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The cost of different Switchable Privacy Glass | China 2020

By hqt / Jun.29, 2020

How Much Does a Switchable Privacy Glass Cost?

When it comes to modernizing your home, what better way, then to incorporate large glass windows. Get the entire house in front of the glass. It would look sleek and stunning, offering you the amazing front view. However, it would also cause severe privacy issues. So, what are you to do? Fortunately, you have switchable privacy glass now.

Moreover, windows have a vital role in your home’s energy consumption. After all, they are the last defense against the scorching heat, the chilling winds and the freezing weather outside. Despite the fact that glass windows look great, but they lack the ability to provide insulation against the weather outside.

This can be troublesome especially if the entire front elevation is of glass, or you have big windows throughout your house. You would have to pay heed to the energy measurements as per the window’s specs.

Switchable Privacy Glass

Why Switchable Privacy Glass

There are several factors that require consideration due to windows in your house. For instance, the solar heat gains coefficient. It tells you about the amount of solar radiation that would enter your space via the window.

That is a good thing right, you would know the amount of heating passing through your window. But there is a catch. The problem is that the measurement is static. It would be the same around the year. In the winters you wouldn’t mind the cozy heating entering your house.

However, in summers, we are sure you would not want that. The heat would make it imperative for you to turn on the AC and keep in on. Thus, the increase in energy consumption. To make your house energy-efficient, building experts recommend using the switchable privacy glass for your windows.

Connect it to the Wi-Fi

A great thing about these switchable privacy glasses is; these glasses are equipped with environmental sensors. Once connected to the Wi-Fi, they have read the room occupancy, sunlight, weather and act accordingly.

So, if you require additional solar heat, the louvers would adjust the tints. Likewise, they would shade your house in case it is hot outside. So, this means, you will never have to reach out to adjust your shades again. Everything would be done smartly and timely.

The Downside

Although, the idea is great and it offers outstanding benefits. Yet, it has a downside, the cost. This switchable privacy glass does not come cheap at all. Most of the automated smart glass is 50 percent expensive in comparison to its non-automated counterparts.

So, if you are planning to invest it on several windows, you would need good capital. However, do bear in mind that installing these glasses would reduce the usage of energy by at least 20 percent. Thus, cutting your monthly bills significantly.

In short, we can say that these smart glasses are long-term investments.

Below is the break down of these smart switchable privacy glass that is available in the market.

Note: The prices mentioned are generic and are substitute to change.

Cost of the Switchable Privacy Glass

Some of the leading smart glass manufacturers in the industry create luxury glass products that come with Wi-Fi features. Everything types pf glass would cost you differently. In general, you would have to pay S50 to $100 per square foot. The price greatly depends upon the type of glass that you are planning to use.

Sonte Film Smart Glass

In case you are running low on budget, but you still want something similar to the smart glass for your home windows. We recommend you go with a more cost-effective solution, the Sonte Film’s smart window.

The product is also famous as the digital shade. It has the ability to fit onto any of your existing wall surfaces seamlessly. The great thing about it is that it comes with Wi-Fi integrated facility.

Of course, you can go with the one that does not offer Wi-fi. That would be way cheaper, but then, it won’t be automatic. It would be able to enjoy a smart glass from being completely transparent to different levels of opaqueness using a controller or your smartphone.

In general, the suppliers charge around $200 for a full-size sheet of a Sonte Film. The sheet size is 3.28by 3.28 feet.

Smart Tint Glass

Smart Tint glass is another smart film that offers all the perks of smart glass. There are two different variations of the smart tint glass available in the market. First is the self-adhesive smart film and second is the non-adhesive smart tint.

For the first type adheres directly to the window, whereas the second would require a double-table to fix it. In most cases, smart tint is AC connected. It can be tint between complete transparency to full opaqueness.

Another great thing about it that you can use it for projection as well. The price of the film greatly depends upon the surface area. In general, it would roughly cost your $650 or so dollars for a 31.75 by 49.75 inches window.

InvisiShade Smart Glass and Self-Adhesive Film

It is possible to control InvisiShade Smart Glass using either the remote or the switch. The great thing about these self-adhesive films and smart glass is that they offer variety in terms of styles and colors. So, if you are planning to stylish and color smart films, you can invest your money in InivisShade smart glass and self-adhesive films.

Instead of installing your window, you can upgrade your old ones into the digital surface via the plug and play adhesive film kits. With every kit, you will acquire the complete wiring system along with remote control.

You would have to pay somewhere between $99 to $249 for a three-pack self-adhesive film. However, in case you go with different shades and designs, the prices would vary. You would have to reach out to the respective supplier to learn more about their pricing strategy.

Factor Contributing To the Cost of Switchable Privacy Glass

There are different factors that you need to keep in mind while having a rough estimate of the pricing.

Number of Windows

It is but natural that the number of windows that you are planning to replace or incorporate would have a direct impact on the price.  The more window you replace with smart glass, the higher the price would go.

In addition, the technician would require additional time to replace the windows with a switchable privacy glass window or to paste the smart adhesive film on existing windows. In case, you are running low on budget, you can go with bunch replacement.

Meaning, instead of getting all the window replaced together, get them replaced one by one.

Smart Glass Type

In case you replace your windows with a smart glass window, it would cost you more in comparison to the smart adhesive films. Likewise, if you go with automated switchable privacy glass, it would cost you more instead of its non-automated counterpart.

The quality of the smart glass is another major factor defining the cost. A Lower quality glass film would be inexpensive; however, it would not yield the same results and might have a short shelf-life. It can work if you are looking for a temporary solution.

For the long term, we would recommend paying those extra few dollars to ensure the longevity of the glass or the adhesive film.

Space Occupied

How can we miss out on the most important factor, the window space? The amount of space that you plan to cover with the smart glass or the adhesive film would have a direct impact on the price. Greater space, higher the price.

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