Medical / Hospitals

Dormitories and general wards in hospitals house a number of patients simultaneously. With the intelligent PDLC smart glass films, individual areas can be cordoned off during doctor visit or when the patient requires privacy. These smart glass films can also meaningfully replace the blinds and curtains of rooms to make the room comfortable. With the transparent mode, patients can view outside the room and see the world outdoors, whereas while resting and sleeping, they can switch off the screen to convert the wall into opaque blinds.

YuGuang’s smart technology glass films and panels are made with the latest advanced technology to assist patients recover in a pleasant ambience while providing medical workers such as nurses and doctors the perfect feel of a workplace. Also, since hospitals are equipped with sophisticated equipment and medical devices, the need for proper control and regulation of temperature and heat, light and sound is crucial. Our high-end premium PDLC glass panels and films work instantly to create the right control of parameters in such critical areas of work. From Operation Theatres to patient rooms, doctor chambers to nursing stations, lobby areas to areas of high security and privacy – PDLC smart glass films from YuGuang contribute towards helping patients recover fast and medical workers work in optimum conditions.

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