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5 Best adhesive privacy window film (film for windows 2020)

By hqt / Oct.29, 2020

5 Best Adhesive Privacy Window Film (film for windows 2020)

adhesive privacy window film

You want to spend a cozy evening with your family, but it is more than uncomfortable when people passing by can constantly look into your window. This is a big problem, especially with a ground floor apartment, so that your privacy is restricted. If you do not want to cover your windows with thick curtains, so that not only strangers but also sunlight is blocked out, you should consider purchasing an adhesive privacy window film. This can quickly lead you to the privacy you need without the need for conversion.

What is an adhesive privacy window film?

An adhesive privacy window film is a film that you stick on the window pane. Depending on the model and brand, this usually has a slightly milky tone and thus prevents people from looking inside. You can no longer look out, but in some rooms this is not necessary, such as in a bathroom. As more and more people want to have more privacy and this with privacy film implement, the area has pleasantly changed.


In this respect, there are not only the milky models today, but also colorful and elegant patterns. You should choose such a pattern if you have a certain interior design style. Thus, the privacy screen act complementary. You shouldn’t do without colorful motifs, especially in children’s rooms. Children love cartoons, fairy tales and superheroes. Matching privacy screens with these motifs are available in stores.

The attachment of a privacy screen

Basically, if you want to put a privacy film on your window, it’s very easy. Most foils are available on large rolls so all you have to do is cut the appropriate length. Remember that you don’t have to tape the entire window shut. Sometimes it is enough if you only equip the lower third of the window with a privacy film so that nobody can look in anymore. Now spread the privacy screen film with the film side down. Carefully start to loosen one corner of the foil protector.

Now put the adhesive corner in the correct position. You can slowly remove more and more protective film. Use the back of your hand or a long, rigid object to wipe all air holes out of the film. If the entire film is on the window, you can rub it down again. Remember that the privacy film doesn’t have to stay in place forever. If you wish, you can remove this again by simply peeling off a corner and following the entire film.

Privacy films for more security

Primarily it is the job of the adhesive privacy window film to keep curious looks. But the film can do a lot more. Depending on the provider, this can keep UV rays out. Although light penetrates through, the dangerous UV rays no longer penetrate. Such a privacy screen film is the right way to go, especially in a children’s room. Otherwise you don’t have to put the privacy film on a window.

A film can also provide more peace and quiet on car windows, garden shacks or doors. You just have to be careful that the privacy film does not come into contact with water; otherwise it will slowly peel off. However, if you do not want to do without the film outdoors, you should choose an adhesive privacy window film that is waterproof. The glueis much stronger and moisture does not get under the film. Thus it holds securely and firmly even in a bathroom.

5 Best adhesive privacy window film

Insulfilm G5 Smoked Charcoal Smoked Film G5

  • Visibility Transmission 4%
  • Solar Energy Transmission 53%
  • UV Transmission <5%
  • U Factor Transmission 0.96 ~ 1.09

Low Heat Reduction – High Light Reduction – Great Privacy During The Day.

Insulfilm Fumê G20 Charcoal (Graphite) or Fumê G20 Film

  • Visibility Transmission 18%
  • Solar Energy Transmission 59%
  • UV Transmission <5%
  • U Factor Transmission 0.98 ~ 1.15

Low Heat Reduction – Medium Light Reduction – Average Daytime Privacy.

Insulfilm Fumê G35 Charcoal (Graphite)

  • Visibility Transmission 28%
  • Solar Energy Transmission 67%
  • UV Transmission <5%
  • U Factor Transmission 1.01 ~ 1.15

Low Heat Reduction – Low Light Reduction – Small Daytime Privacy.

Insulfilm Fumê G50 Charcoal (Graphite)

  • Visibility Transmission> 28%
  • Solar Energy Transmission 67%
  • UV Transmission <5%
  • U Factor Transmission 1.01 ~ 1.15

Low Heat Reduction – Very Little Light Reduction – No Daytime Privacy.

Insulfilm Fumê G60

  • Insulfilm Blackout or Blackout Film
  • Visibility Transmission 0.1%
  • Solar Energy Transmission 0%
  • 100% Light Reduction – 100% Privacy – 0% Vision Through Glass

adhesive privacy window film in china

Insulfilm White: adhesive privacy window film

Line of films 100% developed for decoration. Partial privacy plus a great elegant decorative factor. They are produced in Stripe, Stripe and Checkered shapes, all white with shine.

Anti-vandal film

These are films that make glass extremely resistant to impacts. They are designed to hinder the activity of aggressors, and provide safety against accidents, preventing the windows from breaking easily and injuring people on the spot.

Insulfilm for Privacy

There are other adhesive privacy window film that provide some kind of privacy, but this category provides 100% privacy. They are the Blackout, in black color, which blocks 100% light passage and the Whiteout, white version, which still allows partial light passage.

Insulfilm for Heat Reduction


These films are almost 100% transparent and their purpose is to block as much heat as possible, without losing sight or natural daylight. The variation of the heat block starts from 50% up to close to 90%, depending on the material chosen.

Why is window adhesive film worthwhile?

Window adhesive film is versatile. The transparent, self-adhesive film can primarily be attached to the window, where it acts as a privacy screen and is also decorative.

With the right approach and thorough preparation, you can apply the foils quickly and easily. These instructions explain step by step which different window adhesive films are available, where you can still use them apart from on the window and what you have to pay attention to in each case.

Attach window adhesive film

At a glance

  • Choose between conventional adhesive film and static film
  • Select a suitable design
  • This is how it’s done

There are two different types of adhesive privacy window film: films with an adhesive layer and so-called static films. In contrast to conventional adhesive foils, static foils adhere to glass surfaces without adhesive. This means that you can remove them again without leaving any residue and even use them several times.

Static foils are usually made of thicker material, which also allows deep embossing and thus ensures a noble look. In addition, the greater material thickness makes handling much easier. Foils with an adhesive layer can be glued wet and dry, static foils only wet. Wet bonding is easier, especially for beginners and for large areas.

Transparent adhesive films are preferably attached to windows as privacy screens, but can also set interesting accents, for example to embellish shower cubicles .

Decorative foils offer numerous options for designing rooms and pieces of furniture. The versatile self-adhesive foils are available in numerous designs and different surface structures, for example made of velor. Since they are often not translucent, however, they are in most cases not suitable for mounting on windows.

Prepare the window before attaching the adhesive privacy window film

Attach the window adhesive film in 5 steps. Clean the window. Glass cleaner cloth

At a glance

  • clean the windows
  • This is how it’s done
  • No matter what type of adhesive film you use: the preparation of the substrate is essential. In preparation, it is best to clean the windows with a commercially available glass cleaner.
  • Dirt stuck to the pane, such as fly droppings or paint residues, can be removed with a glass scraper for ceramic hobs. It is best to apply the adhesive film at room temperature. Temperatures that are too warm or too cold warp the film.

Cutting the adhesive film

Apply window adhesive in 5 steps Step 3 Cut window adhesive foil Pen Table Linea Cutter knife

At a glance

  • Make a template
  • Transfer dimensions
  • Cut the foil
  • This is how it’s done

Since the size of the film and window must match exactly, it is advisable to make a template of the area to be glued. In this way you can transfer the desired dimensions exactly to the back of the film and then cut it to size. A cutting ruler can help you with this.

Bathroom window film company

Attaching the adhesive film to the window

At a glance

  • Wet the glass surface
  • Remove the protective paper piece by piece
  • Apply the film evenly
  • Press on with a squeegee

This is how it’s done

When adhesive privacy window film is the desired shape and size, spray the glass surfaces with plenty of water. Then loosen the backing paper at one corner and peel it off about 10 cm. Place this free area on the wet pane. Now gradually peel off the remaining protective paper. Also spray the adhesive side of the film with sufficient water.

The film can then be brought into the correct position on the wet pane. Work evenly and press the window adhesive film on at the same time with a squeegee.

When using a static film, pull off the entire protective layer and apply the film to the surface.

Especially if you have little experience with adhesive film or the area to be glued is relatively large: this work is easiest with two people.

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