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Should I use office privacy film for partition?

By hqt / Sep.07, 2021

Varieties of office privacy film and their purpose

Our professional staff will perform office privacy film editing of any complexity and at a convenient time for you. We guarantee that tinted glazed structures will last a maximum period. Moreover, we carry out the following range of works:

office privacy film

  • Tinting of office partitions  and window structures
  • Glass matting with matte films
  • Similarly, tinting in order to decorate the interior and exterior of the building
  • Moreover, tinting of stained-glass windows, building facades.
  • Furthermore, installation of sun protection films.

What is the importance of office privacy film of partition?

Office privacy film of partitions in offices is an important aspect in creating conditions for each employee to perform fruitfully. After all, sometimes it happens that there are unscrupulous colleagues who catch a glimpse of someone else’s project idea and pass it off as their own.

When installing a tinting film, the possibility of such a situation is minimized. In addition, the film will reduce the noise level and allow the employee to fully immerse themselves in the work process.

What is glass matting?

Glass matting is the process of glass tinting with the application of an office privacy film. The result is a ‘sandblasting’ effect on the glass.

As a rule, this type of film is often common to decorate partitions in office premises.

What is a mirror coating?

Glass tinting with architectural film allows you to convey the effect of one-way visibility. The office privacy film completely reflects the image from the outside, but inside the room the possibility of full-fledged viewing remains. This type of coating is often common to decorate stained-glass windows, glass part of interior doors, windows.

Why office privacy film is installed?

The installation of a protective film on a window structure implies an increase in the strength of the glass. At the same time, with a serious impact on the protected glass, its fragments will remain on the film and will not cause injury to people around.

Office tinting with office privacy film and proper care of it

Today it is becoming more and more popular to cover glass surfaces with protective films. And this no longer surprises anyone. Why overpay for a complex technology! With the help of such office privacy film, the process of “tinting the office” is excellent – partitions, windows and interior doors.

In addition, thanks to the film, you can tint the room, which is also an indisputable advantage. As a rule, decorative films have a matte or transparent base on which a pattern of various orientations is applied.

What is the design available of office privacy film?

A design idea of ​​any complexity has become a reality! Now you can easily decorate the glazed surface of furniture, glass stained-glass windows of doors, windows, partitions. So the tinting of office partitions is performed with a white matte film, as well as its combination. This allows you to achieve harmony in the workplace and turn work into a comfortable place to stay.

office privacy film 2021

By the way, protective office privacy film has the ability to emphasize the individuality and style of each individual room! Due to a wide range of products and a variety of decorative and graphic patterns, there are an unlimited number of combinations for the embodiment of the most daring decisions!

What are the qualities of office privacy film?

The following qualities are inherent in the film:

  • The absence of fragments when the glass surface is broken.
  • All the smallest elements of the glass remain on the film;
  • Moreover, glass has an increased level of fire safety;
  • Some types of film can create partial visibility.
  • Similarly, environmental friendliness, lack of toxicity and non-flammability.

Importance of caring for office privacy film

Caring for the office privacy film is also important, because improper cleaning of the film surface can lead to its rapid deterioration. So, when cleaning the film, you should not use products that include ammonia. This will discolor the finish. Also, the film does not accept abrasive materials and cleaning with metal objects.

Range of the office privacy film

The range of protective films is growing every year. Manufacturers are inventing more and more new ornaments and applying technologies to impart improved qualities to a protective polymer coating.

Thanks to constant improvement, each consumer has the opportunity to choose a protective film to fulfill any desires. The office privacy film can act as a decorative element or only have a protective function.

Choice of office privacy film

The choice of decorative films for glass today is very large. They can be colored, and with patterns, matte and mirror, with a stained glass effect and tinted, with protection and shockproof. You can stick the film on window glass and showcase, auto glass and building facade, on an interior door, glass partition, and furniture elements.

Varieties of office privacy film and their application

Protective – protects against cuts from splinters in the event that a window or car glass is broken. Such office privacy film holds on itself all the glass mass and the smallest fragments. The protective variety is different in strength and thickness. A big plus of these films is their fire resistance; they can restrain the spread of a fire for a short (short) time.

Ø Heat – saving office privacy film

It is a modern film for windows that reduces heat loss of glass and retains heat in the house, office. It also gives a good effect in the heat – it reflects the sun’s rays, maintains coolness, protects indoor plants from direct rays, carpets, home decor from fading and burnout.

Ø Decorative office privacy film

Decorative – common on windows, furniture elements, doors, display cases. It emphasizes the overall design, gives an original look, and allows you to zone the room. Thanks to a wide range of colors and shades, office privacy film on glass can be matched to any interior of a house, office or apartment.

Ø Automotive protective film

Automotive – protects and tints car windows. Do not tear the film with your hands, do not pierce it, do not damage it mechanically.

Ø Excellent adhesive layer

It firmly and permanently bonds the transparent film to the surface, holds it well and provides protection from splinters.

Ø Sustainability of office privacy film

Neither frost, nor rains, nor sunlight, nor wind have any effect on the film.

Ø Practicality of office privacy film

It can be common everywhere: in homes and offices, in shops and bars, in any places where decor, protection, shading is good. This material is easy to use without the help of a master; decorative office privacy film on windows is glued quickly and easily. It is easy to glue to any glass surface.

How to glue the office privacy film?

First you need to prepare the tools: a breadboard knife, a glass cleaner / polish, a lint-free cloth, a squeegee, a soft scraper.

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