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5 Adorable Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers Ideas (Sep.2020)

By hqt / Sep.19, 2020

An introduction to car window tinting films

car window tinting film suppliers

It is the golden era of science & technology and miracles are happening everywhere. Every industry has developed whether it is domestic or industrial. Car window tinting film is also one of these endless miracles. Car window tinting film suppliers are serving us by supplying these adorable films and making our driving experiences like never before.

Have you ever experienced these elegant and attractive car window tinting films? This guide is for those who have not personally experienced this tinting film and want to take benefit of it. You will find information about different kinds of car window tinting films which are beneficial for you. Moreover, you will learn, how car window tinting films can make your drives safe with style.

What is car window tinting film?

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Vans
  • boats
  • RVs and almost each automobile.

Moreover, you can also use it in the interior or exterior glasses of buildings and homes. Car window tinting film suppliers can easily supply you these tinting films according to your requirements.

It provides,

  • tensile strength
  • clarity
  • dimensional stability.

It has the ability to block the harmful rays of sunlight. You can easily block the sun in hot summer days. It can completely change your truck or car in a safe and secure way.

Moreover, you can also apply it on the glass surfaces of,

  • side windows
  • rear glass
  • and windshield of your vehicles.

But to get benefits of this car window tinting film you have to contact car window tinting film suppliers.

What are the other uses of car window tinting film?

You can also use car window tinting films for several other purposes. For example, it saves you from,

car window tinting film suppliers in China

  1. excessive heat
  2. UV protection
  3. a faded interior.

In addition, car window film can help you to fulfill your following requirements like

  • extreme privacy
  • security & glare
  • automotive styling
  • thermal insulation
  • decoration, signage and branding.

However, car window tinting films also provide you high privacy with comfortable drive.

They are so elegant and beneficial that architect engineers are using these window films in

  • Huge buildings
  • Homes and offices
  • Commercial areas.

They are making use of these films to add elegance, beauty, style and privacy in their architects.

5 adorable car window tinting films

There are several kinds of tinting films which you can easily get from car window tinting film suppliers.  

Here are 5 different types of car window tinting films which you can use according to your needs.




Manufacturers has designed it with the help of layers of dye which they apply on this adhesive film. And hence it builds a very dark color. This film has ability to block some heat and light from entering.  Because dye particles reflect some of the all effects of heat and light.

Ideal for

It is best choice for low budget. And this is also best choice for people who just want privacy and not want to block the sun. This tinting film is more affordable for primary tint and window tinting film suppliers can provide easily. Additionally, it is also better choice for those who do not want to reduce extra heat.

  1. LEXEN Pre-Cut Complete Tint Kita


This window tinting film will be your first priority if you are looking for high-quality window film. It is very easy to install. Once you order it, you will get it in a pre-cut form. When you receive it from the suppliers, simply apply it. Because it is pre-cut according to the information which you have provided about your vehicle.

Ideal for:

This car window tinting film has ability to block almost 99% of harmful UV rays. Moreover, it is non-reflective and you can get it from window tinting film suppliers in different shades according to blocking percentages like,

  • 5%
  • 15%
  • 35%
  • 50%.

It is also an ideal choice for limos. In the kit you will find tinting film for,

car window tinting film suppliers & Manufacturers

  • Front driver
  • passenger side
  • rear driver
  • rear passenger.


It uses very small particles of metal in order to reflect the sunlight. This film can reduce penetration of heat and light in more conveniently in comparison to dyed window films. The metal which manufacturers have used in this tinting film has ability to increase the strength of window. hence, it can reduce the chances of glass shatter.

Ideal for:

It is an ideal choice to secure your glass from extra scratches. As it is extra scratch resistant than any other tinting film. In fact, it is expensive than dyed films but it is more durable and heat reflective. According to car window tinting film suppliers, this is an elegant choice as it shines because of its metallic particles.



This car window tinting film does not have any metal. So, it gives you a matte finish when you look from outside of the car. This film has capability to block up to 40% sunlight. Moreover, this carbon car window film can reduce heat damages and provides you great privacy.


Ideal for:

It is beneficial for homes, offices as well as for commercial uses. Hence, this film is also an ideal choice for,

  • automobiles privacy and secure drive
  • residential needs
  • commercial requirements.

It can benefit you in both ways either it is residential or commercial.



In fact, it is a latest film supplied by car window tinting film suppliers. But has become very popular because of its highest functioning. But this car window tinting film is expensive in comparison to other tinting films. Basically, ceramic film comprises,

  • non-metallic
  • non-conductive particles.

Moreover, it also has not any interfere with electrical signals.

Ideal for:

It will be your ideal selection because it can block nearly 99% of UV rays. Although, these rays are very harmful but this tinting film reduces the chances of skin damaging. It can also reduce light penetration along with the heat. Moreover, ceramic window tinting film also has ability to reduce upholstery fading.

It also has extra capability to provide you better driving visibility in day as well as during night. Car window tinting film suppliers suggest that although, this film is expensive but has great durability. Additionally, it is,

  • scratch resistance
  • highly effective
  • fade resistance
  • strengths the windows.


These different kinds of car window tinting films make your vehicle sophisticated and sleek.

They are highly beneficial for commercial as well as for residential purposes. Furthermore, you can only get all the above benefits from window tinting film suppliers who have great access to famous companies. And also have deep knowledge about all the 5 types of tinting films which we have described above.

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