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How does PDLC smart film Protect your Privacy? (2020 Guide)

By hqt / Aug.31, 2020

Glass Smart control, advantages, and Applications

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What is PDLC smart film?

PDLC smart film is also famous as the name of Switchable Smart Film. Moreover, PDLC stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film.

As you know, the magic of science and technology has fascinated everyone. And PDLC film also belongs to the same magic of today’s scientific era. But with the advancement of science and technology, people are using high-tech products in their lives.

Especially when they think about making some adorable decorations in their daily lives. They are using PDLC film. So that they can make some appealing inspirations. In fact, PDLC film is one of the most amazing and inspiring inventions of today.

Additionally, you can easily apply PDLC smart film on your glass windows and doors.

Furthermore, it is very simple to apply on the glasses of your home or anywhere you want. Simply peel this film and stick it on the existing glass. This glass changes from transparent or clear to opaque (frosted) with the simple ON – OFF switch.

How does PDLC smart film work?

As we have already described that PDLC film is also famous as Switchable Smart Film. Basically, it is a technology which is able to adjust the transmission of light via implementation of power source of AC. As we allow the electric current to pass through the layer of PDLC, the molecules of liquid crystal polarize. And hence it allows the light to pass through it.

PDLC smart film is a smart glass which has laminated with polymer film and has sandwiched within two layers of tempered glass. When you power-on the switch, glass changes from opaque to clear. And when you power-off the switch glass changes from clear to frosted or opaque.

Electric current helps to make the glass from opaque to transparent with just a light touch of a switch. PDLC film not only helps the glass to protect against climate change as well as provide privacy and beauty. The back projection replaces the regular screen into 3D images of high degree.


This advanced technology of PDLC film actually unites materials of liquid crystal and polymers. Moreover, PDLC smart film creates a foundation for an advanced and latest generation of the displays of window.

Furthermore, this perfect technology of smart glass permits to control several different shapes of light with the help of electricity. These different shapes of light are UV, IR and visible. Hence, with the help of electricity, you can transfer the glass from transparent to opaque.

This smart film has qualities to turn into transparent as we supply electric current to it. Moreover, it also allows you to convert the film from opaque to transparent with the help of a simple control.

How many colors and names does PDLC smart film have?

Nowadays manufacturers have developed many colors of this smart film according to their needs. But the basic color of PDLC smart film are;

  • blue
  • milky white
  • gray

In addition, there are many other names which manufacturers and users have assigned it according to its features. So, these names of PDLC film are:

  1. Switchable glass
  2. PDLC film
  3. switchable film
  4. electronically controlled windows
  5. dimmable glass
  6. Liquid Crystal Glass
  7. LCG® (light control glass)
  8. switchable windows.
  9. privacy glass

How do you control PDLC smart film?

Basically, it works by supplying electricity. In order to spin this smart film on and off, we have to apply electricity. However, manufacturers can use different kinds of special controllers, like:

PDLC smart film manufacturers

  • voice activation platforms or Alexa
  • Off-the-shelf switches such as Gauzy’s or Lutron touch panels
  • Radio remote controllers
  • office systems or Smart home
  • Sensors, etc.

What are some uses of PDLC smart film?

Although there are several uses of PDLC smart film according to our needs. But you can integrate this technology into partitions, windows and several other transparent areas in different sectors.

Hence it includes,

  • architecture
  • automotive
  • consumer electronics
  • interior design
  • smart retail windows, etc.

In how many ways does PDLC smart film help you?

In fact, PDLC film helps you in many ways. Moreover, it provides you high privacy in your home, offices or any other place you need it. It secures you from the harmful rays of sunlight and also keep your glass safe and secure. But it also can help you in 7 different ways, like:

  1. Security

It provides high level of security in all your private places whether it is in your home or office. And with the help of the technology of laminated glass, PDLC smart film promotes the safety of smart glass. When some impacts this smart glass by hit or guns, its special material help to prevent the people from getting serious injury.

  1. Switch-ability

With the help of current switches, crystal film of the polymer liquid can easily turn opaque into transparent. And these switches are very simple and easy to operate.

  1. Energy-saving and Environmental

This smart film can block 98%UV light, 90% IR light. Moreover, it can reduce heat and allows people to enjoy dazzling sunshine. It can friendly help the energy saving.

  1. Several controlling methods:

As we have already explained you that PDLC smart film consists several different types of controlling methods. Such as,

  • ON/OFF switch
  • wifi app
  • voice control
  • light control
  • remote control
  • temperature control.


  1. Sound insulation

The PDLC film is between the blur switchable glass. Furthermore, it is noise damp.

  1. High transparency with large size

Maximum size of 1.8*3M is for only one piece of smart glass. It has light transmittance of 85% for transparent state. And it also has light transmittance of 55% for opaque state.

  1. Fire resistance

The working temperature of smart film is -20℃ to -70℃. In fact, this smart glass can last for at least 38 minutes in the flaming fire.

What are some popular applications of PDLC smart film?

PDLC smart film has a vast range of applications. Moreover, you can use it at,

  • homes
  • offices
  • hotels
  • villas
  • banks
  • private clubs
  • control rooms and many other different places where you like privacy.

Here are some different and detail types of applications of PDLC film. Additionally, manufacturers are making use of these extra efficient and innovative privacy PDLC films in,

  • Room dividers or partitions
  • Privacy of home or office
  • Display cases
  • Electronically controlled blinds or curtains
  • Security panels
  • Solar panelsPDLC smart film company

Here are some more applications of PDLC smart film

  • Car windows
  • Conservatory Roofs
  • Sales counter
  • Monitor rooms
  • Single- or double-glazed façade
  • Skylights
  • ATM or Bank doors.

What are some advantages of PDLC smart film?

In addition, here we are describing some advantages of PDLC smart film in our daily life.

  1. Save extra expenses of high price curtains and blinds for office and home windows
  2. Extra cheap and low-cost in comparison to switchable glass
  3. Perfect for housing and industrial applications
  4. Protects you from dangerous IR and UV rays of sunlight
  5. Maximum preservation of electricity
  6. Weather-proof texture makes it durable and more efficient for exterior uses
  7. extra-long life for Long-lasting buildings
  8. you can easily apply it to any window or glass.


In fact, PDLC smart film is

  • most effective
  • inexpensive
  • extra efficient smart technology.

Subsequently, it has ability to provide effective and perfect control on sunlight which can pass via windows or doors of your home and office. This smart film also has ability to keep your privacy at home, office or even in cars. It gives the feelings of magic to its viewers and users.

There are countless benefits of this smart film, if you want to buy a long lasting pdlc smart film from a professional manufacturer, visit here.

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