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PDLC Film Suppliers: Things That You Need To Know

By hqt / Jun.27, 2020

PDLC Film Suppliers: Working of PDLC Technology

The demand for sophisticated and smart solutions has become the need for today’s office designs. Companies now need to reach out to suppliers that offer more than just a sleek interior. For instance, the PDLC film suppliers.

Now you must be wondering what a PDLC Film is right? If that is the case, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about PDLC technology as well as its working. Once, you understand what the technology is and what it offers, you would instantly want to upgrade your workplace.

Introduction PDLC Film

Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) is also known as Smart Glass. It falls under the category of thermally, photonically, and electrically activated technologies. In addition to the PDLC film, this technology also incorporates the Thermotropic, Photochromic, Thermochromic, Electrochromic, suspended particle devices among others.

The basis of the PDLC technology came in the 1980s. Two independent entities in the United States of America were the mastermind behind this amazing technology. In 1984, the J.L. Fergason invented the fist micro-emulsion method. It was patented on his name.

Then later, in 1987, the patent rights were given to the Raychem Corporation. Then in 1987, the spin of Raychem Corporation, Taliq, started commercializing the technology. They named it the “Nematic Curvilinear Aligned Phase.

By 1995, the company had out-licensed its NCAP technology to 3 million, Saint Gobain, and Nippon Sheet Glass. Then later the Kent State University and some others came up with the phase separation techniques.

Since they were a big success, they gradually became the main subject of a number of ongoing industrial developments and academic literature.

The evolution of PDLC technology did face a number of ups and downs. Nonetheless, it now has become an amazing technology.

PDLC Film Suppliers

Working of PDLC Technology

If you plan to give a wow effect to the interior of your office, then we suggest using the Electrically switchable glass partitions. The adaptable technology, PDLC, has the capacity to transform anything open space into something private.

What more is that it lets you choose the level of privacy. You can dim the feature as per your need. Thus, making it highly effective in agile environments. For instance, environments that incorporate flexible doors would benefit from it the most.

To use this amazing, smart technology, you would need a sound electric current, but we believe that is not a problem at all. You can effortlessly turn on or off the smart glass after you plug in the electricity. When you apply a low voltage, the state becomes ON.

In the ON state, the molecules align together to ensure that the light is able to pass right through it. Thus, making the glass transparent. The moment you turn off the power, the LC molecules would scatter randomly.

The scattering of the molecules would prevent light penetration. It would break the light passage and turn the glass opaque again.  The great thing about this technology is that it controls the light passes through it.

Zero Impact on the Visible Light

Thus, it had no effect on visible light transmission. Something that was missing in the Suspended Particle Devices technology. Therefore, the entire room would not lose the natural light. On the contrary, the people on the inside would not be seen from the outside.

Due to this very reason, in the market, people generally refer to this as the privacy glass. There is no denying that PDLC is a clear advantage over its competitors. It provides complete privacy while ensuring the pathway of the natural light.

We understand that no one would like to have a dark meeting room, but they would want a private one. In this case, there is nothing better than incorporating PDLC films into your office.

Now that you know what is PDLC film technology, it is time to focus on its advantages and applications. Here are the advantages that the PDLC film suppliers offer.


First and foremost, we live in a modern and convenient world. Therefore, we are always in search of technology that offers more than its basic purpose. The sophisticated PDLC film offers exactly that. The amazing switchable technology offers you the option to choose from multiple effects.

It can go from milky white to complete opaque.


One thing that the PDLC film suppliers guarantee is security. After all, the laminated glass technology is promoting the security and the safety of the smart glass. So, in case, there is a mishap and the glass impacted with a hit or a gun, the people inside are safe from the broken glass.

The 2 layers of the PET film on the glass would ensure that no one gets injured due to the broken glass.

Fire Resistance

It would make the wall of your offices robust even when there is a fire going on. Yes, you heard us right. Applying these films to your glass windows or glass walls would make them strong and robust. They have the ability to work in temperature between -20 C to 70 C.

The smart glass has the ability to last for about 38 minutes even in the blazing fire. Does that add the “WOW” factor now?

Environmentally Friendly

With global warming taking up the international platforms and industries struggling to go green. How is it possible that something as great as the PDLC film would ensure the protection of the environment?

These films are extremely environment friendly. Thus, they are not becoming the top choice for people who would want to see the world a better place, while enjoying the perks of modern technology.

Energy Saving

What more is that the films would allow energy saving. What is does it blocks around
98% of the UV light, 90% of the IR light, thus reducing the heat inside the office. This lets people enjoy the sunlight without heating entering their office.

So, the electric bills are cut down. As less heat means, less working of the air conditions, etc.

Sound Insulation using PDLC Film Suppliers

PDLC film suppliers offer privacy in every possible way. In addition, to offer visual privacy, it also acts as an excellent sound insulator. It tends to damp the noise from outside and prevents the noise from inside to spread outside.

Controlling Methods

When it comes to controlling the PDLC film, the options are endless. For instance, you can control it via an ON or OFF switch. You also have the option of voice control. To take things a step further, you can enjoy light controls or temperature control.

What more is that it is possible to connect it to the Wi-Fi and operate it from your mobile phone. Simply, download the app and let the film be at your beck and call.

Choosing PDLC Film Suppliers


Now that you have a basic understanding of what a PDLC film is and its working, what is next?  You now need to choose a supplier that can offer a high-quality PDLC film. A supplier, who has been in business long enough to comprehend your requirements correctly, and then deliver a film that would fulfill all your requirement.

We are among the leading film suppliers and have years of experience. Thus, we can provide you with the PDLC film for all types of locations, may it be your home or it may be your office. We deal in both commercials as well as domestic films.

PDLC Film Suppliers and manufacturers

After all, our objective is to please consumers in the best possible way. Offer them value against their money. With these films, you will enjoy complete privacy whenever and wherever you want. With just a flick of a switch or a voice command, you will be able to turn it on and off.

The switch-ability factor adds a lot of its appeal. It makes it the technology of today that comes with a sleek look, yet it offers feasibility and convenience.

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