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How to choose best adhesive privacy film for your office/home in 2020?

By hqt / Jul.30, 2020

What is adhesive privacy film? Adhesive privacy window film

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Adhesive privacy film generally consists of very thin layers of polyester and metal atomization. They are capable of reflecting solar electromagnetic waves. It intervenes in the “visible” sector to dose the input of solar heat. It is based on the intensity of the metal deposit, the brightness.

How to choose an adhesive privacy film?

Choosing the right adhesive privacy film for the right job may seem trivial but it is not. And it is not because today there are hundreds of films available because hundreds are possible applications.

If you are a specialized applicator or if you need to decorate furniture, walls, company fleet, glass for your company, my advice is to keep reading. To clarify and finally know how and in what different films on the market differ.

Let’s try to clarify together.

  1. Cast
  2. Calendered polymer
  3. Monomeric 

What do these terms mean when we talk about adhesive privacy film?

At first glance they may seem perfectly the same but once the film is applied the differences immediately catch the eye. Conformability, durability and ease of application are completely different.

Cast adhesive privacy film

A Cast film is a very high quality film. Perhaps the highest that can be found on the market. It is called CAST because the vinyl is melted and therefore born in liquid form to have an extremely thin sheet.

They have no memory and are very stable. Easy to cut, peel and apply. They are ideal for rough parts and uneven surfaces and in particular for vehicle decoration.

The adhesive privacy film can also be used for “interiors”. In particular in cases where a specific Pantone reference is required.

If you want to know more look here what we have done with many other leaders in the sector.

 When to choose a CAST adhesive privacy film?

> When you need a long application period

> Especially, when you need a highly conformable product

> If you are looking for high resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents

> It has no memory and is therefore more stable and resistant to shrinkage

Calendered adhesive privacy film

Calendered adhesive privacy film is created as a plastic mass. It is then crushed by pressure rollers. The film has a slightly lower quality than the Cast film. Despite this it manages to give excellent results in certain applications. Calendared films are divided into two large families: monomeric and polymeric.


Calendered monomeric adhesive privacy film

A monomeric calendered film is the cheapest vinyl you can find on the market. They are not suitable for difficult external applications such as wrapping or film coating of vehicles or train liveries.

A monomeric privacy film is not stable. It means that over time the surface of the film will tend to shrink and begin to deteriorate until it crumbles as the paint would.

My advice is therefore to use a monomeric film when you need a vinyl for a short period of time. For instance, it can be a temporary sales campaign or a short-lasting event over time.

To summarize, it is the cheapest film but also the one that lasts less.

Calendered polymer adhesive privacy film

A polymeric adhesive privacy film is a monomeric film to which polymers capable of reducing the shrinking effect of the film have been added. Although technology has made great strides over the years, these films still lack stability especially when compared to a Cast film.

They are better than the monomeric ones for outdoor applications. But I do not recommend their use on uneven and particularly corrugated surfaces.

They are a valid alternative to Cast film in case of “less demanding” applications.


You do not want to take risks. Moreover, you are looking for a film that can last over time and make you sleep soundly; always choose a Cast privacy film.

Understand what to do when where to choose an adhesive film?

This is the panorma regarding adhesive films.

My advice is always to ask your supplier or a professional applicator. Which film to choose based on the work you need to do.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more or to have information on prices and applications.

We have some experience in the sector.


The decorative adhesive privacy film offer a wide choice of graphic designs and personalize your windows.

These white and satin films soften the light, without reducing its brightness.


Extremely resistant, these films provide the safety of both: goods and people. A window equipped with such films can crack but will remain in place and protected. It can help avoid accidents involving scattered broken glass.

What benefits do I get with a adhesive privacy film?

Choosing the right privacy film for your windows allows numerous benefits. In order to achieve the maximum result, it is necessary to evaluate some factors. Such as:

  • relationship between the illuminating surface
  • the ambient surface
  • exposure of the windows
  • the external image of the building, etc

Do the films need to be installed indoors or outdoors?

If the glass is of modest thickness, the thermal result achievable between internal and external application is very similar. It is preferable to apply outside. Especially: when the glass is not monolithic. But it is laminated or made of double glazing.

How much brightness is lost with the glass film?

The loss of light is zero in the case of adhesive privacy film. It is modest for silver reflectors, for colored and opaque. It is good for the blackouts and total white.

Does it protect me from the risk of injury?

The resistance of the polyester to pressure is very high. The adhesive system that joins the film to the glass retains all the fragments in case of breakage.

The privacy film should be certified according to the law.

Does privacy film protect me from prying eyes?

In the office as at home during the day it is pleasant to be able to see perfectly outside with the certainty of:

  • not being seen
  • to preserve privacy
  • to enjoy transparency protected from heat and solar reflections.

Does it protect my furniture?

Thanks to the presence of special inhibitors, even a perfectly neutral and invisible film totally cancels the ultraviolet radiation of light. It is mainly responsible for the discoloration and degradation of the furnishings.

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Is it allowed to apply adhesive privacy film to car windows?

Adhesive privacy film can be applied to all rear windows and rear window in the desired color. They cannot be applied to the front side windows and to the windshield.

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