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3 Best Ways to Remove Office Window Privacy Film

By hqt / Feb.15, 2021

Why change windows adhesive films?

Many houses were built a long time ago, and the structures have lost their quality. Also, if you are tired of insulating windows and opening and closing such structures is one torment, then this is another reason to think about office window privacy.

New windows open and close with ease; you can open the structure in different positions, including placing on micro-ventilation.

Office Window Privacy Film

Why you need to install office window privacy?

The main reasons for replacing windows are heat loss. Moreover, after measurements and calculations, specialists have provided the following data on heat losses in the apartment premises:

  • through the front doors – 10%,
  • brick walls – 35%,
  • ventilation system – 15%,
  • wooden windows – 40%.

It remains to add that modern plastic windows are a complex engineering structure, to which very high requirements are imposed. Especially in winter, it depends on the windows how comfortable it is to be in the room.
Further, choose new generation office window privacy that has high thermal insulation characteristics and be independent of the vagaries of the weather!

The double-glazed window fogged up INSIDE. What to do?

In fact, to understand what has happened to your glass unit, let’s talk a little about its construction.

The distance between the glasses in the glass unit is provided with a spacer frame. Basically, the designers have glued and sealed the glazing unit with special sealants. The spacer also acts as a container for a special microporous material that absorbs moisture in the inter-sheet space.

How to make sure that energy-saving glass is installed in the glass unit?

This is, perhaps, the most important question that torments every person who orders windows with energy-saving office window privacy. Outwardly, such glass is practically indistinguishable from ordinary glass. So, do a very simple test:

  1. Light a match, candle, or lighter.
  2. Bring it to the glass unit.
  3. Several reflections of the flame will appear in the glass unit.

If you look at the reflection of the flame at an angle, the number of reflections in the glass unit will correspond to the number of glass surfaces.

  1. In a glass unit, where energy-saving glass has been used, one of the images of the flame will differ in color from the others. Moreover, by the location of the reflection of a flame of a different color, you can determine which of the surfaces is coated. In a single-chamber double-glazed window, this will be the second reflection.
  2. A glass unit with ordinary glass will have flame reflections of the same color.

How to clean office window privacy at home?

The question of how to quickly wash the windows was probably asked at least once by a novice and even an experienced housewife. Windows are not in vain called the eyes of an apartment or a house: actually, dusty frames and glass in incomprehensible spots make any room untidy, even furnished by a fashion designer. Dirty windows let light through worse.

Basically, you can wash the windows with the following means:

  • household chemicals for office window privacy, which may contain allergens, aggressive additives;
  • Home remedies.

The windows should be washed regularly, at least once a season. It is best to clean kitchen glass every month.

How to clean windows safely?

Remember your childhood: after the grandmother washed the windows, a sour vinegar smell remained in the room. Today this substance is very popular to use by manufacturers of household chemicals: vinegar well removes greasy stains, old dirt.

Additionally, it is safe for glass and does not leave streaks. It is easy to wash the windows with vinegar water: pour a couple of tablespoons of a nine percent solution into a liter bucket. It is better to use a linen cloth, and wipe the washed glass with a dry linen cloth or wrinkled newspaper.

How to remove the film from windows – 6 proven ways

All new plastic windows have a protective office window privacy film, which is ideal to remove immediately or, in extreme cases, within 10 days after installation. If you do this later, then the film can dry out strongly and it will be much more difficult to carefully remove it without consequences for the window.

How to remove the film from the window?

Depending on how hard the protective film has dried on the window, you can remove it using one of these methods.

You can remove the dried film from plastic windows using a regular or construction hairdryer. Furthermore, a steam cleaner will also work. Direct hot air at the protective film and, while warm, gently and slowly remove it.

But if you do this quickly and abruptly, there will be many traces of glue. If traces of glue still remain, remove them with solvent or acrylic solution.

How to remove the dried film from a window – White spirit

It is an affordable, inexpensive and safe way to remove the film from a window. Pry the film off one edge and apply White Spirit into the gap. After a couple of minutes, the product will soften the dried film and it can be easily removed from the office window privacy.

How to remove the film from the window – glass-ceramic hob scraper

you can easily purchase these scrapers at household goods stores or they are included with glass-ceramic hobs. So, you may already have them in your home. The main feature of the scraper is that it does not damage the surface and does not leave scratches.

In addition, using a scraper, pry off the film that has adhered to the window and carefully and slowly remove it. If there are glue marks on the frame, remove them with a solvent or acrylic solution.

Soap solution for removing the film from office window privacy

Make a warm soapy solution, apply it to the window frames with plastic film, and wait for a little. Next, take a glass-ceramic hob scraper or napkin and carefully remove the film.

How to remove the film from a window using an eraser?

We can say a folkway, which sometimes turns out to be very effective. You will need a regular school eraser. Try to wipe the dried film from the plastic window with it.

How to remove a film from a plastic window?

The glass-ceramic hob cleaner is designed to remove grease, but it can also cope with the glue applied to the protective film on the office window privacy. Pry up the film and apply the product to the sticky coating. After a few minutes, the remedy will take effect. Moreover, you can easily remove the remains of glue and film with plain water or soapy water.

Do I need to change windows in a new building?

A new apartment in a new building, in which no one has lived before you, is certainly a great joy. But, unfortunately, in this case, “new” does not mean quality. And the first thing that new settlers have to deal with, and what is often not immediately evident, is the quality of windows in a new building.

Office Window Privacy Film 2021

It is not uncommon that this quality is at such a level that it is better to change the windows right away than to find many problems in the future.

Quality of windows in a new building

When building a house, developers save on absolutely everything. They choose windows made of the thinnest cheap plastic (sometimes even without reinforcement), cheap fittings, and glass. And they install windows, not meticulously observing GOST, but if only faster, using the most budgetary foam and fasteners.

If in summer the quality of such office window privacy can still be experienced, then in winter you will experience the whole range of sensations from blowing and freezing, to suddenly not closing sashes.

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