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How to clean home decorative window film: 3 Practical Tricks

By hqt / Jan.18, 2021

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning the Smart Window Films

The entrance area of the house is also its flagship: even before you enter the building, the entrance provides you a first representative impression. So, it is no wonder that many homeowners attach great importance to having an attractive entrance area. The home decorative window film can also act as rain protection. Moreover, it protects both visitors and the front door itself from moisture, is particularly appealing.

How to find the right home decorative window film?

There are many different canopies available on the market that is as diverse as the houses themselves. When looking for the right model for your needs, you should not only consider your personal taste but primarily also the type and age of the building.

Especially with old buildings, it is often difficult to find a window film that matches the look of the house and integrates seamlessly into it. Caution applies to all buildings that are under monument protection: Here you need a permit to add a canopy. An architect can help you determine the right canopy for your home.

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Robust and Elegant at the same Time: Assemble and Maintain Glass Windows

If you decide to install a home decorative window film, you should leave this to a professional. Professional assembly is essential to avoid a possible collapse and all relevant injuries. In addition, a professional can pay attention to the load capacity of the device.

This should be at least 75kg per square meter. Most glass canopies have a protective layer that has supposed to protect the material from damage from moisture and more. Nevertheless, experts recommend an additional lotus seal.

Home decorative window film: sun protection and energy efficiency

Window panes have to withstand a lot. In winter it is cold and humid, but in summer it is often hot thanks to the increasing sunshine. These weather and temperature differences also affect our rooms.

In summer we often suffer from the fact that it gets uncomfortably warm and the sun blinds us. In winter, however, valuable heat can be lost through the windows. Anyone who uses so-called home decorative window film can. However, reliably prevent this – we show how it works.

Intelligent glass: dimmable window panes also for private households

They have long been used in commercial and office buildings. Electrochromic window panes, can adapt to the prevailing weather conditions and temperatures outside.

This enables them to prevent the rooms behind them from overheating or to improve energy efficiency by preventing heat from escaping outside. It depends on what time of year it is. The home decorative window film can also counteract undesirable solar radiation and thus prevent us from being dazzled at work or in the kitchen.

The electrochromic glasses also act as privacy screens if necessary. They adapt to our individual needs and thus ensure a pleasant room climate in every season.

How exactly does home decorative window film actually work?

Electrochromic glass panes consist of several layers. The inner pane has a regular insulating coating and you can also make it a safety glass if necessary. This is followed by a gap that has been filled with a noble gas. It comes off by the electrochromic disk.

The latter has made up of two specially coated panes of glass that contain a conductive polymer film and several electrodes. When energized, the ions start to move and ensure that the glass turns bluish.

This is only a visible tint of the panes without affecting the transparency. However, it has the advantage that it has a positive effect on light and heat transmission. To use the electrochromic glass in this way,

This is how advantageously home decorative window film can be used

Of course, the installation of home decorative window film is initially much more costly than with conventional glass. This is particularly the case with electrochromic glass because you consider it a relatively new development and as such is not yet widely available on the market. In return, you can benefit from the numerous advantages of smart glasses, for example:

  • lower UV permeability and
  • individually adjustable thermal insulation.

The view outside has not only been obscured by dirty window panes in the cold and wet season: pollen and pollen can also quickly impair the view in summer.

Then it is time to clean the windows – but cleaning and wiping do not always have the desired effect. What does it look like now? The optimal window care, and what tips and tricks are there?

Window Film care in the house and apartment is often neglected?

The windows are an integral part of the house and apartment, which is indispensable for the purpose of light penetration and ventilation of the rooms. Clean windows are an ornament to any room.

However, we often do not care about the home decorative window film. At the latest when the view of the garden or the street is no longer perfect. And there are stripes, pollen, and pollen on the window. It is time to clean the window.

This is mostly limited to the panes themselves – frames, fittings, and seals have comparatively rarely cleaned. Thorough cleaning of the entire window is important in order to ensure that they function properly and have a long service life.

Clean all of film windows: let’s start with the fittings

If you want to clean your windows as part of spring cleaning, for example, you should start with the fittings. You can clean and treat them with conventional household oil to maintain or restore mobility.

When it comes to the window frame, it depends on what material it is. Wood materials can benefit from specialty cleaners, while you can easily clean plastic and metal with warm water and a common detergent.

It is advisable to use a sponge or a soft cloth so as not to leave streaks or scratches on the clean windows.

Effective home decorative window film care also includes the seals

The home decorative window film seals must be in perfect condition so that there is no draft in winter and the heat from the rooms cannot escape to the outside.

To maintain this, you can clean the seal with warm water and then treat it with suitable care milk. This prevents the material from becoming brittle and cracking.

The drainage holes in the lower area of the window should also be carefully cleaned as part of window maintenance. You can do it by using a toothbrush or a screwdriver.

home decorative window film 2021

Streak-free clean: tips and tricks for cleaning the glazing

Of course, cleaning the home decorative window film is the main focus of window care. The following applies: Inside, glass cleaners and the like should be saved, while outside it can be a little more. A soft sponge or a special rubber wiper prevents scratches and streaks.

When cleaning windows, the cleaning utensils should rinse out frequently so that dirt, pollen, and pollen are not just spread on the pane. You can also clean plastic windows with warm water with a dash of vinegar. This is how it works in any case with clean windows. Let the summer in your apartment!

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