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PDLC window film: 7 reasons forced you to choose this modern glass

By hqt / Jul.07, 2021

PDLC window film
Entering a house with PDLC window film is a real dream: the elegant atmosphere and timeless warmth.

But precisely because of their imposing and sometimes expensive appearance it can happen that this perception blocks us, in the possible choice of new fixtures.

Better to opt for aluminum, for example.

Or not!

In this article, we want to show you 7 reasons why you should choose PDLC film for your home.

Let’s see them together.


  • 1 Why choose PDLC windows?
    • 1 1. It never goes out of style
    • 2 2. Unmatched quality
    • 3 3. It is ecological
    • 4 4. Wood is highly efficient
    • 5 5. Gives security
    • 6 6. Increase the charm of your home
    • 7 7. It combines very well with aluminum.

Why choose PDLC window film?

1. It never goes out of style

Generally, it may seem trivial, but wood is an evergreen material, always in trend. It may be because of its warmth, its naturalness, or maybe because, after all, it reminds us all of home.

By choosing PDLC window films, you make a choice that lasts over time, that does not tire you and that will never go out of style.

Whether you choose to leave them their natural color, or you want your wood fixtures more colorful, remember that wood fixtures can be repainted and repaired easily.

Interesting, right?

2. Unmatched quality

Wood is a precious material, used for hundreds of years for the most disparate creations, and always chosen for its quality.

A PDLC window frame, in fact, can give you maximum performance for decades!

Surely you have happened to wander around old villages, with houses that show signs of the passage of time, but which have perfect PDLC frames.

Here, this alone should make you decide to buy new PDLC window films for your home!

But if you are still not convinced to replace your doors and windows with PDLC frames, continue reading, there are 4 other very important reasons!

3. It is ecological


It may seem trivial since wood is a natural material, but this is one of the greatest advantages you have in choosing PDLC films.

In fact, unlike aluminum and PVC, for example, wood is the only one to breathe. 

The only one to take carbon dioxide and return oxygen, to absorb excess humidity, guaranteeing your family a better air quality.

And never as in this period, do we feel the need to breathe as clean air as possible!

4. PDLC window film is good for the environment

Because in addition to being totally natural, wood is also a material that requires less energy for preparation and can be recycled almost 100%.

Being a natural insulator, it reduces consumption for heating: your bills are lighter … and the environment thanks.

5. Wood is highly efficient

We have already said that wood is able to isolate environments from heat and cold (it never hurts to repeat it!), But this is not its only property. It is recognized for its strong resistance to wind, water infiltration, and its impermeability to water.

As if that were not enough, PDLC window films are also excellent acoustic insulators, and if you live in the city center it will surely be a plus that should not be underestimated!

Listening to your favorite TV show without being disturbed by traffic noise will no longer be a problem for you.
PDLC window film 2021

5. PDLC window films give security

Let’s face it, even knowing that even non-PDLC windows are strong and resistant, the feeling of extreme safety that PDLC windows give us is absolutely not comparable.

A strong material just like trees, heavy and resistant.

Just what you need to feel even safer in your home, sheltered from bad weather, wind and disturbing noises.

6. Increase the charm of your home

Warmth, well-being, comfort … these are the sensations that you have when you enter a house with PDLC window films.

In fact, they become furnishing accessories rather than simple windows.

They give character and style to any environment.

And the same goes for your exteriors, which thanks to the PDLC films are more pleasant and cared for.

7. It combines very well with aluminum

To obtain even more efficient and long-lasting results, you can also opt for a PDLC frame with an aluminum exterior!

In this way, you perfectly combine the beauty of the PDLC frame inside with the amazing resistance of aluminum outside.

And you also avoid those annoying signs of aging that alas, after a while, the wood shows as all-natural elements.

Do you want to clean the fixtures inside PDLC window films?

Cleaning the fixtures

Here you come in! How to clean the fixtures inside the PDLC window films, you have purchased?

Let’s see together what the best practices to be carried out are.

Internal cleaning

To clean the internal surface of the windows, every 6 months you just need to remove dirt and dust from the frame and door, do it
more often only if it is an environment particularly subject to dust.

How to clean? Just use soft cloths, water, and neutral detergent.

External cleaning

As for the cleaning of the external part of the windows, know that both the frames and the doors should be washed at least twice a year, to remove all the dirt and substances that, over time, can damage the surface.

If you have chosen wooden and wood-aluminum windows, remember to wash the aluminum part at least twice a year.

The care of the hardware

This is the part that, of all, requires the least maintenance from you.
In fact, to keep PDLC window films functional, just lubricate the moving parts with technical Vaseline, spray oil, or Teflon oil once a year.

Just like you would your bicycle chain.

Similarly, to clean the gaskets it is sufficient to use a cloth with soap and water, especially
for cleaning the gasket profile.

Every 3 years it would then be advisable to check the window opening elements and, if necessary, to
call a technician for adjustment.

Check the paint job

Atmospheric agents, smog, antifreeze salt, bird droppings, there are really many factors that
affect the painting of your windows every day, making them lose their shine and resistance to humidity.

Regularly using suitable products for cleaning PDLC window films, such as water-based paints, allow you to keep
the painting and functionality of your fixtures intact.

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