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What is a dimming film?

By hqt / Mar.04, 2020

What is a dimming film?

Dimming film is a new type of electronic light-controlling product, which is a composite of liquid crystal / polymer composite material between two flexible ITO transparent conductive films. It consists of PET polyester resin, flexible ITO transparent conductive film, PDLC polymer dispersed liquid crystal molecules, flexible ITO transparent conductive film, and PET polyester resin, which can be adjusted to a transparent and atomized (light-transmitting but not transparent) state, that is, in the absence of an electric field. In the case of liquid crystal, the liquid crystal / polymer mixed material in the middle of the dimming film will show an irregular and disorderly arrangement so that it will form a light-transmitting and opaque atomized state. When a current is passed in, the liquid crystal / polymer mixed material will achieve Orderly arrangement. At this time, the dimming film will be converted from the atomized state to the transparent state. Through the action of the electric field, a fast transition from on state → off state and off state → on state can be achieved.

Dimming film is further divided into self-adhesive dimming film and laminated dimming film. Self-adhesive dimming film is equivalent to a cost dimming film, that is, the product is affixed and can be used, which can achieve the effects of power-on transparency and power-off atomization. , Switch at will, control at will. Laminated dimming film is the main material for making dimmable glass, that is, the two pieces of tempered glass are laminated with dimming dimming film, which is generally half cost and cannot be directly pasted and used!

When the self-adhesive dimming film leaves the factory, there is a special self-adhesive on one side, which can be pasted on the original glass, and can be re-applied repeatedly. Both of them have a protective layer. When you’re done, plug in the power and it’s best to remove the protective layer. Self-adhesive dimming film. Before leaving the factory, cut it according to the size required by the customer and connect the power cord. The customer can stick it according to the video and requirements.

The effect of this video is the effect of self-adhesive dimming film. When it is attached, the power is connected, and the effect of dimming glass is the same!

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