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How to install electric blackout glass film in your home? (Blackout blinds 2020)

By hqt / Oct.31, 2020

How to install electric blackout glass film in your home? (Blackout blinds 2020)

electric blackout glass film

What are the attractive applications of electric blackout glass film?

Today technologies have becoming more and more advanced and we are surprise to see their magical transformations. As we know that smart glasses have become the essential needs in our industrial and residential areas. They are beneficial in several ways. People are rapidly making use of this latest technology as it has countless uses and benefits.

Moreover, electric blackout glass film is a unique modern technology that can totally block the sun. However, you can also use it for all your privacy needs. Basically, it is a kind of smart glass which you can use for various purposes. Furthermore, they are best for better displays, provide extreme advantages for privacy and security. All and all, this smart blackout technology is extremely energy efficient.

This latest technology is extremely faster, ergonomic and can offer you less intrusive facilities. They are helpful in numerous ways. Masses are liking them for their countless beneficent features. In the article you will see about their several uses, benefits. Moreover, the whole process of installing electric blackout glass film.

What is smart glass technology?

In the modern days, technology is changing our lives in more innovative and adorable ways. These changes are making our living styles unique and stylish. This smart electric technology has ability to serve you in a way which you want to choose for your comforts. With the help of this smart technology you can control the light for your needs of privacy.

In addition, at the same time your elegant living styles will make you the sign of excellency and perfection. Basically, it is a switchable smart glass and you can change your glass from transparent to opaque with the help of an electric current.

electric blackout glass film suppliers

Manufacturers have based it on the Switchable Glazing Technology which can immediately convert your glass doors and windows transparent to frosted and opaque. Hence, you can easily add 100% privacy in your lives by using these smart glasses.

How many types of smart glasses are?

Today we love to use glasses in our commercial and residential buildings. But at the same time, we want a high privacy in our lives. So, the smart glasses are able to actually fulfil all of our above needs. Although there are many different kinds of smart glasses but we are providing you the main types of smart glasses.

And these are:

1. Photochromic smart glass

2. Thermochromic smart glass

3. Electrochromic smart glass, etc.

Additionally, manufacturers have further developed these types in different colors and styles in order to add more styles and elegances.

What is electric blackout glass film?

Basically, electric blackout glass film is a special kind of electric switchable technology. Moreover, it allows you to change the appearance of your glass doors and windows between transparent to black out. This blackout smart glass can actually provide a complete black effect on the demands of clients. So, this type of smart glass is the only product which can give you extreme level of privacy. Furthermore, it can also be control with the use a simple flick of a switch.

This smart glass provides a great appeal in your homes and where you like to install it. It saves you and your dear family from the harmful rays of sun in hot summer. While you can also enjoy the sunshine whenever you want like in cold winter. Because in winter all of us love to enjoy the sun. Moreover, electric blackout smart glass also provides a sense of security in order to keep the environment of your home, work place and car even more comfortable and secure.

How can you install electric blackout glass film in your home?

The process of installing this smart electric glass is very simple. You can easily install it by yourself. But for large uses you have to contact the experience workers for expert looks and high-end perfection.


Furthermore, for your ease we are describing the whole process step by step. So that you can easily install this electric smart glass by following these simple steps. These are:

Step 1:

Clean and dry the glass:

First of all, make sure that your doors or window where you are going to install smart glass is clean. Furthermore, the glass of your doors or windows is 100% dry.

Step 2:

Cut and apply the smart glass:

You have to cut the electric blackout smart glass according to the size of your doors and windows. But make sure that the size can cover the whole window panes and all corners in detail. Spray all the panes with clear water and make them ready to apply.

Then remove the backing from all the pieces that you have cut. Apply the film to the glass of the window and doors. The spray water on the panes will help to stick the blackout film more easily and will hold it completely and more tightly.

Step 3:

Trim and Flatten:

Next you have to use a small squeegee in order to burnish the film on the window glass. Push all the air bubbles to the edges to make the whole film firm. You have to make sure all the film has firmed and free of bubbles. Now trim the entire edges with the help of a sharp utility knife.

Hence, you can apply all the electric blackout smart glass in the same way and enjoy the beauty with extreme privacy.

What are the most adorable applications of electric blackout glass film?

Nowadays people are mostly demanding for blackout smart glasses. Because most of them wants complete privacy for their homes, cars and even for their workplaces. So, that was the reason to design blackout glass because this smart glass basically has ability to block maximum sunlight. It actually can block 99.4% of the sunlight.


Furthermore, it can also save you from the most harmful rays of the sun like UV. Manufacturers and building designers are making use of this smart glass in several ways because it is extremely beneficial.

Electric blackout smart glass has specially designed for residential and trade purposes. Furthermore, it is also the best option for bathroom doors and windows where privacy is extremely essential.

Here are some of its most beneficial and adorable applications. These are:


Basically, blackout glass is an ideal choice for hospitals. In hospitals there are huge range of different applications where doctors highly prefer this glass.

Laboratories and X-ray Rooms

as we know that in X-ray rooms, laboratories and scanner rooms doctors need total darkness for several operations and tests. total staff of the hospital and doctors can easily use and get highly dark background with the help of just a single flip.

Moreover, after some certain operations they can change the room into normal conditions without any extra effort.

Operation theaters:

There are several viewing rooms which have operation theaters in them. Mostly patients prefer these rooms for their special care. But if they have needed any emergency operation then with the help of electric blackout smart glass, you can easily convert it into operating room. Moreover, doctors can easily make use of this glass for teaching their students with great care of patients’ privacy.

Conference rooms:

Manufacturers are using switchable blackout smart glass as a sliding room partition in order to provide modern interior business space. Furthermore, they are also using this special smart glass for sophisticated look that will be an ideal choice for conference rooms.

However, this electric smart glass is also important for several business locations to add elegance and style with beneficial use.

Additionally, you can also use it as a replacement for traditional concrete walls in your business apartments. Electric blackout smart glass will add special look and style. And it is also highly advantageous for conference rooms. Because in these rooms a high-definition projection screen can easily be converted the glass into the opaque mode with the help of an electric switch.

Famous companies can get benefits from blackout glass because it has ability to add stunning high-end looks to their professional businesses.


Blackout smart electric glass is extremely beneficent for several uses for high designs in skyscrapers. This special electrical glass can control heat. It also can add great attractiveness for residential and businesses purposes. Furthermore, it can provide magnificent views to your important buildings.

Furthermore, it is the perfect and ideal solution for meeting rooms and home cinemas. In addition, it is highly recommended for curved or overhead glass panels because in these situations, blackouts are impossible to use.

How can you control your electric blackout glass film?

Electric blackout glass film designers design this glass in several unique ways. Moreover, this unique technology provides four prominent techniques. Such as:

  • solar
  • clear
  • opaque

Additionally, you can control blackout technology glass with the help of different devices. It totally depends on your likes and needs. You can control it by using,

  • remote controls
  • light sensors
  • wall switches
  • movement sensors

It depends to your priorities and necessaries that which technology suits you best.

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