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Development trend of dimmable glass in recent years

By hqt / Mar.04, 2020

With the development of the times, a well-off life can be considered and enjoyed by every family. When the food and clothing are solved, people also have high requirements for the quality and quality of life.
Not to mention those who own villas. Even ordinary houses have certain requirements for construction design. Not only everything is high-end atmosphere. More beautiful.
This has formed a big breakthrough for the building materials industry, so what does it have to look forward to and learn from? Let me talk about the products of the intelligent combination of science and technology in the building materials industry: smart dimming glass
In the first and second-tier cities, you have basically understood the principles of products such as smart dimmable glass. Because they are already ahead of the game! Intelligent dimming glass is characterized by transparent power-on and power-off frost. It is possible to produce different effects by calling. In more detail, there is a kind of liquid crystal molecules (PDLC) scattered in the case of no electricity. Make the page frosted. When power is applied, the liquid crystal molecules are aligned in a line instantly. The page rendered is instantly transparent. This is the magic of dimmable glass. In another feature, the dimmable glass is also equipped with a projection function. The dimming glass can be used as a projection screen without power. The effect on the projection is not worse than that of ordinary projection equipment. Are there many functions of dimmable glass! For those who need these two types of products, this product is more cost-effective than the other products. This is also one of the biggest advantages of dimmable glass.
Dimmable glass is loved by the people in application. Commercial building office locations, and applications in large shopping mall compartments and luxury hotel equipment. . . Not only bring rich income effects to the property, but also bring a magical sense of vision and mystery to the experiencer.
in the future. Dimmable glass, whether it is an office partition floor or a high-end consumer place, bank, hospital, court. Even prisons, car configurations, and entertainment venues are everywhere. Contracted almost every corner of the globe.

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