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How does electric PDLC film save the glass from moisture?

By hqt / Sep.03, 2020

Best ways to control pdlc electric film

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As we are living in the world of technology and amazing inventions are happening all around us. Electric PDLC film also belongs to these amazing and phenomenal inventions. Moreover, this wonderful invention beautifully changes the simple glass into opaque with just a flick of button.

Nowadays everyone is preferring a complete privacy in his life. So, it also ensures privacy with the sense of beauty and charm. At the same time, it gives a modern look to our homes and offices. But if some people don’t know about their benefits and uses properly, then this article will guide them completely. Furthermore, it will help, what electric PDLC film is and how it works.

Let’s understand some more amazing facts about this stunning technology.

What is electric PDLC film?

Electric PDLC film is basically an advanced technology that is based on PDLC methodology. And PDLC stands for polymer dispersed liquid crystal. It is actually a specific type of smart glass which changes from clear to frosted or opaque.

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Moreover, it can change the transparent condition of the simple glass with the help of a,

  • switch
  • touch of an app
  • or wave of your hand.

The basic principal that works behind this PDLC film is very simple and easy but it is fascinating also. When you switch on the button, molecules of liquid crystal start to float in arbitrary direction that scatter incidental light. And hence they render or convert the film-filtered glass into opaque.

Furthermore, you can simply operate Electric PDLC film by using on-off system. However, this technology provides versatile privacy solutions for,

  • interactivity and projection
  • energy issues
  • security
  • style, etc.

This amazing technology discovers many excellent uses in the privacy glasses. In fact, these materials actually belong to laminated form which give reaction to the electricity. When you switch on the film, liquid crystals that are inside the film lines up instantly. So, as a result the glass becomes transparent.

What are 5 reasons to use electric PDLC film?

Although electric PDLC film has many reasons to use because it has several features which are very useful for us. But we are giving you 5 best reasons to use it. And these are,

  1. Projection screen
  2. Save cost
  3. Make it simple
  4. Explosion prof
  5. Long lifetime

Furthermore, here are some more detail about the above reasons to use this electrical film.

Projection screen:

The best thing about the switchable PDLC film is that, it is multifunctional. So, you can use it as a rear projection screen at home or at work. Moreover, you can also get benefit of this electric film at

  • Schools
  • Shopping window advertising
  • Offices, etc.

Save cost:

Basically, you use curtains and some blinds to stop the light in your bedrooms or at working places. But they are not able to block the light properly. And the light temperature also affects you during your relaxation or working time period. Hence, by using electric PDLC film, you can get rid of all these issues.

Moreover, this electric film also helps to reduce the temperature. So, it helps to reduce your air conditioning cost. Because it has ability to block 99% UV rays of sunlight.

Make it simple:

You can easily streamline the maintenance and cleaning process by using this electrical smart glass. However, the old and traditional window coverings or blinds are tough and take time to maintenance them.

Explosion proof:

Unfortunately, if an external force breaks the glass, it still does not shatter. So, it saves the people around it from hurting. Additionally, it saves from extra damages.

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Long lifetime:

Electric PDLC film has a very long life. You can use it for maximum 15 years. But it also needs some investments for its latest and fashionable appearances.

How can electric PDLC film become bulletproof?

It is not necessary that this electric smart film has ability to protect from bullet or any other harmful material. In fact, there are many types of this PDLC glass that have quality of bulletproof.

Furthermore, if you want to get bulletproof quality then you have to demand it. Because for some special conditions designers use LTI’s SmartGard product to make it bulletproof. Hence, PDLC film also provides extra security by providing bulletproof facility.

How electric PDLC film replace shades and blinds?

This smart electric film has many great benefits so that you will like to replace other blinds, shades or curtains. And this film also adds great level of privacy in your interiors. Since, this smart glass also has capability to protect IR reflection which can control extra heat.

Moreover, electric PDLC film uses SPD which has ability to block 99% of harmful rays of sunlight. So, it creates shades and make ideal replacement for exterior windows.

How does electric PDLC film save the glass from moisture or cracking?

This smart privacy film has ideal capability to protect your ordinary glass from solar cracking or fracturing. Moreover, it is also moisture or heat resistant. So, like the other ordinary glue down and self -adhesives applications, it will help to secure your glass windows and doors from any harmful effects of weather.

In how many ways can you control electric PDLC film?

Basically, you need electricity to on and off this switchable PDLC film.

In addition, there are many other choices to control this smart electric glass. These choices are:

  • Smart office or home systems
  • Sensors
  • Nobile app
  • Many other voice activation platforms or Alexa
  • Off-the-shelf buttons such as, touch panels or Lutron
  • Radio remote controllers.

What are some interesting applications of electric PDLC film?

Although there are many industries where manufacturers are using this smart glass. Such as,

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Banking, etc.

Moreover, we are describing you some more interesting applications of electric PDLC film.

Nowadays many of the countries are using it but,

  • Japan
  • Korea
  • America
  • Europe

are most famous for using it. Hollywood stars, a merchant prince, directors, international companies are also using it rapidly in their noble constructions. In fact, in order to regulate light film in order to reach the aim of magic, Disney park is mostly using it.

Moreover, famous brand of car BMW also use this product in order to make,

  • still villa
  • dormer
  • hospital
  • bank
  • hotel
  • health insurance
  • restaurant
  • church
  • direction center and museum.

Moreover, they use it to make windows, doors, obstruct and sunshade. Additionally, they use this smart glass to attract their customers.


Electric PDLC film is a very useful and because of its various benefits people are making use of this smart glass rapidly. It has great benefits like,

  • It provides you a great sense of privacy
  • Also helps to reduces the heat and help to reduce air-conditioning costs
  • It is an ideal alternative of,
  • Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Shading screens, etc.
  • This smart film also protects you from dangerous rays of sunlight.
  • Protect all your doors and window glasses, etc.
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