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How to install switchable privacy glass in balconies? (Best privacy film for homes in China)

By hqt / Dec.11, 2020


switchable privacy glass

A survey conducted by DataZAP entitled “The influence of the Coronavirus on the world indicates changes in post-pandemic consumer behavior. It has urged people to start using switchable privacy glass in homes. 

The survey reveals that among the most valued attributes among respondents are buildings with a balcony and properties with unobstructed views.

Undoubtedly, these spaces became great living areas during quarantine. And the trend is for the search for a balcony with glass to grow even more.

Therefore, it is important to know the options available in order to find the best type of product according to the needs of each customer.

Balcony with switchable privacy glass

Balconies with switchable privacy glass and its possibilities

Before indicating the glass, it is necessary to pay attention to the standard established for this type of application. It is NBR 16259


 Balcony glazing systems – Requirements and test methods

According to the standard, in such cases it is necessary to use safety glass. It can be tempered or laminated.

The tempered glass is five times stronger than an ordinary glass of the same thickness. The company must follow standard for producing such a material. It should undergo quality testing, in addition to the guarantee stamps.

The laminates come from a process that joins two or more glass sheets from a PVB film. It reduces the number of accidents caused by breakage. Its main feature is to keep the glass fragments trapped to the PVB.

For the set to be even more robust and secure, it is also possible to join the two types of material. Tempered-laminated glass combines the characteristics of the two products.

Solar control switchable privacy glass for balconies


It is worth mentioning that solar control switchable privacy glass is excellent options for balconies. They are ideal for spreading part of the heat entrance into the environments. Although glass balconies usually come of transparent glass, there are other color options available on the market.

But it is worth mentioning that each condominium has its rules. So, I recommend consulting smart glass expert before application.

Solar control glass has many benefits, such as:

  • saving electricity with air conditioning
  • it controls the amount of infrared rays
  • When reflective, they guarantee privacy during the day without limiting the external view.

We have already seen that glass balconies are a strong trend going forward. And there are many possibilities for application.

Having a qualified and prepared distributor to meet and specify projects without a doubt makes all the difference. So, count on our technical support that is highly qualified to assist you in whatever you need.


We have already seen in several articles here that switchable privacy glass is a versatile material. And it is very common among many fields including architecture. It is mainly because it is one of the only materials in civil construction that, in addition to closing the space, manages to integrate the environments.

switchable privacy glass suppliers

This integration can be between internal or external environments. It allows the contemplation of nature. In addition, it is a faster and “cleaner” construction.

Today we will learn more about how glass walls can change environments and bring more sophistication to projects.

The glass walls bring a differentiated beauty to the environments, even more when applied in strategic places.

In addition, there are advantages such as:

  • aesthetic enhancement
  • better use of daylight and
  • consequently energy savings
  • a feeling of spaciousness
  • practicality in maintenance and
  • versatility of the material


The proper choice of the type of switchable privacy glass in each environment is essential to guarantee the total safety of the users. That is why the glasses that must comply with the NBR 7199 standard – Glass in civil construction – Design, execution and applications.

According to the standard, the most recommended for internal applications are safety glass, such as tempered glass. It is 5x more resistant than ordinary or laminated glass. It joins two or more glass sheets to a PVB film leaving fragments stuck in case breaking.


The type of glass is defined according to the needs of the project. For example, we can highlight some options:


To favor the view and the integration between environments.


When we need privacy


To control the amount of sound that passes through the environments. The glass walls can compose any environment, including external areas such as gardens.

Glass combined with the use of films in different colors, from more vivid to sober tones, amplify. And it gives new life to the environment.

However, in the case of external applications, it is important to use glasses with an adequate reflection index to avoid glare.


We can use switchable privacy glass wall in different environments such as:

  • living rooms
  • facades
  • partitions and
  • Even walls.


We can use glass partitions in commercial and residential environments. It is an excellent alternative for offering integration. In cases of sliding partitions, they can also allow the use of the same space in different ways.


In this example, the large glass wall allows the division of a living area of ​​the leisure area. It generates amplitude and a sense of integration.


Large glass facades always look very interesting from any angle they are viewed. This is because, in addition to imposing and sophisticated, these types of solutions allow perfect natural lighting, composing all indoor environments with even more coziness.


Every day more switchable privacy glass has gained the lining paper, whether in commercial or residential projects, with colors that stimulate and support the decoration. It is easy to maintain and clean environment.

When it comes to price, glass walls are cheaper than conventional masonry, but vary according to the type of product.

Understand the benefits of self-cleaning glass that reduces the frequency of washing facades and roofs

For the production of self-cleaning glass, flat glass receives a layer of particles of titanium dioxide (TiO2). It breaks down organic molecules and eliminates inorganic dust. UV rays react with the self-cleaning glass layer and disintegrate the molecules, eliminating organic dust.

Then, when rain hits the glass, instead of forming droplets like normal glass, water spreads over the entire surface of the self-cleaning glass. It eliminates dust. The water also dries faster and leaves no stains. The self-cleaning glass layer is integrated with the glass itself and therefore has a high level of durability.


Switchable privacy glass is the most neutral self-cleaning solution available, without having a reflective appearance, resembling ordinary glass. Cleaning will be less frequent because the windows are cleaner for longer. And when it occurs, it will be easier as less dirt adheres to the glass. It is a permanent coating, it lasts the life of the window.

The product works in favor of the environment, as it avoids the intensive use of polluting detergents and contributes to reducing the frequency of washing. It generates time and money savings. It is ideal for large facades and roofs, both in glass skin and with aluminum or pvc frames, with difficulty in cleaning. |

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