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What are 2 Best Adhesive Privacy Window Film Software in 2020?

By hqt / Jul.31, 2020

Adhesive privacy window film Introduction

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Adhesive privacy window film is an excellent advertising and communication medium. Similarly, it actively participates in making the brand known. This advertising marking is found on any glass surface.

The use of the adhesive privacy window film is ideal for creating a one-off offer. The window sticker is often used in glass offices. It is to preserve the confidentiality of the place while retaining the light.

Generally, the sticker places on the inside of the glass. In this way, bad weather will not effect it.

An adhesive privacy window film is a sticker to be applied on a window. It can be seen from the outside by transparency.


  • Window, shop window,sales area, POS , showrooms, etc.
  • vehicle glass surface
  • Cardboard (easel, urns, etc.)
  • Aluminum, Plexiglas, wood, etc.

Adhesive privacy window film characteristics

  • Good UV resistance
  • durability(about 6 months to 3 years)
  • The PVC used for window displays can be permanent or removable, or ultra-removable and repositionable.
  • variable shapes, pre-cut, etc
  • Moreover, plasticizationprolongs the life of the adhesive

Adhesive privacy window film comes in many forms:

  • stickers , self- adhesive foil,
  • self-adhesive label
  • floor adhesive, signage marking
  • transparent plexis
  • Repositionable or permanent colorless adhesive PVC

The different types of adhesive privacy window film:

  • transparent window film
  • opaque window film(on white background)
  • perforated window film
  • double window film, for marking visible from the outside as well as from the inside)

How to make an adhesive privacy window film?

Before making your adhesive privacy window film, you should check with your municipality. And make sure that you are not subject to taxes on advertising made outdoors.

Your window film is only there to embellish your window. For instance, it can be a social or any popular event. You shouldn’t have a problem.

The very first step is taking measurements of your storefront. Hence, this step is extremely important. Furthermore, your measurements must be very precise.

Especially if the planned sticker will cover your entire window. If your window film is covering, add a safety margin.

It is then advisable to do the graphics work on vector software. Such as:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw.

Since printing goes on a very large format, if you need to use pixelated images, choose the highest resolution possible.
Your adhesive privacy window film needs a complex cutting in some instances. In addition, you can add a so-called “cutout” layer. This must be 100% magenta.

How to install adhesive privacy window film?

  1. Take the measurements of your window and transfer them to your sticker by adding 2 cm of margin.
  2. Cut flat with a sharp cutter.
  3. Simultaneously, put the adhesive side towards you.
  4. Cut two pieces of painter’s tape (masking). About 5cm for each piece. Glue one piece on the adhesive side and the other on the back.
  5. Wash the glass and its frame with lukewarm water and washing up liquid. Then rinse.
  6. Later, dry the glass with a clean cloth.
  7. The glass must be perfectly clean.
  8. All impurities and other fatty residues must be removed.

Then gently install the film starting from the top and after spraying the window with water. The excess adhesive window film must protrude on the amounts of the glass.
Similarly, if your film is wide, it will be easier to put it together.

Starting at the corner where you left the masking tape. Start peeling off the liner by spraying it with soapy water. And peel it off from top to bottom.

Once the pose is finished, smooth it out starting from the center upwards and then downwards.

Then cut out the excess.

How to improve the performance of adhesive privacy window film?

You can improve the performance of your windows or simply your interior comfort; consider window accessories such as window films.

There is privacy window film for every need. Subsequently, it ranges from security with the burglar-proof film. Moreover, it helps in privacy with the opaque film or one-way mirror. But the most common, the solar film, will protect you from UV rays and heat.

The films, in kit form or to measure, adapt to any type of glazing and surface. Their installation is very simple, whether in adhesive or electrostatic version.

Decorative film brightens up any interior

To choose or apply decorative adhesive privacy film, you don’t need to be an expert. On the other hand, be on the lookout for new trends and decoration ideas. This protean film continues to amaze us by the extent of the layout possibilities it offers!

Comfortable advantage for the anti-heat adhesive privacy window film 

The anti-heat film fully meets current requirements in terms of comfort, savings and ecology. Its installation in the rules of the art lowers the temperature of the rooms in summer. Without resorting to electric air conditioning and increases comfort the rest of the year.

The anti-UV film, the anti-aging protection of your interior

Large glass surfaces can be disastrous for the good conservation of your furniture. Hence, it can get impact by UV radiation.

To avoid this, consider putting an anti UV adhesive window film on your windows. The modest cost will prevent you from having to renew your sofa every five years.

Feel at home thanks to the opaque film

The opaque film for window is acclaimed for its ease of installation. It gives affordability and wide variety of options. In fact, it represents the best quality-price currently for those who wish to enjoy enhanced privacy in their home.

The two-way film, a safety and aesthetic ally

One-way film is not only intended for city dwellers in search of tranquility. The reflective surfaces that it releases at a lower cost enhance the home environment. As well as it gains in insulation and security.

The anti-glare adhesive privacy window film, the solution to comfort your eyes

It is economical, simple to install and very efficient. The anti-glare adhesive privacy window film will quickly establish itself as the ideal solution.

It is for those who fear direct rays or the simple reflection of the sun for their eyes. You can also combine it with other properties (anti-heat for example) to gain living comfort.

The anti-reflection film, light without the discomfort

The anti-reflection film, by filtering solar radiation, will give your rooms a soft light. And it will avoid the inconvenience associated with reflections on your television or computer screens.

Similarly, it is less expensive than special glazing. it remains the reference solution for those who wish to gain visual comfort.

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The burglar’s best enemy burglar-proof film

The burglar-proof adhesive privacy window film discourages intrusions and attempted vandalism on your windows. And it is highly regarded by insurance companies.

Very advantageous, this option is therefore to be considered to consolidate a simple interior glazing or to reinforce the glass of a patio door without big investment.

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