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Are curtains/glass better than privacy window tinting for home?

By hqt / Apr.07, 2021

Professional way to install Privacy window

privacy window tinting for home

High-quality privacy window tinting for home installed in a private house should not let in noise and cold, fog up, and their sashes should not creak when opened. .


When choosing a window, it is important to pay attention to several indicators:

  1. the features of the profile
  2. the glass unit
  3. characteristics of the fittings.

How to seal privacy window tinting for home?

A profile made of polyvinyl chloride is a complex multi-chamber structure. It comes by increased strength and durability. A quality product can last 50 years. To increase the strength of the PVC profile and prevent the finished product from sagging, metal reinforcement is installed inside.

A rubber seal is placed along the contour, which does not allow cold air and moisture to pass through.

Tinting windows have heat shielding properties

The heat-shielding properties of a window are influenced by the number of cameras. In a private house or cottage, it is necessary to install profiles with five chambers, an assembly width of 70 mm and more, and with privacy window tinting for home.

The room will not only be warm, but also quiet – such products have good sound insulation. It means that street noise will not bother the owners of the house.

How to apply privacy window tinting for home on PVC windows?

Traditionally, PVC profiles are white, but modern technologies make it possible to embody the most daring ideas for the design of the facade and home improvement. You can paint the profile in the selected color or apply a pattern imitating the structure of wood or metal using lamination.

There is a new technology that allows you to make PVC windows with aluminum trims. They not only protect the plastic profile from thermal effects, but also look ultra-modern thanks to the fashionable aesthetics of painted metal.

By the way, you can also choose the color of the glass, which will add individuality to the facade of the house.

Does simple glass prevent heat?

It is another important element for keeping warm in the room. It is he who takes about 70% of the structure. High thermal insulation will be provided by double-glazed windows with energy-saving glasses and argon-filled chambers.

Privacy window tinting for home are made using a special technology. They are covered with a thin layer of silver. Moreover, it reflects heat radiation into the room, that is, does not allow heat to “go outside”. At the same time, it remains transparent and transmits light well.

The use of energy-saving glass allows you to reduce the cost of heating the room in the cold season. This is especially important for private houses that are individually heated.

What characteristics privacy glasses provide?

The range of glasses that we recommend for windows in private houses includes multifunctional glasses. They protect the room not only from the cold, but also from overheating due to excessive solar heat. This is especially true for south-facing facades.

Thanks to such glasses, it will be possible to use the air conditioner less often in the summer. At the request of the client, it is possible to tint the glass in a light silver, bronze or blue shade.

Large Glass Fittings

Modern homes often use large glass structures that let in a lot of light. Living rooms often have access to a terrace or garden. A conventional front door in this case can be inconvenient because it takes up a lot of space. A design with tilt-and-slide or lift-and-slide fittings will help save space.

A sash with such fittings does not take up space in the room. To open it, just pull it slightly towards you and move it to the side.


There are different options for privacy window tinting for home systems. There are tilt-and-slide, parallel-slide, and lift-and-slide. They allow the production of large-format windows with a heavy sash weight. They are suitable for glazing spacious rooms with high ceilings, including private houses.

Are curtains better than privacy windows?

In modern interiors, classic curtains are often dispensed with. To make the window look stylish and concise, you can use hidden hinges. In addition to the original design, windows with hidden hinges have other advantages. They are more resistant to burglary, have improved thermal protection and are hermetically sealed.

How to choose privacy window tinting for home?

When choosing windows, you need to take into account the characteristics of the room. If there are small children in the house, in the nursery and other rooms where they have access, special locking mechanisms must be installed on the windows.

They will block the window if the child tries to open it. It can be a handle with a key or a special lock-blocker. It is mounted under the window sash. The windows can be set to ventilation mode, but if the lock is in the closed position, it will be impossible to open the sash.

Is tinting window good for office?

And for a home office, privacy window tinting for home with a handle located at the bottom of the sash is suitable. It can be opened even while sitting in a chair. Hence, you don’t have to be distracted from work. The window handle will be longer than the regular handle and the lever will be larger.

An important issue for a private house or cottage is the issue of security. Anti-burglar fittings and armored double-glazed windows will help to provide it. Typically, intruders try to break into the window in the place where the window handle is installed. A special secustic mechanism will block the handle if an attempt is made to act on it from the outside through the window fittings.

How to install tinting films professionally?

Even the highest quality windows can be easily spoiled by unprofessional installation, so it should be trusted only by specialists. Do not hesitate to ask the contractor for a Certificate of Conformity of the work on filling window and door openings with the requirements of Belarusian standards. It is issued to companies on the basis of an on-site installation check.

Should customer install privacy film himself?

It can be difficult for a customer who has never been involved in installing windows to understand that the work is done poorly. He may not know that there is a certain step for attaching the window to the walls.

There are different fasteners for different wall materials, which the installation organization must select. It is important to protect the privacy window tinting for home from moisture and ultraviolet radiation with special vapor and waterproofing tapes.

Deficiencies in installation may become apparent in 2-3 years, when the installation seams begin to let air in, the windows will no longer be airtight. To fix this, you will have to dismantle the slopes and seal the windows again. Therefore, it is better to take a responsible approach to the choice of an installation organization right away.

privacy window tinting for home 2021

How to choose windows for a gym or fitness club?

The best sports windows are none. Choose outdoor sports whenever possible, rather than indoors.

But since we have even fewer green lawns than sunny and not rainy days, we will return to the ground, or rather to the gym.

Consider the option when a sports club or fitness center is not a purpose-built building.

The air conditioner will not help

Exercising in a stuffy room is not just unpleasant, but in the first place it is unsafe. An ordinary air conditioner only cools the air and does not saturate it with oxygen in any way – therefore it only creates the illusion of a ventilated room and fresh air.

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