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Electric pdlc film 2020: Everything you need to know about pdlc smart film

By hqt / Aug.03, 2020

What is an electric PDLC film?

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Pdlc basically stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal. Hence, electric pdlc film actually contains drops of liquid crystal of micro size. Manufacturers scatter this liquid crystal within optically isotropic polymer matrix.

In order to provide the new orientation of electricity, the PET film encircles the PDLC. And this PET film is laminated with electrically conductive Indium Tin Oxide. It has the ability to peel very easily and can affix to the existent glass. As it is with an EVA adhesive at the backside of non-adhesive smart film.

How does electric pdlc film work with smart glass?

Smart glass is actually a multilayer glass with the help of polymer liquid crystal film. And manufacturers apply this smart glass between two layers of toughened glass.

When users power-off, the pdlc film is converted into opaque condition. And when users power-on the electric pdlc film is converted into transparent condition.

This smart glass has not only the ability to secure the glass but also supplies the facility of privacy.

A backside projection takes the place of the general screen in order to demonstrate hd quality of 3D images.

What effect does electric pdlc film have on ordinary glass?

When you install this smart switchable pdlc film, all the environment changes into a fantasy. And it also has capability to change the ordinary glass into reversible glass. You can easily control the process with just a single electrical switch.

Moreover, this electrical switch has ability to change the simple glass from transparent to opaque. When you power-on the switch, it turns into transparent. And when you power-off, it simply turns into opaque. Furthermore, electric pdlc film also gives you the privacy that you need.

Hence, when you use this film, all the environment fills with the great feelings of advanced technology.

Why electric pdlc film is becoming so popular?

Switchable pdlc film is becoming so popular because it is a highly advanced technology. And when users change transparent glass into opaque with just a single touch, it does a wow effect to the viewers. Nowadays people are making use of hi-tech products even in their daily life. And they like this pdlc film because of these reasons, like:

  • projection
  • privacy
  • security
  • elegance
  • some modern touch, etc.

How this magic electric pdlc film helps you in different ways?

Nowadays people are growingly looking the modern science and technology to find more easy solutions of their daily needs. It is a fact that, this magic pdlc film helps you in many other ways.


Furthermore, this magic pdlc film also offers you to transform the following:

  • glass windows
  • acrylic screens
  • partitions
  • plexiglass
  • many other transparent surfaces, like switchable security or privacy.

Moreover, this switchable electric pdlc film also has abilities to provide the following advantages, like:

  • solar
  • thermal
  • and sound protection.

Furthermore, it has following potential to keep your home or rooms:

  • comfortable
  • cool
  • quiet
  • great privacy.

This switchable pdlc film can also protect you and your home from UV rays. And helps to protect against many other harmful effects of the environment.

Furthermore, if you are taking interest to keep privacy of you and your family, this electronic pdlc film fulfills all your needs and demands.

In how many ways does electric pdlc film help us?

There are several ways in which electric pdlc film help us. People are using it for several purposes and conditions. However, the main uses of this pdlc film are:

  1. switchable pdlc film in offices
  2. switchable pdlc film in homes.

What are the uses of electric pdlc film in homes?

As we have described above that this technology of magic pdlc film can help us in several applications at home. It can help as grand solutions of privacy in,

  • some special rooms of the house
  • the main or outside door
  • the bathrooms
  • also, from UV rays
  • several harmful changes in the climate, etc.

But this electric pdlc film gives its best performances in doors and windows. Because doors are the main source of leaking the privacy and they keep innate level of privacy. So, manufacturers simply secure their functional capability with the help of pdlc film.

Furthermore, when they use this pdlc film in the external or main door, they get a perfect privacy. And this technology aids them to reveal that, who is actually at the door. It also has great impact on the visitors, as they get amazed by this technology.

Hence, this technology impresses all your visitors. And they admire this marvelous switchable pdlc technology.

Moreover, they help you when you want to look outside the room and get sunlight in the room.

What is an ideal benefit of electric pdlc film in home?

One perfect benefit of electric pdlc film is that, it is basically not a black-out technology. It is an ideal benefit with respect to needs of energy. And it totally depends to your needs. You can easily change the whole environment with the help of this pdlc film technology.

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Furthermore, it is also an ideal technology for perfect privacy solutions. You can convert a high exposure area into a full private space with just a flick of button.

What are the uses of electric pdlc film in offices?

In corporate offices, pdlc film technology helps the owners according to the situations. It serves an impactful and elegant privacy according to the requirements of your business.It can be an extra valuable tool in meeting rooms and boardrooms from interactive ability to projection.

Because highly personal meetings and presentation also held here. So, these pdlc films are performing best privacy needs even in your offices. it has the capability to convert frosted and clear glass into a perfect alternative to glass partitions and walls.

Furthermore, this switchable electric pdlc film can convert the office into a private room with just a touch of button. This pdlc film also has ability to brighten up the dark sections of your office. So that your staff and meeting managers can feel great comfort and ease during some special meetings.

Moreover, when you use this advanced technology in your office, it has an ideal effect to the customers. They get fascinated from this highly advanced and promotional technology.

Hence, pdlc film also has a great effect to your business and its progress.


Electric pdlc film is becoming popular in every field of life. Because it is a very useful advanced technology. It is helpful not only in your office but also in your home. And it has a magical effect on the viewers. Moreover, it’s up to you to modernize your home.

Furthermore, nowadays people consider life incomplete without electric switchable pdlc film.

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