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How much energy IDLC MAR Glass consume: Complete Tint film Guide 2020

By hqt / Sep.02, 2020

Smart Glass film Tint working and application step by step

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Nowadays, new and amazing inventions are introducing in the world of science and technology. People are not only liking these inventions but also applying them in their daily lives. ldlc mar glass is also a link of these stunning inventions. It actually belongs to a special type of switchable smart glasses.

People like them immensely. Because they beautifully transform the transparent glass into opaque. And it meets all privacy requirements. Moreover, this technology immensely impresses and leaves a good impact to its viewers.

But many people are not yet fully aware of this new and wonderful technology. What is PDLC film and how does it work? Where do we use it? How is it beneficial? Does it meet all privacy requirements? Hopefully this article will help you to solve all your problems.

What is ldlc mar glass?

ldlc mar glass is basically a type of dynamic smart glass.

This advanced technology actually transfer transparent glass to opaque.

Because of this quality, this smart film is also famous as name of Switchable film.

It allows to control the following forms of light, like:

  • apparent light
  • IR

This technology has ability to adjust the supply of light by the application of the source of an AC power.

This PDLC film is actually a laminated glass combine with polymer dispersed liquid crystal film. And its formation is like a sandwich between the two layers of hardened glass.

With the on and off of the switch molecules of liquid crystal are in disordered array and aligned conditions respectively. By using this technique, it changes from transparent to opaque.

This ldlc mar glass changes into transparent in the condition of ON. And it converts into the opaque in the condition of OFF. You can easily operate it with the help of a remote or by a simple button. When the switch is on, the voltage applies on this smart film.

Hence, it pushes around the liquid crystals in a random manner. So, these liquid crystals help to scatter most of the light that is passing through it.

In this way, this magic film makes an opaque appearance. Moreover, it helps to protect the room from extra heat and additional sunlight. It helps to maximize residential comforts and provides high privacy in the commercial spaces.

For instance, if a natural light enters in the enclose office spaces; it will have a good effect on mode setting. This smart glass is actually an innovative technology which covers your doors or windows in home or at work. This progress and advancement in building technologies have made our homes and offices extra comfortable to live.

How many colors does ldlc mar glass has?

Basically, ldlc mar glass comes in many elegant colors. So, you can easily select the color of your own choice from these different options. Moreover, it has the following color choices,

  • off white
  • dark gray
  • light gray
  • light blue
  • pink
  • tea gold

Furthermore, this smart film also has ability to work as LCD projector.


Normally it has two kinds, like

  1. self-adhesive
  2. non- adhesive.

In non-adhesive we have to apply a visually clear glue in order to stick it on a glass. In addition, there is a very thin layer over the film. This layer is actually a protective layer which protects it from certain sever conditions.

How many other names of ldlc mar glass have?

In fact, there are several other names of ldlc mar glass. Because it has several features and manufacturers call it according to its important features.

But we are describing here 5 most popular names of this smart film.

And these are:

  1. LCG® (light control glass)
  2. switchable glass
  3. liquid Crystal Glass
  4. dimmable glass
  5. privacy glass

How does ldlc mar glass work?

This smart technology simply works with just a flick of a button. When you switch on the button, the glass converts into opaque. Moreover, when you switch off the button the glass converts into transparent form.

This smart film not only takes control of all security of glass but it also has capability to provide a perfect security. In this smart film a rear projection replaces the normal screen to give 3d images of high-definition.

This ldlc mar glass actually controls several shapes of sunlight with the help of electric current. These several shapes of light are:

  • UV
  • IR
  • visible, etc.

Hence, with the help of electricity, smart glass changes from transparent to opaque. In this way, you can easily control the dynamic light with just a click of a button.

Why do we call ldlc mar glass a privacy glass?

This amazing technology provides you extra privacy by converting into opaque. You can use it in your home or office to make a specific private space. Hence, it is also popular with the name of privacy glass because it meets all privacy requirements.

How can you clean the ldlc mar glass?

It does not need any other difficult process to clean. And you can clean it like any other simple glass. Moreover, you can use a window cleaner or any soft piece of cloth in order to clean the smart glass.

How much electric energy does ldlc mar glass consume?

It does not require any extra electricity. Since, it only starts in less than 1 second.

What are some interior applications of ldlc mar glass?

This switchable film actually gives you privacy with the use of extra space where you need it. Furthermore, manufacturers use this advanced technology of ldlc mar glass in some interior applications. Such as,

  1. To control infections in health care departments, like
  • nurseries
  • hospitals
  • emergency rooms
  • operating rooms
  • ICUs
  • clinics, etc.


  1. To use in automatic systems, like
  • smart homes

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  1. Optical shutters
  2. Conference rooms
  3. Skylights
  4. shower or Bathrooms enclosures
  5. Bulletproof enclosures
  6. Hurricane-resistant windows
  7. Security windows
  8. Energy-efficient enclosures

What are some broad applications of ldlc mar glass?

Here are some broad applications of this smart glass, like


You can get high privacy in both interior and exterior installations in just a moment. Basically, it has capability to transform the appearance and functionality of,

  • Consultation rooms in medical offices and clinics
  • Private rooms in restaurants
  • Sales offices in car dealerships
  • Conference rooms
  • It can also provide privacy for private homes

Safety and Security

This ldlc mar glass is also helpful to provide security in the applications of hurricane-resistant windows.

As this glass is laminated with PDLC, hence manufacturers also use it for security and safety applications of glasses.

Temperature Control

This smart film has ability to reduce temperature. So, when you switch on this glass film, it actually reduces the extra load of air-conditioning systems. Hence, it also helps to reduce energy costs.


This glass film can replace the use of a whiteboard in

  • consultation room
  • classroom
  • to maximize the utility of a conference room.

Furthermore, this smart glass also has ability to provide excellent performance as

  • a rear-projection screen for slideshows
  • videos
  • or for any type of projected image.

What are 5 fantastic benefits of ldlc mar glass?

In addition, we are describing here 5 fantastic facts of this ldlc mar glass.

  1. It saves energy by using natural light in order to maintain privacy
  2. It helps to reduce consumption of materials in making,
    • curtains
    • shutters
    • drapes
    • blinds
    • dry erase boards
    • and projection screens, etc.
  3. It is an ideal and perfect solution for residential and industrial applications
  4. This glass helps to protect against dangerous rays (IR and UV) of sunlight.
  5. This smart glass is very cost effective and cheap in comparison to other switchable glass.


ldlc mar glass is an innovative and advanced technology. Moreover, it is adding a magic as well as beauty in your lives. And it is also fulfilling all your needs of privacy.

Furthermore, this magic glass with 5 fantastic benefits offers you great versatility in your home and workplaces. It is very useful glass that protects all your doors and window glasses.

In addition, it has the ability to change your simple home or office in extra modern and advanced one.

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