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How to Operate Dimmable glass film? (auto tint window 2020)

By hqt / Sep.02, 2020

Frequently asked questions about Dimmable glass film tint


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Dimmable glass film Tint Intelligent Window Film

The dimmable glass film is a kind of electrochromic tint film. The secret of its characteristic is the liquid crystal technology of dispersed polymer. Liquid crystal molecules in the film are randomly oriented. In the absence of an electric field, the switchable glass film is in an opaque state; And it will be transparent with electric current.

Under the action of the electric field, it can quickly switch between on and off. The self-adhesive switchable film is mainly composed of two layers of PET & TI films conductive films, a layer of PDLC film and a layer of electrostatic glue.

You can stick the self-adhesive smart tint film to glass, acrylic panel and any other transparent flat material, with a structure: glass + film.

Energy When turned off, the liquid crystal molecules in the electronically controlled PDLC film will exhibit an irregular dispersion state. The light cannot pass. Therefore, the dimmable glass film has an opaque appearance;
2. While the browning film is energized, the liquid crystal molecules will provide orderly. Then the light can pass freely. As a result, the darkening self-adhesive film exhibits a transparent opaque state.

The features of the Dimmable glass film Tint:

  1. Response speed in milliseconds. Instantly change the glass from clear to frost. Provide privacy and security in the building space. Then it is widely applied to bathroom door, shower, office, conference room, residential, hotel, bank, hospital, etc.

2.Increase the simplicity and science & technology feeling of space. You can cut the dimmable glass film in a plurality of sections. By connecting the different spindles, the surface will have a variety of patterns.

  1. Excellent UV blocking rate, infrared blocking rate and solar blocking rate. The switchable glass film protects building objects from UV rays, extending the service life. So, it brings good insulation and energy savings to the building. Energy saving and environmental protection!
  2. Dimmable glass film can unite its length and width casually. Then it makes any rear projection display size without color difference and seam difference become a reality. The folie density pdlc is small, the quality is light, and installation is simple and convenient.

It can make the common glass wall of the building become a large display at any time, without changing its structure. Thus, adjustable electric window tint film is generally used for:

  • product display
  • commercial advertisement
  • store advertising
  • conference projection display, etc.

How to install Dimmable glass film Tint?

Dimmable glass film suppliers

  1. first, prepare tools, clean glass dimensions and measure;
  2. secondly, preliminary positioning: determine the location of the Dimmable glass film according to the project drawings or customer requirements;
  3. Next, clean darkening window film: after taking the darkening film outside, stick the inside on the glass with textured paper. And clean the dust on the self-adhesive side with a dust-free cloth soaked with absolute ethanol;
  4. In addition, start the installation formally: slowly pierce the film on the glass. Most importantly, make sure that the Dimmable glass filmis attached to the glass surface completely. In other words, avoid bubbles and impurities between the film and the glass.
  5. furthermore, after rod, weld the wires to the copper mesh. Then connect the positive and negative electrodes to the transformer. Make sure the film will be transparent enough. If it goes clear, it means that the circuit is connected correctly. But if not, check the reason.
  6. At the end, edge seal with glass glue. Apply a protective edge of about 5 mm around the darkening film with non-acid glass glue. Make sure that the Dimmable glass film is not affected by external moisture.

How to keep the Dimmable glass film selectable on the LCD?

  1. Since the film is switchable smart electrical product, pay attention to waterproof after stick. This is to prevent a short circuit.
  2. Also, don’t shake the glass within 3 to 5 weeks. It is to avoid tangling.
  3. And you can clean it after 2 ~ 3 weeks. Wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Do not scratch the PDLC window film.
  4. Further, when cleaning, do not use liquid amino. He can use alcohol to clean.
  5. In addition, do not unplug these objects for a month after using a stick, such as a suction cup, sucker, sucker doll or any other objects.
  6. And do not arbitrarily tear the edges of the film. Otherwise, the switchable smart glass film will be stained and bubbles will be generated.

Frequently asked questions about Dimmable glass film:

Q1: How much does Dimmable glass film cost?

A: The price depends on the size of the film. You can tell us the size of the glass first. And then, send you price after calculation.

Q2: How much electricity does smart glass use?

A: The power consumption of the darkening glass is very small. It is less than 5W / hour per square meter.

Q3: How is PDLC film made?

UMA: The liquid crystal and the polymer material are composed of two ITO flexible conductive transparent films. As soon as it finishes producing adjustable window film. And then add a layer of adhesive glue on it. It produces the self-adhesive PDLC smart tint film.

Q4: What are the colors of the glass switch film?

A: The main color is white. And we can also customize other colors, such as gray, black, blue, green, pink, etc.


Q5: Is there a limit to the size of the switchable privacy movie?

A: The length is limited to between 100 and 6000 mm. Width is limited to 100 ~ 1800mm.

Q6: can adjustable glass be perforated?

A: Please do not drill holes in the finished darkening glass. If you need to open the hole, submit the design requirements before production.

Q7: Need to use a power supply for special purposes?

A: Yes. He must use the special power supply, because the electrical tinting glass needs to be driven by AC. It needs to configure different power sources according to the size and type of control.

Q8: What is the method of controlling Dimmable glass film?

A: Dimmable glass film can match the following control methods: touch control switch, remote control, Wi-fi, light control.

Q9: Can the switchable window film be used outdoors?

A: Yes, but ensure that the installation room temperature does not exceed the product range.

Q10: How many electrodes need to connect to the blackout glass?

A: For normal sized glass, it just needs to connect an electrode. If more length than 2.7m, then it needs two electrodes.

Q11. How to clean Dimmable glass film?

UMA: It is similar to ordinary glass. need only to pay attention: before cleaning, please turn off the power. And avoid using too much water.

Q12. Is electrochromic privacy shower film safe when used in the bathroom?

A: For shower application, there is no problem at all. But also pay attention to the following considerations: The wiring is facing up and insulated. Place the transformer on the ceiling or away from water. Seal the Dimmable glass film well when it is installed.

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