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How to apply Adhesive Privacy film on your own?

By hqt / May.06, 2020

Adhesive Privacy Film: What, How, When and Where

Adhesive privacy film comes in a wide range of variety. Therefore, you can choose one that suits your needs to perfection. The great thing about these films is that they are not only cost-effective but also durable.

Their popularity is due to their high-performance. Adhesive privacy window film has become a favourite of people with big windows and glass fronts. After all, these films enhance the overall modern and sophisticated look of the place.

If you are new to the term privacy film, we can understand that nothing makes sense till now. However, you need not worry. In this article, we are going to provide you with complete information on these adhesive films.

So, without any further delay, let us get started to the point.

A Complete Analysis

Adhesive Privacy Film

Introduction to Self-Adhesive Window films

Window films are a sophisticated and impressive form of technology. You can retrofit them to existing glazing. After all, these films are an excellent alternative to electronic blinders. They are the perfect solution for a number of glass-related problems including privacy, excess heat, and security.

In addition, you can add a decorative flourish to your homes or offices via adhesive vinyl film. The film features bespoke design and graphics. In addition, these films are ideal for large-scale displays for retail outlets, offices, or any other space.

Regardless, the type of adhesive film you choose, the installation process is extremely easy. Either you can go on your own, search some DIY methods, or you can reach out to professionals at Smart Glass CN. Their vastly experienced and fully qualified team would carry out the work on your behalf.

Fitting Adhesive Films to Glass

Since it is extremely easy to apply these films to your window, therefore, you really don’t need any prior experience. All you need is the free application squeegee and a couple of household items. With these things, you are good to go.

Moreover, the film would come with complete instructions printed on it. This way you will have no confusion and you will be able to apply is effortless. Nonetheless, you need to take a couple of steps to ensure the successful application of adhesive privacy window film.

Pre-requisite Steps

Before you apply the film to either your doors or your windows, you need to take a couple of steps. For starters, you should thoroughly wash the area using soap and water. You can even use a glass or a mild cleaner. However, keep on spraying and cleaning until the towels come away clean.

NOTE: A clean surface ensures the longevity of the adhesive film. So, when you place it on a clean window, it is bound to go a long way in comparison to unclean windows.

Once you have cleaned the window thoroughly, next you should use a clean squeegee to remove the fine dust. In addition, it is important to ensure that there are no residues left of both the soap or the cleaner before you start applying the film.

 Things you need to apply the Film

Before you start applying the film, we recommend that you gather all the things that you will need. After you have cut the film to the desired size, you will have to work really fast. You will not have time to look for the required things.

In case, you are going with adhesive-free window films, you will not be needing any cutting tools or sponges. However, that is not the case with adhesive films. For the adhesive-free film, you would just need a squeegee that will assist in smoothing out the bubbles and creases.

Also, no matter how careful you are, the bubbles are inevitable. Therefore, you should be prepared for them well before time. Use a spray bottle that has clean water in it along with a sponge. Make sure that your spray bottle can hold enough water to cover up all the desired areas.

You should use the sponge to clean the edges of the film also to clean up the overspray. In case, you don’t have a spray bottle, you can always use damp the sponge. However, ensure that there are no water droplets present on the door, or the window when applying the adhesive-free film.

Apply Adhesive Privacy Film

The basic steps for both of these privacy films are the same. You would have to clean the desired area as thoroughly as possible. After you have cleaned the surface, next you would need a spray bottle.

Put either plain water or mix a few drops of washing up liquid in that bottle and keep it within reach. Now start by removing the back sheet from the film. You will come face to face with the side that contains the adhesive.

Now you quickly have to coat the exposed side of the film with the solution you just created. After this, you should instantly repeat the spraying process on the window. Just make sure that you perform both these steps as smooth and as fast as possible.

Now take the film to the glass, however, do allow it to flow gently into the place. You will be able to maneuver the film into the right place due to the soapy water solution. It is really important for the correct installation of the film.

Now, it is time to use the plastic application squeegee. This would help you push out the moisture to the glass’s edge. Lastly, you would need a clean cloth. Use this cloth to mop up the remaining moisture or water.

That is, it you are done!

Adhesive-Free Vs Adhesive-Backed Films

When you spray the water before you apply the film on the glass, the film does not get clingy. On the contrary, it smoothly slides into the desired place.  Once the water starts to dry, the squeegee comes into action.

It assists in positioning the film correctly.  After the water complete dries, the film would stay put. You would not need additional maintenance. It is possible to remove and reuse the adhesive-free films.

Adhesive-back films might be slightly more complicated to apply. However, they do have the tendency to last longer. They stay put in place for a long, long time.

Things you Achieve with Window Films

The great thing about adhesive privacy film is that it has the ability to deliver a number of long-lasting, impressive, and effective solutions. You can either enjoy one-way privacy, or you want to design your window without using etched glass.

Regardless of the reason, privacy films could provide you with just the right solutions. Below is a brief summary of what you can achieve with these films.

Solar Control

Excess heat has been troublesome for both commercial as well as residential settings. With window film, you can effectively reduce heat as they not only prevent the sunlight penetration but also stop the heat to enter.

Window adhesive privacy window film is more effective in comparison to traditional curtains and electronic blinds.


You can either opt for a two-way privacy option, or you can go with a one-way day time privacy option. With one-way privacy, the exterior face of the glass would have a mirrored effect. So, even if someone tries to peek inside, all they would see is their own reflection.

The frostbite films are a great alternative for the expensive frosted glass. They provide the same look, but at an extremely low price.

Adhesive Privacy Film in China

Take away

Adhesive privacy films are the perfect solution for modern glass problems. They offer ideal privacy and ensure longevity. These films are highly effective when it comes to ensuring security while adding sophistication to your front doors and windows.

In addition, the films are extremely easy to apply and maintain. You really do not need any rocket science. However, if you are still double-minded about installing these films, you can reach out to the experienced staff of Smart Glass CN.

In addition to installing the film, they would ensure that it goes a long way. So, reach out to them any time you want.

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