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Office / Conference Room

Office area is divided hard to avoid by the partition of the wall of a few sides wall or ground glass can appear narrow suffocate, use transparent glass to design completely lack close sex again, and had dimming glass, you want to press remote control gently only, can control glass easily, let the glass be transparent with not Transparent states move quickly between each other, leaving the space open or closed to your liking.

Our switchable glass product line offers an attractive and flexible solution. A smart glass refurbished convertible membrane can be applied to your existing glass, so no replacement is required. This could be a cost-effective option.

Some installations require mixed products. For example, in Kuwait, KPMG uses both self-adhesive switchable film and switchable laminated glass in its smart new office and is equipped with our RF (radio frequency) remote control switching system.

Switchable glass is ideal for new developments or office renovations. Smartglasscn works with many contractors and can be installed as all types of frames, tracks, and partition systems.


So if you have any questions, please contact us or want to discuss ideas for adding switchable glass to a meeting room.

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