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How to increase performance of photochromic windows?

By hqt / Mar.05, 2021

Anti-bacterial smart windows for home

photochromic windows

Smart windows and home automation…. Can we use smart windows and doors? Is it possible to integrate door and photochromic windows into home automation?

First of all, we must explain to you what we are talking about when we talk about home automation. You must know that home automation is a cutting-edge technology. It allows you to connect all the electronic devices in your home and home. You can control them remotely, automatically and remotely.

What is a triple glass?

A triple glazing is a specific type of double glazing, and if you’ve already read the previous article, you already know what we’re talking about. You can call it a double chamber because it has a particular conformation.

All ‘ outside and all’ inside, there are two glass panes; between them, there is a cavity, filled with gas and therefore sealed from the outside. The cavity is itself broken in two by a third glass, to increase its insulating capacity.

The performance of photochromic windows

The performance of the glass is not the only important one, but so are those of the whole called “window system “, that is the union of the glass and the window.

So, what should you pay attention to when choosing between double and triple photochromic windows in the historic center?

Meanwhile, the window must be suitable for triple glazing, also to ensure that its performance is optimized.

How to choose window for a home?

But you have to be careful! The choice of a window frame also depends on the structure of the wall space and its architectural characteristics.


These, in the case of a renovation and redevelopment of a house in the historic center, often pose duties and obligations. They are difficult to face, unless you want to proceed with complex and intricate processes, during the production phase of the window or door.

In particular, the profile of the window frame must be at least 80 mm, sufficient to contain a glass seat of at least 40 mm. This space is large enough to allow the installation of photochromic windows with good mechanical and acoustic characteristics.

But it is also suitable for allowing the two cavities to have a size suitable for optimizing their performance.

What type of photochromic windows glass you should install?

However, before proceeding with the choice of the type of glass to install, it is important to evaluate the size and topology of the openings. This is because generally, a triple glass has a greater weight than a double glass; weight which, in addition, large lights could increase a lot.

Here’s what you need to know about these products that allow you to give new features, or a new look, to the glass in your home, office or company.

Have you heard of window films and want to know more about these solutions? You are in the right place. Here you will find out what they are, how they work and what the various types are, each with its own function and advantages.

So let’s start with the answer to the first question.

What are window films?

As the name suggests, we are talking about adhesive films that are applied on the windows. They consist of several layers of different materials, the characteristics of which determine their function. The adhesive coating is always present on the internal face, while the external surface is scratch-resistant.

Let’s now come to the most interesting part of this article: the one that will allow you to understand how you can use window films to get the effect you want on your windows and, more generally, on the windows.

photochromic windows 2021

Window films: what are the types?

So far we have seen what all photochromic windows have in common. But the variants on the market have very different functions. Let’s find out the main types:

Anti-sun films 

They reflect solar energy, keeping the interior cool during the summer. They guarantee you considerable energy and economic savings on cooling costs;

Insulating films 

Unlike the previous product, this film keeps the heat inside your home, office or company during the cold months. In this case, the savings are on heating;

Security films 

They transform a normal window into safety glass. They minimize the risks for the person deriving from the breakage and are therefore anti-injury, but there are also anti-intrusion and anti-explosion versions;

Privacy films 

These are darkening solutions that allow external light to enter but prevent those outside from seeing what you are doing inside. Or decorative films that, while allowing the light to pass, prevent the sight in both directions.

Switch LCD films 


When they are in the ON position the film becomes totally transparent, while in the OFF position the glass is completely obscured from the bidirectional view and you can also use it for rear projection.

What are the advantages of photochromic windows?

Each photochromic windows have its own peculiarities and advantages. You can learn more by clicking on the single type in the previous paragraph. But there are some characteristics common to most adhesive films. Let’s see what they are:

  • Economic savingscompared to glass replacement;
  • Less invasiveintervention
  • Possibility of removalif desired
  • Absolute transparency
  • Light, medium or strong anti- glare effect , according to your needs
  • Elimination of the color change ofcarpets, floors, furniture and works of art exposed to light.

What are the benefits of antibacterial films?

The health of the people comes first. And the antibacterial films protect it, preventing infections that can lead to serious consequences.
But there is also another non-negligible advantage of an economic nature. Installing these products prevents the costs necessary and for the care of infected people and also those for the remediation of contaminated environments.

Do these films also work against viruses?

Bacteria and viruses are two completely different things. Antibacterial films are not effective against viruses. In order to avoid an unfair expense, if you want to buy films passed off as ” anti-virus “, carefully check the veracity of the relevant official certificates .


Excellent, here we are at the end of our photochromic windows analysis. We hope that you have digested this information. It will help you in future to select right option for your home.

However, from the point of view of the electrical system of the house, this is an operation that undoubtedly requires a lot of work.

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