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Smart Glass Manufacturers: Is Privacy window better than curtains and blinds?

By hqt / Jan.21, 2021

How to enhance the privacy of your personal home windows?

Strangers to look through the window disturb the privacy. Smart glass manufacturers can help. The offer ranges from roller shutters to window films.

A screen for the window is available in numerous variants. With some you can completely shield yourself. Others offer a good compromise: privacy is protected, but the living space does not become a darkroom. The privacy screen can be very inconspicuous or add a decorative touch to the premises.

Smart Glass Manufacturers

What is the function of smart glass Shutters?

Roller shutters offer a very high level of privacy protection. But there is little or no light in the room. Roller shutters also have additional protective properties: They are noise-absorbing, heat-insulating and make break-ins more difficult. Subsequent installation is expensive.

If the roller shutter box installs outside the window, we should ensure that it fits into the overall architecture. If, on the other hand, the roller shutter box comes directly above the window, Smart glass manufacturers must install a smaller window. Plastic roller shutters measuring 126 centimeters by 126 centimeters cost around 200 euros.

What are Smart glass manufacturers rolls?

In contrast to roller shutters, roller blinds are installed inside the window. The most widespread are spring roller blinds – including snap blinds. Here the roller blind is on a spring-loaded shaft. To protect the window, the roller blind comes out and then anchored in the hook on the window frame.

If it releases again, it will wind up on its own. The control of the light intensity and the privacy screen comes on how far the blind is pulled out. On the other hand, different materials let in different amounts of light. High-quality roller blinds can cost over 100 euros.

What are Blinds?

Blinds come with horizontal aluminum slats that we can customize. In addition, we can also adjust the slats in incline. Thus, we can regulate the incidence of light and privacy particularly well. You can buy simple blinds made of aluminum slats measuring 120 centimeters by 175 centimeters from around 30 euros.

Vertical blinds

A vertical blind is a combination of a vertical blind and a curtain. The variably rotatable slats not only allow the light and privacy protection function to be adjusted continuously. In addition, we can direct the light in different directions, depending on the position of the slats, and thus we can illuminate specific areas of the room. Curtains have only found their way into private households since they were offered in numerous colors and patterns.

Louvre curtains are mostly used as privacy screens for large window areas. With a size of 180 centimeters by 150 centimeters, you can pay around 100 euros for a slat curtain.

Are Curtains better than smart glass films?

Curtains offer good privacy, but at the same time let in a lot of daylight. Finer, more translucent variants are ideal for the living room. Curtains made of coarser material are ideal for the bedroom, as they allow less insight and protect privacy.

Unusual curtains with beautiful embroidery can enhance dreary rooms and give them a personal touch. Depending on the quality, the prices for curtains are extremely different. But curtains are not better than Smart glass manufacturers.

Smart glass films installation: Good or worst?

Films are the easiest of all types of privacy screens to attach. They are available with different levels of light transmission. Once attached, however, the light transmission can no longer be varied. Films appear very sterile. They are therefore suitable as privacy screens in rooms in which aesthetics play a less important role, for example for shielding the toilet window in ground floor apartments.

A square meter of simple frosted glass film cost less than ten euros. For foils with picture motifs, however, you have to pay significantly more: around 30 to over 60 euros per square meter.

What features Smart glass manufacturers provide?

As the days get longer and the sunshine increases, the question of the right sun protection arises again for many homeowners, apartment owners and office operators. This should naturally fulfill several functions at the same time and protect against unwanted incidence of light and glances from outside and, of course, be as visually appealing as possible.

For these reasons, more and more people are turning to Smart glass manufacturers, which are particularly easy to attach and versatile.

What exactly is a pleated blind?

A pleated blind is a sun protection or glare protection that also acts as a privacy screen. It is also known under the name of Roman blind or under the longer names of pleated curtains or pleated systems. Pleated blinds are basically a variant of roller blinds and are also used for windows in commercial and private buildings.

The main difference to conventional roller blinds lies in the way it is manufactured and in the versatility of the pleated blind: the fabric here is pre-folded and is pushed together using a pull cord. We can manufacture the glare protection in numerous geometric shapes and thus manufactured and purchased to match every conceivable window.

Roof windows and special sizes can also be equipped with the privacy screen without any problems.

Smart Glass Manufacturers 2021

The visual aspect: a clear view of the window frames

Would you like to equip the windows in your house, apartment or office with high-quality sun protection, but at the same time leave the visually appealing window frames free? Then you can benefit from another advantage of a pleated blind, because the versatile glare protection only covers the window panes themselves.

Smart glass manufacturers recommend the use of pleated blinds as a privacy screen is therefore advisable, especially in older houses where the window frames themselves are also an eye-catcher.

Dark or transparent: the right lighting conditions

Available in a wide variety of designs, a pleated curtain also ensures exactly the lighting conditions you prefer. While the bedroom should perhaps be completely darkened, moderate to bright light is desired in the living room or kitchen.

You can choose between transparent, semi-permeable or darkening pleated blinds made of different fabrics and of course in many colors. Moreover, we can precisely adapt it according to individual needs and ideas.

Smart glass films: easy to install in the house, apartment or office

Smart films not only act as sun protection or privacy screens; Due to the nature of the material used, some models are also able to let in a certain amount of light and at the same time ensure thermal insulation. Similarly, we can install the versatile glare protection quickly and easily on any window, regardless of its shape or size.

You can also equip your winter garden with attractive and functional by contacting Smart glass manufacturers. On request, some variants can also be attached without drilling. The windows in houses, apartments or offices are optimally equipped with a pleated blind.

Smart glass manufacturers: Great climate – without any air conditioning

Install smart glass instead of air conditioning. 30 degrees, blazing sunshine: How beneficial it is when you finally come home on a hot summer day! However, cooling is only guaranteed if the rooms have not heated up during the day. You don’t have to install an air conditioner for this; modern blind control also ensures a pleasant room climate.

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