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Switchable Smart Glass

Switchable Glass, More than 10 years’ experience of Laminating Swithchable Partition Glass. Providing Magic Smart Glass for Decoration Company and Construction Company to install it directly.

  • High Smart
  • Good Sound Insulation
  • Stable performance and long service life
  • Privacy protection
  • Custom Nonstandard Shapes and Dimensions

Logistics delivery (estimated): 3-7days

Smart glass or switchable glass is glass or glazing whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied. Generally, the glass changes from translucent to transparent, changing from blocking some (or all) wavelengths of light to letting light pass through. When installed in the envelope of buildings, smart glass creates climate adaptive building shells, with the ability to save costs for heating, air-conditioning, and lighting and avoid the cost of installing and maintaining motorized light screens or blinds or curtains. Blackout smart glass blocks 99.4% of ultraviolet light, reducing fabric fading;


Switchable Smart Privacy Non-adhesive Film Laminate with EVA Film to Privacy Smart Glass, we have more than 12 years of experience for Lamination Dimmable Smart Partition Glass.

smart glass application

About YuGuang

Shenzhen Yu Guang New Material Company Ltd. is a professional and comprehensive service provider for the smart light control solution. Our team works have more than 10 years of experience in smart light intelligence and smart architecture. devoted to providing various professional light control solutions, smart products and technological service for global customers. Thanks to our professional technology and pursuing the excellent experience from customers, we have promoted a series of high-quality products, such as smart light control products, interactive digital sign, and smart home products, widely attention and favor from the market.


Relying on the professional leading technical strength and the pursuit of the ultimate user experience, the company has launched a series of high-quality products such as intelligent optical control products, interactive digital signage, intelligent home products, which have been widely concerned by the industry and the market.

After Sales Service

1. After receiving the report, our after-sales service staff will immediately arrange technicians to solve the problem.

2. If it is a product quality problem, and within the warranty period, we will give free maintenance, to ensure your safety, use; If the product exceeds the warranty period, we also provide door-to-door service, only charge maintenance costs.

3. In case of product damage caused by a violation of safe use or matters needing attention in daily maintenance, as well as by human and irresistible external forces, which is not covered by the warranty of the product, we will be responsible for paid maintenance or replacement.

4. You can also conduct online consultation on the use, maintenance and other related issues of our products through our website. We welcome your reasonable Suggestions or opinions on our products.

5. In order to ensure your safe use, we will track and visit the products from time to time. We sincerely request your cooperation and support.

Item Mode Specification
Optical parameter Visible Light transmittance ON 83%
OFF >60%
Parallel light transmittance ON 75%
OFF <2%
Haze ON <4%
OFF 96%
View angle ON 145°
Electrioal parameter Operating voltage ON AC48V~65V/50HZ
Responce dissipation OFF-ON <10ms
Responce time ON-OFF <5W/m²
Size parameter Thickness Glass thickness×2+2mm
Maximum size 50m×1.86m
Operating parameter Operating temperature -20°C~60°C
Storage temperature -30°C~70°C
Working Frequency 30HZ~400HZ
Switching times >2 million times


  • Is there a warranty on dimmed glass products?
    From the time the dimming glass products arrive at the customer’s location, our company will provide free maintenance service and replacement if there are quality problems under normal use within two years.
    Special declaration: the quality guarantee is only available through glass interlayer and special power supply. The external glass is fragile and is not covered by the warranty.
  • What are the benefits of using Smart Glass?
    Such as switchable glass partitions; privacy control; touch screen and rear projection capabilities; UV protection; aesthetically pleasing, hygienic & low maintenance, etc.
  • Smart Glass is completely transparent when the power on?
    When powering on, visible light can reach 90%.
  • Smart Glass is suitable for doors or windows?
    Yes, it can be used for glass doors, including sliding doors, automatic doors, and windows.
  • How do you ensure product quality?
    We will produce a sample for approval, third party inspection is acceptable, Detailed quality report will be supplied within 3 days after loading.
  • What is your payment term?
    T/T, Western Union, Paypal.
  • Do I need glue to stick the self-adhesive smart film?
    No. The self-adhesive smart film has the self-adhesive layer already which you could paste onto the existing glass directly without any help of glue.
  • How can I get a sample? what’s the standard sample size?
    The samples are free for you and you just need to bear the shipping cost
    The standard size for the film is A5 or A4 paper; for glass A5 or larger(A5-A4), each sample has small power supply with button control on/off.
  • What’s the lead time for your products?
    Normally the lead time for smart glass is 12-20 working days; for smart film, 3-7working days depending on the required glass/film dimensions and quantities. Please send us the size& quantities info to get a quote and estimate the lead time.
  • What’s the shipping way for your product?
    For smart glass, normally by sea delivery, some small size order could be available for air cargo delivery if urgent
    For the smart film, normally by express delivery like DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, etc.

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