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One of the most practical applications of YuGuang’s PDLC glass films is in banks. Considering the required security parameters, our strong and smart glass panels can instantly convert the normal banking environment into a high security zone. Operationally, the teller windows and other public places within premises can be in the ON mode to facilitate better communication while dealing with customers. With the OFF mode, within seconds, the intelligent glass panels change their mode and colour, from the transparent look to the opaque panels that can block off public view of the front and back offices.

Our PDLC smart switchable glass panels help create a fortified environment, thereby discouraging incidents of robbery and vandalism. PLDC glass films and panels from YuGuang are powered with the most forward-thinking technology, designed and manufactured after years of concerted work and research. Our team of expert researchers in the field love to create and innovate products that befit the growing needs of our customers.

Besides making the office inside the bank safe and secure, YuGuang’s PDLC technology helps bank officials and customers carry out their work with complete peace of mind as the heat and light inside are controlled efficiently.

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