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How to choose best adhesive privacy window film for your home?

By hqt / Sep.18, 2020

Window security films, which ones to choose

adhesive privacy window film suppliers

Blackout films for sun protection, mirrored privacy films, safety adhesive privacy window film for door and window panes … what are they for and how to choose? Let’s do some clarity.

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  • Home
  • Shop
  • Office
  • bathroom windows etc

The adhesive privacy window film, also called solar control film, offers particular advantages. Moreover, it performs functions in various situations and in different environments.  From the home to the office and to work environments such as shops, laboratories, studies, etc.

How does adhesive privacy window film reduce cost?

Obviously, there are glass already treated and prepared with reflective filters. But they are very expensive. Moreover, the use of the film allows to transform a normal glass already installed into a protective one with a lower cost than the expensive choice of replacing the glass.

The adhesive films for glass have several advantages and in particular they can:

  • make glass – safety glass-
  • make mirrored glassesfor privacy in the house
  • save on conditioning
  • save on heating
  • darken the car windows for sun protectionand privacy
  • protect up to 99% from ultraviolet rays
  • protect fabrics, furnishing elements and parquet from discoloration
  • reduce excessive sunlightentering through windows
  • eliminate light reflectionson TV and computer screens
  • reduce the use of curtains
  • decorate thewindows of the house, shop windows, etc.

Sun protection adhesive privacy window film: solar protection and control.

During the hot seasons but also on sunny days, the solar radiation passes through the glass. And in some situations, can create various kinds of damage to people and objects located inside.


  • Overheatingof the environments ( greenhouse effect)
  • strong sunlight
  • especially for those who work at computers, exposure to ultraviolet rays

They can cause skin problems or discolor furniture, sofas, parquet, goods, paintings and anything else exposed to sunlight. In winter, however, there is the problem of thermal dispersion from the windows.

How to choose best adhesive privacy window film for your home?

In these cases, the ideal solution could be an adhesive privacy window film. When choosing the company that will advise you and then carry out the installation of the glass film. It will be important to check that the adhesive film is guaranteed in terms of efficiency and duration.

If the company is serious and so is the brand of films it mounts, different solutions will be proposed with different warranty durations. It depends on the chosen product and whether the installation of adhesive privacy window film is internal or external.

The installer must also be able to provide documentation of the material and be able to explain the composition.

Adhesive privacy window film: save on air conditioning.

Also known by the name “window film “, the blackout film can be reflective and semi-reflective. Similarly, it manages to significantly limit excessive sunlight and ultraviolet rays, making home or work environments more pleasant and at the same time lowering costs.

The adhesive privacy window film are designed for external or internal applications depending on the glass installed and the desired effect. Incorrect assembly could cause various problems. Always contact companies whose main occupation is to install the adhesive films. And they are able to guarantee both the film and the installation.

The blinds mounted inside only solve the problem of sunlight. Among other things by limiting the visibility to the outside, but at the same time it is precisely the blinds that, forming an air chamber with the glass, create the greenhouse effect.

Why adhesive privacy window film is a better option than curtains?

Heat in summer is quite irritating. No matter if you have installed curtains, but you cannot enjoy the nature. Adhesive privacy window film gives you freedom of everything. These films for windows are a complete package.
Certainly, the higher the reflective strength of the blackout film, the less sunlight it will pass inside the window. And the lower the visibility towards the external environment due to the sunglasses effect.
However, it must be said that curtains also block most of the passage of light that comes through the windows. And that there are increasingly advanced darkening films, in composition and materials. Subsequently, it offer excellent compromises between visibility towards the outside and protection from sunlight.

adhesive privacy window film
Where you can apply adhesive privacy window film?

Especially in large buildings, such as:

  • companies
  • shopping centers
  • large administrative offices
  • schools, kindergartens, etc

The problem of air conditioning is particularly felt in terms of costs and environmental impact. The smartglasscn also provides best adhesive privacy window film. It not only reduces sunlight but also the costs of air conditioning systems.

There are large companies producing solar control window films that use to publish. Even online, studies show the importance of adhesive privacy films and its effectiveness against energy savings after installation.

Window films and savings on heating

In cold seasons it is important that the windows are insulated to limit heat dispersion. It is also because, due to the angle of the rays of the winter sun, there is less contribution of sunlight to the heating of the house and buildings in general.

Insulating glass is the most common remedy even if it does not completely solve the problem. By applying a low-emission adhesive privacy window film, heat loss can be reduced by 25% to 35%.

Ultraviolet rays:

Sofa discoloration

Sunlight, so important and indispensable, unfortunately also causes various problems. In particular, the component of ultraviolet radiation, invisible to the human eye, manifests itself, at the level of the organism. It goes through the pigmentation of the skin or with “sunstrokes”.

Discoloration of objects in the shop window

It is a form of energy capable of degrading the colors of the objects on display, mainly organic colors.

The anti-UV films, in addition to promoting energy saving:

  • protect furniture elements
  • fabrics, wooden floors
  • works of art
  • objects and products displayed in shop windows and everything exposed to direct sunlight

How does adhesive privacy window film improve home Security?

Glass is certainly a useful and fascinating material. But it can also become very dangerous, especially when there are children in the house. Or even when the glass doors or windows are located in places of frequent passage.

The adhesive privacy window film, in the event of an impact, prevent detachment. And therefore the consequent rain of glass splinters and the possible fall of people and objects in the void.

If you decide to transform the glass of your home or any environment into safety glass, it is important to know the material more thoroughly.

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