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How to Apply contact self adhesive privacy film frosted on Window?

By hqt / Aug.03, 2020

Learn adhesive window privacy film installation methods in simple ways

Contact self adhesive privacy film frosted suppliers

Contact self adhesive privacy film frosted easy to apply and remove. They can be affixed to different surfaces such as walls, windows, vehicles, etc.

Composed of several layers, these adhesive films are thus very resistantdurable over time. But they are nevertheless inexpensive. They are particularly widely used for the creation of adhesive letters, wall stickers.

Contact self adhesive privacy film frosted allows you to use all the smooth supports of your buildings as communication supports.

  • The opaque filmsallow you to put signage on your walls, ceilings, floors, columns, complaints, etc.
  • The transparent filmsallow you to use your interior and exterior windows to indicate the information you want.
  • This directional signagecan be of all types: politeness, security, orientation, information, technique, logistics, etc

What do we mean by contact self adhesive privacy film frosted?

Window foil is a layer of plastic that you stick on your window. It provides same features like self-adhesive privacy film. It provides better protection against sun light. Moreover, it is also called anti-viewing foil, or privacy foil.

The most commonly used terms are:

  1. window film
  2. adhesive film

But that is not all the same.

Self-adhesive film or window film static

What is static window film?

Static window film ‘sticks’ to the window without the use of glue. It goes without an adhesive layer on the back. This is very practical. Because you can remove static foil from your window and use it again.

What is self-adhesive window film

Self-adhesive window film is actually a large, semi-transparent sticker. The back therefore has an adhesive layer. The disadvantage of this is that it is more difficult to remove the foil from your window and you cannot use it again.

The advantage is that it is more secure than static foil. And that it does not accidentally come off when you clean the windows.

Features of contact self adhesive privacy film frosted

The main application of privacy film frosted is: privacy. This is especially useful if:

  • your window is right next to a public road
  • there is a sidewalk long out your window
  • you live in a gallery apartment, with a window on the gallery

Sun blocking foil

If you suffer from heat in the summer, sun protection window film may be a good idea. It blocks much of the heat from the sun’s rays. Keep in mind that this also means less benefit from the solar heat in winter.


Stick window foil

There are two ways to apply foil to your window. It depends on the type of foil you choose: static or self-adhesive foil

How to apply Contact self adhesive privacy film frosted?

Stick contact self adhesive privacy film frosted on the inside of your window. This is a convenient way:

  1. Wash your window thoroughly so that it no longer contains dirt and grease particles
  2. Mark on the outside of your window with a non-waterproof marker where you want the foil
  3. Cut the foil to size
  4. Wet the glass pane on the inside with a plant sprayer, use water with a little washing-up liquid
  5. Bit by bit, remove the protective layer from the foil and push the foil against the glass pane
  6. Due to the water film between the pane and the foil, you can still move the foil so that it matches the lines you have drawn
  7. Wipe away water and any air bubbles with a bank card or sturdy window wiper, without shifting the foil itself


When light enters the room through the window it generates heat. Therefore, when the outdoor temperature is too high, use contact self adhesive privacy film frosted the room is relatively cool.

The self-adhesive dimming film is pasted on the architectural glass. And the heat insulation effect is good. It reduces the indoor sunshine energy. Similarly, it reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning.

Application areas of Contact self adhesive privacy film frosted:
1. Multifunctional office use: 

Supervise the use of glass compartments in the office. When the conference room glass is transparent, you can see things outside. And when it is opaque, it can be used as the screen of the projector and the whiteboard.

  1. Building curtain glass wall energy saving and large advertising wall use:

Through the combination of self-adhesive film frosted and heat insulation film, the temperature controller is used to control the transparency.

  1. The interior design of the house:4. Commodity display and commercial advertising:
    self-adhesive privacy film; protect the product or projection advertisement when it is opaque. It displays the product when it is transparent.
    5. Special occasion use:
    ●Use of glass compartment in bathroom and toilet: when not in use Transparent. When the door lock is locked, it will appear foggy.
    ●Use of car heat insulation: contact self adhesive privacy film frostedcan be used to change transparency. It effectively blocks the heat energy of light.
    ● Purpose of clean room: suitable for clean room contact self adhesive privacy film frosted can be used to change transparency and opacity. It can reduce the inconvenience of customers wearing clean clothes in and out of clean room.

Contact self adhesive privacy film frosted application

  1. The partition used in the office place gives you a space that is easier to control.
  2. Application in business places can improve corporate image, security and confidentiality.

And contact self adhesive privacy film frosted create an elegant business atmosphere.

Contact self adhesive privacy film frosted

  1. Using the shopping mall window, you can control whether the window is displayed outward at will. Moreover, it can also become a fantasy advertising screen when needed.
  2. Used in projection, instead of traditional projection screens, it looks trendy, saves space. Similarly, it improves space dynamics, and has good color consistency.
  3. Applied in the dust-free workshop, it not only ensures the cleanliness of the workshop, but also facilitates supervision.
  4. When applied on a yacht, it provides the best protection for your privacy and instantly adds a sense of mystery to the yacht.
  5. It comes in automobiles, which gives passengers a free, comfortable and safe environment. Moreover, it also ensures the safety of personnel and property in the car.
  6. Used in showcases and partitions, it is possible to use it as a mirror when combined with coated glass without electricity. After electrification, self-adhesive privacy film can flow as a projection screen.


Don’t worry if it looks a bit bluish and bumpy at first. When the water has evaporated, the foil is tight on the glass.

How to apply self-adhesive privacy film?

You can also use contact self adhesive privacy film frosted on the inside of the window. You can follow the same steps as with static window film. It includes the use of water but without the detergent.

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