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How much effective is privacy window tinting for home?

By hqt / May.13, 2021

privacy window tinting for home
The sun is a powerful and free source of energy for all, which is vital in terms of heat and light. With the arrival of sunny days, it can sometimes be slightly too present, to the point of turning into a disadvantage. Therefore, all means are good to afford a little freshness, while trying to limit energy expenditure. The prize goes to a very promising privacy window tinting for home!

What is privacy window tinting for home?

Anti-UV glass plays the same role as high performance double glazing when it comes to insulation. It has the additional advantage of being specifically treated in order to counter or limit the sun’s rays, via a thin film of metal oxide, applied to the interior part of its exterior face.

What are the advantages?

In addition to offering excellent thermal, sound and solar insulation, this type of glazing offers many advantages. Similarly, it explains its success, both for professionals (stores, offices, etc.) and for individuals:

  • It works just as well in summer as in winter. In summer, it reflects the sun’s rays and reduces heat in homes. In winter, it allows to keep it indoors according to the principle of the greenhouse effect,
  • It does not affect visibilityto the outside, but is very efficient in the opposite case,
  • Moreover, it can easily replace curtains or shutters,
  • It brings a layer of  securityto the windows,
  • It prevents the yellowing of housing (walls, decoration, accessories, etc.),
  • Similarly, it guarantees the quality of the illumination.

What if you equip yourself with PVC windows to gain comfort and quality of insulation!?

Glazing or anti-heat window tinting film?

It is important to differentiate between glazing and privacy window tinting for home. Both play, of course, the same role and have the same objectives. However, much less is expected from a repositionable film to be applied to existing glazing than from glazing designed from the factory to counter heat.

Furthermore, the film is however sufficient on small surfaces or on windows which are already perfectly insulated.

What are the two big differences between the two devices?

  • Installation: you can buy the film and apply or remove it as you wish and as needed. On the glazing side, it is necessary to call in a professional ,
  • The price: count ± 100 € / m² as the starting price for the anti-heat glassand ± 20 € / m² for the film.

Is privacy window tinting effective?

Without suspense, the answer is: yes! Without a doubt, solar control glazing is estimated to reflect up to 80% of solar radiation. In addition to its various advantages, privacy window tinting for home also allows – and above all – to drastically reduce the energy consumption of a home. Moreover, it prevents residents from overheating or cooling, depending on the season.

Finally, the latter does not only reflect solar radiation. In addition, it absorbs the calories and can return them to your home’s heating system (via a heat transfer fluid network). The benefits of this energy transformation system are therefore multiple, and achieved at a lower cost.

Before you equip yourself, you will have to take into account the elements on which the guarantee of its effectiveness is based, namely:

  • The reflection of light, determined by the color of the glass (silver, gray, green, blue),
  • The transmission of light, defined by the amount of light that the glass lets through. It is mainly a function of the thickness of its metallic coating,
  • Furthermore, the direct energy transmission, which indicates the thermal energy coming through the window,
  • The total energy transmission, calculated according to the ratio between the direct energy and the thermal energy absorbed.

Are you facing a broken window? Contact a craftsman urgently or request an intervention by appointment.

Why install privacy window tinting for home?

privacy window tinting for home 2021

To sublimate your interior, quite simply! The glass roof quickly became the star of the interiors. Generally, it imposes its style and brings a touch of character to your decor. Offering various advantages, the interior privacy window tinting for home will soon be part of your upcoming projects:

A beautiful and great luminosity

This installation makes it possible to partition, to delimit two spaces without having to install a solid wall between these two zones. Opting for a custom-made interior canopy is to promote the intake and circulation of natural light throughout our home. Subsequently, this action will be more than beneficial to our morale, our health and our well-being. Also, this will naturally promote energy savings.

A layout like no other

The custom-made interior canopy allows you to decorate your interior decoration like no other element. It will undoubtedly have its effect on your guests. An arrangement with a unique character, it brings a timeless style that will adapt to any interior, thanks to its warm and friendly side.

No matter the color or style of your glass roof, it will represent a decorative element in its own right, and will add that special character.

A customizable privacy window tinting for home

The first advantage that you will encounter by looking at interior canopies is that they can be installed in any room of your home. No limit is imposed; it will suffice to take your measurements well. You are free to find the where the latter will have its effect.

In steel, wood, raw or painted, given free rein to your imagination and your desires. More generally associated with industrial environments such as lofts and other converted factories, it can very easily blend into a Scandinavian or country spirit.



To bring a touch of fun and dynamism, opt for colored privacy window tinting for home. For a touch of sobriety or for a baroque decoration, choose a black or charcoal gray canopy. Want to harmonize your natural interior? White or taupe will be perfect!

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