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How to install smart tint for home windows for home automation?

By hqt / Mar.02, 2021

Can we install smart windows in old homes?

smart tint for home windows

If we go through the latest reports, by 2030, 34% of the block’s heat needs new form of energy. Old windows are unable to stop striking light of sun. We need new solutions for this. Hence, the best example can be smart tint for home windows.

One of the most interesting opportunities in this field is offered by the so-called smart windows. These building solutions are capable of responding in an innovative way to qualitative-environmental requirements.

What research says about smart tint for home windows?

This is how smart windows made of VO2 (vanadium dioxide) are good to go. Basically, these are devices capable of regulating the temperatures inside a building in a natural way.

In practice they are able to block the entry of heat during the summer and keep it inside during the cold seasons.  Thus, modifying their transparency to infrared rays is a good option.

Home automation with smart windows

Smart windows and home automation…. Can smart windows and doors be used? Is it possible to integrate door and window frames and windows into home automation?

How to make the smart tint for home windows, fixtures and doors and windows of your home smart? Integrating them into the home automation system to save energy and improve comfort!

First of all, we must explain to you what we are talking about when we talk about home automation. You must know that home automation is a cutting-edge technology. It allows you to connect all the electronic devices in your home and home. Hence, you can control them remotely, automatically and remotely.

How does the home automation system work with smart tint windows?

The home automation system allows you to program your operations based on certain events or circumstances. Such as, for example, changes in temperature or weather conditions or the amount of light and heat present in the home, based on the time of day.

With home automation, you can easily have smart windows, doors, blinds and curtains available. An entire automated house, therefore, which can manage remotely or independently.

But is it possible to integrate door and window frames and windows into the home automation?

Of course, there are certainly some things you can do to integrate windows and doors into the entire home automation system of your home. And this is true whether it is a new construction or a renovation or energy redevelopment. Both in the historic center and not, landscape and Super intendancy restrictions aside, of course.

And below you can also find our video on home automation and smart tint for home windows, take a look!


The first thing that we can foresee to integrate the frames, doors and windows is automation. In the home automation system of a home is to install a motor on the window. So that the window or the frame can be opened and closed automatically.

You should know that this is generally occurring only in order to open windows. Those are difficult to reach or to manipulate manually.


Today, however, with technological advances and changing needs, it is possible to install a mechanism on smart tint for home windows. That allows you to completely open the upper part, hinged. We will therefore have an intelligent or automated window available.  That is, a window can open and control on the basis of variables.

But not only! You must know that recently it is also possible to mechanize and automate sliding frames or entrance doors. To obtain remote opening, and therefore intelligent control!

The second step we can perform is to be able to open the shutters automatically

As you well know, classic curtains or shutters today can be motorized. In fact, it is very common to install electric motors on them to make them easily manageable remotely.

However, nowadays also it can be motorized shutters. Whether it indent of oscillating and hinged shutters. In particular, this type of automation allows us to open and close all the blinds at the same time. It also helps to program and automate them. Moreover, it depends on the time of day and therefore on the light and heat present, the weather conditions and humidity.

Even if the house has sunshades, today it is possible to use home automation. In fact, their opening is adjustable by electrical components. It allows you to intelligently adjust the light that enters the house.

Smart tint for home windows are better than curtains

The entry and passage of light, however, can also come using other types of curtains. Such as Venetian blinds, inside the double glazing.

Smart tint for home windows can help us automatically and mechanically to regulate the light and heat. The purpose of using so-called intelligent windows is also to improve the comfort of our home. With a particular eye on energy saving.

Do smart window carry special sensor?

3 – The third operation to consider if we want to equip ourselves with smart windows, doors and windows is to install a special sensor on the window that detects its status (open or closed).

Of course, this mechanism can also have used to improve home security. And therefore to connect windows and frames to the alarm system is important.

Using the typical electronic equipment in home automation, the commands can perform automatically and in a completely mechanized way.

Can we install Smart tint for home windows in old homes?

Now you might think that Smart tint for home windows is only possible in a new home.

Instead, you must know that with the help of wireless technology it is possible to create sensors and mobile motorization devices.  And this certainly proves to be very useful in the reconstruction and energy renovation of existing buildings!

smart tint for home windows 2021

(Although there are actually some automated systems on the market that allow windows, frames, shutters and, last but not least, alarm systems, to communicate with each other, without the aid of a real home automation system. However, this is a long and complex topic. If you have interest, you can let us know. We will resolve and deal with the matter in another dedicated article!)


Excellent, here we are at the end of our smart tint for home windows analysis. We hope that we have helped to shed some light on home automation and smart windows.

If you have followed us this far, you will have understood that integrating door and window frames into the home automation system is certainly possible. You need to follow the precautions we have explained to you.

However, from the point of view of the electrical system of the house, this is an operation that undoubtedly requires a lot of work.

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