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Pdlc film how to install it? (Best pdlc guide for beginners 2020)

By hqt / Oct.30, 2020

Pdlc film how to install it? (Best pdlc Guide for Beginners 2020)

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Pdlc Film: The Features to Know

The operation of the pdlc film is based on blocking the passage of light. Even if it is minimal in the frontal direction, some of the screen brightness is still dimmed and this makes the contents less vivid and contrasted. In short, it is not in the style of Apple, which now definitely focuses on “glossy” screens.

Speaking of glossy displays, most pdlc film has a matte finish. And therefore make even the glossy screens that most laptops have nowadays “matte”. If that’s a problem, choose reversible filters that have a matte and a glossy side.

The color of the filters is almost always black, so as you move sideways you see the display become black. However, “gold” filters are also on sale that gives a golden effect to the display seen from the side. They cost more but, in addition to the aesthetic effect that you may like or not, they have an even narrower viewing angle.

Now we can move on to the steps to install pdlc film on glass correctly.

STEP 1: Measure the glass and cut the film

Measure the size of the glass carefully before you start cutting the film, to allow for as little waste as possible.
Find a clean, flat, open side area to cut the film to size. Make sure to leave an extra margin to the measurements taken on each side of at least 2 cm when cutting.

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STEP 2: cleaning the glass

Warning: do not use ammonia-based products for cleaning windows. Before thoroughly cleaning the glass, thoroughly clean the frames. Especially the upper frame as, when you have to spray the mixture prepared for the application. Any dust or dirt residues may descend on the glass compromising the operation.
In case of stubborn dirt or paint, use the blade scraper to clean the glass surface. Carefully remove the dirt along the edges of the glass, in the corner with the frame. Once cleaned, spray the surface of the glass with the prepared mixture.

STEP 3: Apply the pdlc film

Making sure that the surface of the glass is uniformly and abundantly covered with the prepared mixture. Take the sheet of pdlc film previously cut to size (with an abundance of at least two cm on all sides). And gently peel off the protective film from the support (liner).

In the case of large glazed surfaces it is much easier to remove the film from the support with the help of another person.
Be sure to detach the film from the liner by pulling the corners in exactly opposite directions.
Once the backing is removed, spray the adhesive surface with the prepared mixture. Holding the top left and right corners of the film, place it gently on the glass surface.

Note: the application work is much easier if the natural straight edge of the film (not the hand cut one) is placed against the upper glass frame. In practice, you save one side to trim.

STEP 4: Apply the film or adhesive to the glass surface

Once the pdlc film is on the glass with the edges overlapping evenly on each side, it’s time to attach it to the glass.

Spray the surface of the film with the vaporizer. Push gently with your hands making the water slowly drain from under the film. You can start from the top center to the right and left, then top to bottom.
With the wiper, push out the rest of the water as much as possible but without forcing or exaggerating the pressure. The residual water will go away on its own in a few days due to evaporation.

Important noteDO NOT approach and push on edges with the wiper!.

Smart films with liquid crystal LCD technology or more simply “intelligent films” allow you to have privacy control on the windows. It happens through the liquid crystal technology integrated into the film. The pdlc film is adhesive and can be applied to any type of glass.

Why using pdlc film in your home or office?

With a simple switch or the remote control you can make the film transparent or opaque with a simple click. You can connect in series several panels connected to a single control unit with remote control.
The smart film with LCD technology is tailor-made for free installation if you want you can ask for the installation by our expert installers.

Have you ever imagined being able to opacify your glass with just one click? You will most likely think of one of those futuristic films in which environments suddenly isolate themselves at the touch of a single button. Well, this fantastic technology is no longer a mere object of desire, but a concrete possibility.

How does pdlc film work?

Furthermore, the Smart Film application transforms the window into a high definition projection screen.  It makes it possible to view company presentations, TV images and videos. For example, during a meeting, it is possible to opacify the windows of the room in charge to isolate the environment. And keep the windows of the other offices transparent, at the same time to use the windows of the room as a projection screen, making the context surprisingly innovative and elegant.

The anti-sun performance of the Smart Film is the added value that makes this film capable of solving problems related to privacy, radiation and heat by applying a single product.


Finally, what is the cost of pdlc film? They are not exactly cheap products, although prices are gradually falling as the spread of filters increases. On average, a privacy filter costs around 60-70 dollars, but looking online you can often find promotions with sensitive discounts. However, the super-opportunities of unknown brands are not recommended, as always.

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