Which is the best office privacy film for home in summers?

office privacy film
Many people still have traditional wooden frames installed in their dachas. But they are significantly inferior to modern energy-saving office privacy film windows in terms of quality, strength, durability. A wooden frame, even if the window is equipped with a lattice, will not become an obstacle for thieves; will not protect the cottage from drafts and dampness.

In addition, after a few years of use, it will begin to rot, even if you regularly take care of the windows.

Which is the best office privacy film for summer?

Therefore, it is best to install pvc profiles in the country. What office privacy film windows are best suited for a summer residence and have an affordable price? First of all, be guided by how the dacha is common: all year round or only in the warm season? We answer this question in detail below!

Choosing windows for a summer residence

There is no particular need to buy energy-saving windows for such a summer residence. There are enough reliable, durable and high-quality double-glazed windows. A three-chamber profile with two sealing contours is ideal.

Such a system provides sufficient heat and sound insulation for rooms that gets heat in winter. In addition, it will last at least 15 years and will fully pay for itself.

Pay Attention to office privacy film fitting

When choosing office privacy film, pay attention to the fittings. High-quality fittings are a guarantee that the window will not lose functionality for a long time. We should pay attention to the pvc profile security system.

Features of the choice of windows for a summer house common all year round

The dachas common by the owners all year round are usually heated. The heating system (boiler or electric convector) does not really matter when choosing windows. It is important that the office privacy film have good thermal insulation properties and retain more heat in the room.

We advise you to choose structures that install in apartments. Pay attention to the profile. It is desirable that it be multi-chamber and has from two to three seal contours.

Why choose double glaze office privacy film windows?


Double-glazed windows order two-chamber energy-saving. This design has a special energy-saving coating. There is an inert gas inside the chambers of the insulating glass unit, which slows down the transfer of heat between the panes.

You also need to pay attention to:

Fittings, a guarantee of fast and high-quality window work. Choose office privacy film.

Security system: It is best to equip the window with protective roller shutters and special anti-burglar fittings.

Mosquito net: Order them from the company that makes the windows. This is a guarantee that they will fit snugly.

And most importantly, professionals should be engaged in measurements and installation of the office privacy film. This is a guarantee that the window will last a long time and will not let drafts into the room. Remember, even the highest quality construction is easy to damage by improper installation.

Energy-Saving office privacy film

Energy-saving office privacy film from a reliable manufacturer has many advantages. They keep the room warm; reliably protect it from street noise and dust. In this article, we are going to talk about the most useful life hacks related to pvc profiles. Don’t miss useful information!

Life hack number 1: my double-glazed windows without sloppy streaks and streaks

Although today there are many good detergents that provide excellent results, not every person can ideally wash double-glazed windows. But the amount of natural light that enters the room depends on how clean they are.

The secret to perfectly clean office privacy film windows is extremely simple: arm yourself with a microfiber cloth and a telescopic mop and an excellent result is guaranteed! Microfiber has excellent moisture wicking properties.

How to wash office privacy film easily?

To ideally wash a glass unit, you need to wet such a cloth and wipe it in a circular motion. Is the pollution old and large? Repeat these steps several times, but remember to rinse the cloth.

The telescopic mop is a great tool for removing even heavy dirt in hard-to-reach places. This is a foam and rubber cleaning nozzle on an extended handle. When cleaning the windows with a mop, it is necessary to evenly press on the surface of the glass unit.

Remove Stains from office privacy film

Are there stains on the office privacy film? Don’t be discouraged and try again. First, moisten the foam part of the mop in a container with a cleaning solution and wring it out.
office privacy film 2021

Wait for the water to drain and wipe the glass from top to bottom. Use a rubber nozzle to push the dirt down. Then wipe the entire surface of the glass unit with a rubber screed and finally with a dry cloth.

Life hack number 2: we easily and correctly insulate double-glazed windows for the winter

Some people think that only wooden frames should prepare for winter. In fact, double-glazed windows, although they do not need insulation, also require a certain seasonal preparation. This is easy to do simply and quickly, the main thing is to know the sequence of actions:

  • Thoroughly wash the glass unit and profile with soapy water or a special glass unit cleaner.
  • Check the condition of the rubber seal. Wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth and treat it with silicone grease or special product. We must replace the seal.
  • Check if the hardware is working properly. Rubbing the sash during opening is a reason to adjust it vertically and horizontally. In addition, the elements of the fittings must clean of dirt and dust and lubricated with care products.
  • Make sure the window seam completely seals. If there is a slight draft between the wall and the profile, it is necessary to blow out the seams with a sealant. For more information on the topic, read below.

Life hack number 3: getting rid of winter drafts using sealant

It is necessary to seal windows from both sides.

Life hack # 4: easily open a seam window without a handle

If you ordered office privacy film from an unreliable manufacturer, it is likely that its handle will break off over time.

If not, find an object that resembles the rod geometrically, such as a flat screwdriver of a suitable size.


Should I use office privacy film for partition?

Varieties of office privacy film and their purpose

Our professional staff will perform office privacy film editing of any complexity and at a convenient time for you. We guarantee that tinted glazed structures will last a maximum period. Moreover, we carry out the following range of works:

office privacy film

  • Tinting of office partitions  and window structures
  • Glass matting with matte films
  • Similarly, tinting in order to decorate the interior and exterior of the building
  • Moreover, tinting of stained-glass windows, building facades.
  • Furthermore, installation of sun protection films.

What is the importance of office privacy film of partition?

Office privacy film of partitions in offices is an important aspect in creating conditions for each employee to perform fruitfully. After all, sometimes it happens that there are unscrupulous colleagues who catch a glimpse of someone else’s project idea and pass it off as their own.

When installing a tinting film, the possibility of such a situation is minimized. In addition, the film will reduce the noise level and allow the employee to fully immerse themselves in the work process.

What is glass matting?

Glass matting is the process of glass tinting with the application of an office privacy film. The result is a ‘sandblasting’ effect on the glass.

As a rule, this type of film is often common to decorate partitions in office premises.

What is a mirror coating?

Glass tinting with architectural film allows you to convey the effect of one-way visibility. The office privacy film completely reflects the image from the outside, but inside the room the possibility of full-fledged viewing remains. This type of coating is often common to decorate stained-glass windows, glass part of interior doors, windows.

Why office privacy film is installed?

The installation of a protective film on a window structure implies an increase in the strength of the glass. At the same time, with a serious impact on the protected glass, its fragments will remain on the film and will not cause injury to people around.

Office tinting with office privacy film and proper care of it

Today it is becoming more and more popular to cover glass surfaces with protective films. And this no longer surprises anyone. Why overpay for a complex technology! With the help of such office privacy film, the process of “tinting the office” is excellent – partitions, windows and interior doors.

In addition, thanks to the film, you can tint the room, which is also an indisputable advantage. As a rule, decorative films have a matte or transparent base on which a pattern of various orientations is applied.

What is the design available of office privacy film?

A design idea of ​​any complexity has become a reality! Now you can easily decorate the glazed surface of furniture, glass stained-glass windows of doors, windows, partitions. So the tinting of office partitions is performed with a white matte film, as well as its combination. This allows you to achieve harmony in the workplace and turn work into a comfortable place to stay.

office privacy film 2021

By the way, protective office privacy film has the ability to emphasize the individuality and style of each individual room! Due to a wide range of products and a variety of decorative and graphic patterns, there are an unlimited number of combinations for the embodiment of the most daring decisions!

What are the qualities of office privacy film?

The following qualities are inherent in the film:

  • The absence of fragments when the glass surface is broken.
  • All the smallest elements of the glass remain on the film;
  • Moreover, glass has an increased level of fire safety;
  • Some types of film can create partial visibility.
  • Similarly, environmental friendliness, lack of toxicity and non-flammability.

Importance of caring for office privacy film

Caring for the office privacy film is also important, because improper cleaning of the film surface can lead to its rapid deterioration. So, when cleaning the film, you should not use products that include ammonia. This will discolor the finish. Also, the film does not accept abrasive materials and cleaning with metal objects.

Range of the office privacy film

The range of protective films is growing every year. Manufacturers are inventing more and more new ornaments and applying technologies to impart improved qualities to a protective polymer coating.

Thanks to constant improvement, each consumer has the opportunity to choose a protective film to fulfill any desires. The office privacy film can act as a decorative element or only have a protective function.

Choice of office privacy film

The choice of decorative films for glass today is very large. They can be colored, and with patterns, matte and mirror, with a stained glass effect and tinted, with protection and shockproof. You can stick the film on window glass and showcase, auto glass and building facade, on an interior door, glass partition, and furniture elements.

Varieties of office privacy film and their application

Protective – protects against cuts from splinters in the event that a window or car glass is broken. Such office privacy film holds on itself all the glass mass and the smallest fragments. The protective variety is different in strength and thickness. A big plus of these films is their fire resistance; they can restrain the spread of a fire for a short (short) time.

Ø Heat – saving office privacy film

It is a modern film for windows that reduces heat loss of glass and retains heat in the house, office. It also gives a good effect in the heat – it reflects the sun’s rays, maintains coolness, protects indoor plants from direct rays, carpets, home decor from fading and burnout.

Ø Decorative office privacy film

Decorative – common on windows, furniture elements, doors, display cases. It emphasizes the overall design, gives an original look, and allows you to zone the room. Thanks to a wide range of colors and shades, office privacy film on glass can be matched to any interior of a house, office or apartment.

Ø Automotive protective film

Automotive – protects and tints car windows. Do not tear the film with your hands, do not pierce it, do not damage it mechanically.

Ø Excellent adhesive layer

It firmly and permanently bonds the transparent film to the surface, holds it well and provides protection from splinters.

Ø Sustainability of office privacy film

Neither frost, nor rains, nor sunlight, nor wind have any effect on the film.

Ø Practicality of office privacy film

It can be common everywhere: in homes and offices, in shops and bars, in any places where decor, protection, shading is good. This material is easy to use without the help of a master; decorative office privacy film on windows is glued quickly and easily. It is easy to glue to any glass surface.

How to glue the office privacy film?

First you need to prepare the tools: a breadboard knife, a glass cleaner / polish, a lint-free cloth, a squeegee, a soft scraper.


5 Proven Benefits of Room Darkening Window Film Home Depot

Double glazing: which one to choose to make the window safer and more performing

If you look closely at room darkening window film home depot, glass almost always represents the largest surface of your window. But not only: it is one of the elements that will give you greater satisfaction.

It comes over time both in terms of aesthetics and thermal and acoustic insulation. Moreover, it is not to mention safety! Let’s try to understand why the choice of glass is so important.

Room Darkening Window Film Home Depot

The functions performed by room darkening window film home depot

  • Brightness
  • Thermal insulation
  • Security: burglary and accident prevention
  • Sun protection
  • Privacy and aesthetics

The functions performed by the double glazing

First, you need to ask yourself: what is glass in a window for? A historical analysis could be made in the thousands of years of construction. It is to understand how glass performs different, very important functions.

Moreover, it is these elements that allow light to enter the buildings, and at the same time offer shelter from cold, heat, bad weather, from noises and intrusion attempts.

How should we choose room darkening window film home depot?

It is for these reasons that nowadays, when choosing glass for your room darkening window film home depot. Similarly, it would be advisable to evaluate the different alternatives. You can choose professional in the sector such as the retailers of the Smartglass network.

Our experts can in fact provide decisive support in choosing the best solution based on your needs and the characteristics of your home.


A first point to focus on concerns brightness and panoramic views is two essential characteristics for those looking for high-level living comfort. For this reason it is essential to choose suitable room darkening window film home depot. It should come with extra-light glass sheets. They should be capable of giving exceptional transparency and a clear and brilliant view to the outside.

Thermal insulation

It is also well known that the replacement of windows represents a precious opportunity in terms of energy saving. For this reason it is essential to opt for the so-called low-emission double glazing units. This boast the presence of a gas capable of making them even more insulating.

The double glazing of Smartglass windows are all manufactured, as standard, with low-emission treatment.

Room Darkening Window Film Home Depot 2021

However, it should be borne in mind that it is also possible to choose double glazing units made with triple glazing. These are solutions capable of guaranteeing even higher insulation performance. And which in fact represents the glass of the future for their ability to bring the shielding of room darkening window film home depot to very high levels.

Double glazing with room darkening window film home depot

And, to further increase the insulation capacity of the frame, it is possible to apply the special ducts to the Smartglass windows. Unlike traditional ducts, these are not cut – but bent -, thus guaranteeing a further reduction of about 10 % of thermal losses.

Security: burglary and accident prevention

Another very important aspect in choosing the type of double glazing is that relating to safety. In this case, the term has a double meaning: security intended as a defense against intrusion attempts by malicious people, but also as protection from possible domestic accidents, in the event of accidental room darkening window film home breakage.

Application of darkening window film

In the first case it is possible to resort to special laminated windows. This sees the application of specific anti-burglary films between the different panes of glass that make up the double glazing. In addition to guaranteeing high performance in terms of resistance to breakage, ensure that in the event of breakage the glass fragments remain glued to the films.

  • In the second case, one can rely on safety glass. Moreover, it can be of two types: laminated or tempered. The former come by foils joined by films. It retains the fragments in case of breaking of the glass; those subjected to hardening treatment.
  • On the other hand, if accidentally broken, reduce into small fragments with not sharp edges, avoiding any risk of serious injuries.

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Room darkening window film home, which has been attentive to the issue of safety for customers, already offers glass in the basic version of its double-glazed windows subjected to the tempering treatment on the inside; as regards the protection against intrusion attempts, the possibility of adopting P2 and P4 (anti-burglary) glass allows to decisively increase the resistance of the windows.

Sun protection

Finally, there are cases in which glass represents a potential source of internal overheating. This may perhaps be due to the exposure of the property. It can be due to the width of the glass surfaces exposed in the southern quadrant – especially in those regions where summer overheating is an even greater problem than winter cooling.

In these situations it will therefore be advisable to provide room darkening window film home depot. These are able to retain, reflect or select part of the radiation coming from the outside. So as to form a shield thanks to the special oxides of noble metals with which the glass surfaces are easy to treat.

Privacy and aesthetics

Finally, sometimes the choice of a particular type of double glazing is easy to dictate simply by aesthetic reasons or related to the furniture. It can be through treatments or finishes capable of giving particular value to these elements.

Also in this case room darkening window film home depot offers a wide range of ornamental glass: from friezes to textures to satin finishes, as well as offering fascinating plays of light, they also offer greater privacy to the rooms.

Summary room darkening window film home depot

However, there is always a common point that concerns consumers who choose to install glass structures. How to rescue privacy at good moments? The walls and facades are great investments, even to highlight and connect rooms. But there are times when more seclusion is important. So, what’s the solution?

Well, the first duty of window film is to clarify that the moments of privacy or not is the customer’s choice. Even maintaining privacy with the use of the glass wall is one of the greatest concerns of an architect. We’ll introduce each of them with our best collection of room darkening window film home depot.


PDLC window film: 7 reasons forced you to choose this modern glass

PDLC window film
Entering a house with PDLC window film is a real dream: the elegant atmosphere and timeless warmth.

But precisely because of their imposing and sometimes expensive appearance it can happen that this perception blocks us, in the possible choice of new fixtures.

Better to opt for aluminum, for example.

Or not!

In this article, we want to show you 7 reasons why you should choose PDLC film for your home.

Let’s see them together.


  • 1 Why choose PDLC windows?
    • 1 1. It never goes out of style
    • 2 2. Unmatched quality
    • 3 3. It is ecological
    • 4 4. Wood is highly efficient
    • 5 5. Gives security
    • 6 6. Increase the charm of your home
    • 7 7. It combines very well with aluminum.

Why choose PDLC window film?

1. It never goes out of style

Generally, it may seem trivial, but wood is an evergreen material, always in trend. It may be because of its warmth, its naturalness, or maybe because, after all, it reminds us all of home.

By choosing PDLC window films, you make a choice that lasts over time, that does not tire you and that will never go out of style.

Whether you choose to leave them their natural color, or you want your wood fixtures more colorful, remember that wood fixtures can be repainted and repaired easily.

Interesting, right?

2. Unmatched quality

Wood is a precious material, used for hundreds of years for the most disparate creations, and always chosen for its quality.

A PDLC window frame, in fact, can give you maximum performance for decades!

Surely you have happened to wander around old villages, with houses that show signs of the passage of time, but which have perfect PDLC frames.

Here, this alone should make you decide to buy new PDLC window films for your home!

But if you are still not convinced to replace your doors and windows with PDLC frames, continue reading, there are 4 other very important reasons!

3. It is ecological


It may seem trivial since wood is a natural material, but this is one of the greatest advantages you have in choosing PDLC films.

In fact, unlike aluminum and PVC, for example, wood is the only one to breathe. 

The only one to take carbon dioxide and return oxygen, to absorb excess humidity, guaranteeing your family a better air quality.

And never as in this period, do we feel the need to breathe as clean air as possible!

4. PDLC window film is good for the environment

Because in addition to being totally natural, wood is also a material that requires less energy for preparation and can be recycled almost 100%.

Being a natural insulator, it reduces consumption for heating: your bills are lighter … and the environment thanks.

5. Wood is highly efficient

We have already said that wood is able to isolate environments from heat and cold (it never hurts to repeat it!), But this is not its only property. It is recognized for its strong resistance to wind, water infiltration, and its impermeability to water.

As if that were not enough, PDLC window films are also excellent acoustic insulators, and if you live in the city center it will surely be a plus that should not be underestimated!

Listening to your favorite TV show without being disturbed by traffic noise will no longer be a problem for you.
PDLC window film 2021

5. PDLC window films give security

Let’s face it, even knowing that even non-PDLC windows are strong and resistant, the feeling of extreme safety that PDLC windows give us is absolutely not comparable.

A strong material just like trees, heavy and resistant.

Just what you need to feel even safer in your home, sheltered from bad weather, wind and disturbing noises.

6. Increase the charm of your home

Warmth, well-being, comfort … these are the sensations that you have when you enter a house with PDLC window films.

In fact, they become furnishing accessories rather than simple windows.
They give character and style to any environment.

And the same goes for your exteriors, which thanks to the PDLC films are more pleasant and cared for.

7. It combines very well with aluminum

To obtain even more efficient and long-lasting results, you can also opt for a PDLC frame with an aluminum exterior!

In this way, you perfectly combine the beauty of the PDLC frame inside with the amazing resistance of aluminum outside.

And you also avoid those annoying signs of aging that alas, after a while, the wood shows as all-natural elements.

Do you want to clean the fixtures inside PDLC window films?

Cleaning the fixtures

Here you come in! How to clean the fixtures inside the PDLC window films, you have purchased?

Let’s see together what the best practices to be carried out are.

Internal cleaning

To clean the internal surface of the windows, every 6 months you just need to remove dirt and dust from the frame and door, do it
more often only if it is an environment particularly subject to dust.

How to clean? Just use soft cloths, water, and neutral detergent.

External cleaning

As for the cleaning of the external part of the windows, know that both the frames and the doors should be washed at least twice a year, to remove all the dirt and substances that, over time, can damage the surface.

If you have chosen wooden and wood-aluminum windows, remember to wash the aluminum part at least twice a year.

The care of the hardware

This is the part that, of all, requires the least maintenance from you.
In fact, to keep PDLC window films functional, just lubricate the moving parts with technical Vaseline, spray oil, or Teflon oil once a year.

Just like you would your bicycle chain.

Similarly, to clean the gaskets it is sufficient to use a cloth with soap and water, especially
for cleaning the gasket profile.

Every 3 years it would then be advisable to check the window opening elements and, if necessary, to
call a technician for adjustment.

Check the paint job

Atmospheric agents, smog, antifreeze salt, bird droppings, there are really many factors that
affect the painting of your windows every day, making them lose their shine and resistance to humidity.

Regularly using suitable products for cleaning PDLC window films, such as water-based paints, allow you to keep
the painting and functionality of your fixtures intact.


Step by Step Guide to Install Privacy Window Tinting for Home

Window films: decorative protection

Privacy Window Tinting for Home

Privacy window tinting for home are privacy protection and decoration in one. They let in enough daylight and at the same time offer decorative protection from unwanted looks from outside. The films are particularly suitable for the bathroom, for rooms on the ground floor or on windows with an open view from the neighboring house.

You can also use the decorative foils to decorate other glass surfaces such as mirrors, shower cubicles or glass doors.

In contrast to roller blinds or pleated blinds, the window protection is easy to attach to the panes quickly and without great effort. If at some point you don’t like the model anymore, you can simply remove it.

Versatile: different types of privacy window tinting for home

Privacy window tinting for home are primarily common as functional visual or UV protection on window panes, balcony and patio doors. The foils can also decorate other glass surfaces. You can read about the variants here.

Window films as privacy screens

Semi-transparent foils with a frosted glass look are particularly suitable as window protection. They have a subtle design, but still let in enough daylight and prevent outside views. Models with a floral pattern or a subtle frosted design look particularly beautiful.

Window films with UV protection

Many privacy window tinting for home offer additional UV protection. They filter incoming light and ensure that furniture and furnishings are protected from fading. Tinted versions even provide additional insulation and help keep the room cool when the outside temperature is high.

Tip: Always apply UV protection film to the entire window pane so that there are no tensions and glass breakage in summer temperatures.

Window foils as decoration

Decorative film offers numerous options for designing rooms and surfaces. Decorate glass surfaces with colorful window films with floral patterns or with a view of the Eiffel Tower. The strong colors conjure up a wonderful play of light in your home when the sun is shining. Decorate your mirror with playful flower tendrils or your shower walls with a maritime beach picture.

Tip: Window film can be cut to size individually so that you can also design your own shapes and motifs.

The right place: where can you put privacy window tinting for home?

The functional window protection is easy to use and attached in many ways. Whether you decorate windows, glass doors or mirrors with the foils is up to you. Let your creativity flow.

Window panes

Privacy window tinting for home is primarily comes to the window. Here the foils serve as a translucent privacy screen and on sloping ceilings as UV protection. The thin film protects your privacy and is therefore particularly suitable for use in the bathroom.

Mirror surfaces

A simple mirror is easy to decorate with window film in a fancy design. So upgrade your wardrobe with this tool. Your bathroom mirror also shines in a new light with creatively applied foil.

Shower stalls

Window films are also suitable for glass surfaces in the shower cubicle. The moisture-resistant foils withstand contact with water without any problems and are easy to clean. Semi-transparent films create opaque panes in the right places and thus ensure more privacy.

Tip: If you decide on a colorful window film, you can match the color of your bath towels and hand towels. That looks particularly harmonious.

Glass doors privacy window tinting for home

A wistful view of the Eiffel Tower or the exciting New York skyline: privacy window tinting for home with urban motifs look particularly beautiful on glass doors. Those who like things a little more subtle can choose a model with a semi-transparent frosted glass look.

So you can still see what is going on behind the door from the outlines. Doors on glass showcases can also be designed to be opaque.


For partition walls in business premises or offices, window films are a good choice to create private retreats. The functional models are also well suited for the case of a discreet customer meeting and, as a classic frosted glass model, fit into serious everyday office life.

Step by step: this is how you attach your window protection correctly

Window foils can be attached to glass panes with little effort. Most models are statically adhesive, which means that they do not need an adhesive surface and are easier to position when attaching. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

Privacy Window Tinting for Home 2021

  1. Clean the glass surfaceswith a commercially available glass cleaner so that they are free of dirt.
  2. Cut the foilto the desired size with a craft knife. Make sure you have an appropriate document.
  3. Spray the glass surface with a little water thatyou have added a few drops of washing-up liquid to. This allows the film to slide better.
  4. Carefully separate the filmprivacy window tinting for home from the back and attach it to the upper edge of the glass surface. Leave 1 to 2 cm of space at the edge so that you can remove it later more easily. Do this step by step and do not pull the film off completely.
  5. Once you have positioned the film correctly,you can use a spatula to spread water and air bubbles towards the outside.
  6. Use a soft cloth toabsorb any remaining liquid.
  7. To removethe film, loosen it slightly with a flat, pointed object and carefully pull it off from top to bottom.

Tip: If you have a model with an adhesive surface, follow the assembly instructions.

Four care tips for privacy window tinting for home: How to get them clean again

Since in most cases you apply privacy window tinting for home to surfaces that you clean regularly, there are a few tips you should follow to ensure that the film lasts a long time.

  1. Surfaces covered with window film should not be dry-cleaned. Small dust particles can cause scratches or even cracks from a dry cloth.
  2. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents that contain abrasive particles when cleaning. A mixture of warm water and mild detergent or a conventional glass cleaner is better.
  3. Chamois leather, soft cloths or a rubber squeegee are suitable for cleaning the window film.
  4. Swipe from the center to the edge. This will wipe out excess water or dirt that has settled behind the film.

Conclusion: window films provide privacy and privacy

With privacy window tinting for home you can not only beautify your premises, they also offer good privacy. You can find a summary of important information here:

  • Translucent window films offer good visual and UV protectionand protect your privacy thanks to their semi-transparent appearance.
  • Decorative foils are easy to attachto glass doors, shower enclosures, mirrors or partitions.
  • Colorful patterns and colors create great lighting effects,semi-transparent films let in plenty of daylight and UV protective films are well suited for skylights.

How much effective is privacy window tinting for home?

privacy window tinting for home
The sun is a powerful and free source of energy for all, which is vital in terms of heat and light. With the arrival of sunny days, it can sometimes be slightly too present, to the point of turning into a disadvantage. Therefore, all means are good to afford a little freshness, while trying to limit energy expenditure. The prize goes to a very promising privacy window tinting for home!

What is privacy window tinting for home?

Anti-UV glass plays the same role as high performance double glazing when it comes to insulation. It has the additional advantage of being specifically treated in order to counter or limit the sun’s rays, via a thin film of metal oxide, applied to the interior part of its exterior face.

What are the advantages?

In addition to offering excellent thermal, sound and solar insulation, this type of glazing offers many advantages. Similarly, it explains its success, both for professionals (stores, offices, etc.) and for individuals:

  • It works just as well in summer as in winter. In summer, it reflects the sun’s rays and reduces heat in homes. In winter, it allows to keep it indoors according to the principle of the greenhouse effect,
  • It does not affect visibilityto the outside, but is very efficient in the opposite case,
  • Moreover, it can easily replace curtains or shutters,
  • It brings a layer of  securityto the windows,
  • It prevents the yellowing of housing (walls, decoration, accessories, etc.),
  • Similarly, it guarantees the quality of the illumination.

What if you equip yourself with PVC windows to gain comfort and quality of insulation!?

Glazing or anti-heat window tinting film?

It is important to differentiate between glazing and privacy window tinting for home. Both play, of course, the same role and have the same objectives. However, much less is expected from a repositionable film to be applied to existing glazing than from glazing designed from the factory to counter heat.

Furthermore, the film is however sufficient on small surfaces or on windows which are already perfectly insulated.

What are the two big differences between the two devices?

  • Installation: you can buy the film and apply or remove it as you wish and as needed. On the glazing side, it is necessary to call in a professional ,
  • The price: count ± 100 € / m² as the starting price for the anti-heat glassand ± 20 € / m² for the film.

Is privacy window tinting effective?

Without suspense, the answer is: yes! Without a doubt, solar control glazing is estimated to reflect up to 80% of solar radiation. In addition to its various advantages, privacy window tinting for home also allows – and above all – to drastically reduce the energy consumption of a home. Moreover, it prevents residents from overheating or cooling, depending on the season.

Finally, the latter does not only reflect solar radiation. In addition, it absorbs the calories and can return them to your home’s heating system (via a heat transfer fluid network). The benefits of this energy transformation system are therefore multiple, and achieved at a lower cost.

Before you equip yourself, you will have to take into account the elements on which the guarantee of its effectiveness is based, namely:

  • The reflection of light, determined by the color of the glass (silver, gray, green, blue),
  • The transmission of light, defined by the amount of light that the glass lets through. It is mainly a function of the thickness of its metallic coating,
  • Furthermore, the direct energy transmission, which indicates the thermal energy coming through the window,
  • The total energy transmission, calculated according to the ratio between the direct energy and the thermal energy absorbed.

Are you facing a broken window? Contact a craftsman urgently or request an intervention by appointment.

Why install privacy window tinting for home?

privacy window tinting for home 2021

To sublimate your interior, quite simply! The glass roof quickly became the star of the interiors. Generally, it imposes its style and brings a touch of character to your decor. Offering various advantages, the interior privacy window tinting for home will soon be part of your upcoming projects:

A beautiful and great luminosity

This installation makes it possible to partition, to delimit two spaces without having to install a solid wall between these two zones. Opting for a custom-made interior canopy is to promote the intake and circulation of natural light throughout our home. Subsequently, this action will be more than beneficial to our morale, our health and our well-being. Also, this will naturally promote energy savings.

A layout like no other

The custom-made interior canopy allows you to decorate your interior decoration like no other element. It will undoubtedly have its effect on your guests. An arrangement with a unique character, it brings a timeless style that will adapt to any interior, thanks to its warm and friendly side.

No matter the color or style of your glass roof, it will represent a decorative element in its own right, and will add that special character.

A customizable privacy window tinting for home

The first advantage that you will encounter by looking at interior canopies is that they can be installed in any room of your home. No limit is imposed; it will suffice to take your measurements well. You are free to find the where the latter will have its effect.

In steel, wood, raw or painted, given free rein to your imagination and your desires. More generally associated with industrial environments such as lofts and other converted factories, it can very easily blend into a Scandinavian or country spirit.



To bring a touch of fun and dynamism, opt for colored privacy window tinting for home. For a touch of sobriety or for a baroque decoration, choose a black or charcoal gray canopy. Want to harmonize your natural interior? White or taupe will be perfect!


How to insulate home with smart tint for home windows?

Why insulate plastic windows? 

smart tint for home windows

This reasonable question arises, for sure, among all owners of modern sealed structures, because manufacturers sold us a perfect product with perfect smart tint for home windows insulation. Installation errors, improper operation, house shrinkage and time can play a cruel joke even with the highest quality windows.

Do not rush to change the entire structure. Generally, you can try to insulate plastic windows with your own hands. It is simple and short-lived. We deal with the weak points of modern windows and learn how to fix them.


In the first years, well-made and installed plastic windows will certainly be a reliable barrier to cold air, drafts and noise. Over the years, of course, problems can appear, and often the user is to blame for them. Hence, with unscrupulous installation, various defects can make themselves felt in the first season.

The most common reasons for additional smart tint for home windows insulation of plastic windows:

  • installation performed in violation of technology;
  • shrinkage of the building, which is especially typical for new buildings
  • incorrectly set slopes.

Wear of rubber insulation

Responsible smart tint for home windows manufacturers and installers inform the user about the rules for caring for the rubber seal.

Moreover, lack of proper care leads to:

  • an accelerated process of thinning and drying out of rubber
  • the appearance of micro cracks in its structure
  • the result is a decrease in the density of adhesion to the frame and deterioration of thermal insulation;


To carry out effective insulation of smart tint for home windows, you must first figure out where the tightness is broken. Immediately from the list of suspects, only the frame can be deleted: multi-chamber plastic is a good heat insulator; it does not dry out, unlike wood.

Cold air can penetrate such structural elements:

  • clamping elements that tend to loosen over time;
  • the detached glazing bead that holds the glass unit;
  • worn out seal;
  • polyurethane foam, if it was applied in violation of the technology;
  • windowsill;

A double-glazed window rarely causes a violation of thermal insulation (the exception is its depressurization), but it can also be additionally insulated. “Extra” warmth in winter will not hurt in any way.

How to inspect damaged smart tint for home windows?

It is easy to identify leaking elements of the window – just hold your palm along and across the entire structure. And you will feel that in some places it is blowing decently. Some people advise using a lighter for this purpose.

If you light a flame and hold it around the perimeter of the window, keeping a safe distance, then it will tilt in those places where there is even a slight draft. Be extremely careful with this method!

Is it possible to setup insulation for home windows with hands?

As a rule, work on the insulation of a plastic window can be done by hand. The exceptions are cases when it is necessary to insulate the slopes from the outside, and the apartment is located above the second floor.

It is necessary to be prepared that complex smart tint for home windows insulation may be needed if several zones of warm air leaks are found, but first things first.


Shrinkage of the house and weather factors can lead to slight distortion of the window sashes and slight deformation of the sealing gum. This leads to deterioration in thermal insulation. In this case, the return of the former tightness is a matter of a couple of minutes. However, knowledge of the design of a plastic window and skills in working with tools will be needed.


The regulation of the clamping mechanism can be carried out using special eccentrics located along the perimeter of the flaps. In order for the sash to fit more tightly, the eccentric must be turned clockwise using a 4 mm Allen key.

Focus on the serif located on each such element. When it is directed towards the street, the clamp is weakened, towards the sealant – it is strengthened. The video shows everything well.

Procedure for replacing the home windows glass gasket:

  • removing the glazing bead;
  • dismantling the lining and glass unit;
  • dismantling a worn seal;

Installation of a new seal through the groove

It is better to cut off the tape in advance, which is 3-5 cm longer than the required length. The new seal is put in place, while acting as carefully as possible and not pulling the material. Surplus is carefully cut off. If desired and for guarantee, the seal can be additionally fixed with an adhesive;

Installation of smart tint for home windows, linings and glazing beads

Smart tint for home windows are a fragile part, so they must be removed and installed with extreme care so as not to break. Otherwise, you will have to buy new ones.


Installation of a plastic window is often associated with decent destruction. They are especially significant in the area between the wall and the window sill. Some installers throw cement and debris into the cracks. No comment here.

It is better, of course, when the space under the windowsill is filled with polyurethane foam, but this option is not ideal either. Over time, the foam can shrink or even dry out, decent cracks are formed through which cold air enters the house.


Today, often during the installation of plastic windows, slopes are additionally installed, smooth, beautiful, made of dense plastic. It often happens that there is a large crack between the decorative strip and the wall. Moreover, it perfectly conducts cold and wind into the apartment.

Therefore, to improve the thermal insulation of plastic windows, it is good to install smart tint for home windows. It is recommended to insulate the slopes from the inside or outside.

The procedure is as follows:

  • dismantling of unnecessary parts of polyurethane foam;
  • if the surface is very uneven, you can plaster it;
  • treatment of the slope with a primer, you can use antibacterial compounds to prevent the development of mold;
  • A fragment corresponding to the slope is cut out of the foam. In order for it to better adhere to the surface. It,s can be slightly scratched on the backside. So It remains to apply assembly glue and press firmly against the surface of the slope. It is to guarantee you can install several dowels;
  • It remains to mount the corner, putty the surface and fix the platband.

smart tint for home windows 2021


The above methods will allow you to reliably insulate smart tint for home windows and get rid of all the cracks. There is an opportunity to make the structure even warmer. Moreover, it will not only let cold into the apartment, but will also prevent warm air from escaping from the apartment. This is not magic, but reality, which is achieved through the use of:

  • heat-saving film;
  • electric heating of windows;
  • Woolen blinds and curtains.

Heating is carried out by means of an electric heating coil mounted in the glass.


Are curtains/glass better than privacy window tinting for home?

Professional way to install Privacy window

privacy window tinting for home

High-quality privacy window tinting for home installed in a private house should not let in noise and cold, fog up, and their sashes should not creak when opened. .


When choosing a window, it is important to pay attention to several indicators:

  1. the features of the profile
  2. the glass unit
  3. characteristics of the fittings.

How to seal privacy window tinting for home?

A profile made of polyvinyl chloride is a complex multi-chamber structure. It comes by increased strength and durability. A quality product can last 50 years. To increase the strength of the PVC profile and prevent the finished product from sagging, metal reinforcement is installed inside.

A rubber seal is placed along the contour, which does not allow cold air and moisture to pass through.

Tinting windows have heat shielding properties

The heat-shielding properties of a window are influenced by the number of cameras. In a private house or cottage, it is necessary to install profiles with five chambers, an assembly width of 70 mm and more, and with privacy window tinting for home.

The room will not only be warm, but also quiet – such products have good sound insulation. It means that street noise will not bother the owners of the house.

How to apply privacy window tinting for home on PVC windows?

Traditionally, PVC profiles are white, but modern technologies make it possible to embody the most daring ideas for the design of the facade and home improvement. You can paint the profile in the selected color or apply a pattern imitating the structure of wood or metal using lamination.

There is a new technology that allows you to make PVC windows with aluminum trims. They not only protect the plastic profile from thermal effects, but also look ultra-modern thanks to the fashionable aesthetics of painted metal.

By the way, you can also choose the color of the glass, which will add individuality to the facade of the house.

Does simple glass prevent heat?

It is another important element for keeping warm in the room. It is he who takes about 70% of the structure. High thermal insulation will be provided by double-glazed windows with energy-saving glasses and argon-filled chambers.

Privacy window tinting for home are made using a special technology. They are covered with a thin layer of silver. Moreover, it reflects heat radiation into the room, that is, does not allow heat to “go outside”. At the same time, it remains transparent and transmits light well.

The use of energy-saving glass allows you to reduce the cost of heating the room in the cold season. This is especially important for private houses that are individually heated.

What characteristics privacy glasses provide?

The range of glasses that we recommend for windows in private houses includes multifunctional glasses. They protect the room not only from the cold, but also from overheating due to excessive solar heat. This is especially true for south-facing facades.

Thanks to such glasses, it will be possible to use the air conditioner less often in the summer. At the request of the client, it is possible to tint the glass in a light silver, bronze or blue shade.

Large Glass Fittings

Modern homes often use large glass structures that let in a lot of light. Living rooms often have access to a terrace or garden. A conventional front door in this case can be inconvenient because it takes up a lot of space. A design with tilt-and-slide or lift-and-slide fittings will help save space.

A sash with such fittings does not take up space in the room. To open it, just pull it slightly towards you and move it to the side.


There are different options for privacy window tinting for home systems. There are tilt-and-slide, parallel-slide, and lift-and-slide. They allow the production of large-format windows with a heavy sash weight. They are suitable for glazing spacious rooms with high ceilings, including private houses.

Are curtains better than privacy windows?

In modern interiors, classic curtains are often dispensed with. To make the window look stylish and concise, you can use hidden hinges. In addition to the original design, windows with hidden hinges have other advantages. They are more resistant to burglary, have improved thermal protection and are hermetically sealed.

How to choose privacy window tinting for home?

When choosing windows, you need to take into account the characteristics of the room. If there are small children in the house, in the nursery and other rooms where they have access, special locking mechanisms must be installed on the windows.

They will block the window if the child tries to open it. It can be a handle with a key or a special lock-blocker. It is mounted under the window sash. The windows can be set to ventilation mode, but if the lock is in the closed position, it will be impossible to open the sash.

Is tinting window good for office?

And for a home office, privacy window tinting for home with a handle located at the bottom of the sash is suitable. It can be opened even while sitting in a chair. Hence, you don’t have to be distracted from work. The window handle will be longer than the regular handle and the lever will be larger.

An important issue for a private house or cottage is the issue of security. Anti-burglar fittings and armored double-glazed windows will help to provide it. Typically, intruders try to break into the window in the place where the window handle is installed. A special secustic mechanism will block the handle if an attempt is made to act on it from the outside through the window fittings.

How to install tinting films professionally?

Even the highest quality windows can be easily spoiled by unprofessional installation, so it should be trusted only by specialists. Do not hesitate to ask the contractor for a Certificate of Conformity of the work on filling window and door openings with the requirements of Belarusian standards. It is issued to companies on the basis of an on-site installation check.

Should customer install privacy film himself?

It can be difficult for a customer who has never been involved in installing windows to understand that the work is done poorly. He may not know that there is a certain step for attaching the window to the walls.

There are different fasteners for different wall materials, which the installation organization must select. It is important to protect the privacy window tinting for home from moisture and ultraviolet radiation with special vapor and waterproofing tapes.

Deficiencies in installation may become apparent in 2-3 years, when the installation seams begin to let air in, the windows will no longer be airtight. To fix this, you will have to dismantle the slopes and seal the windows again. Therefore, it is better to take a responsible approach to the choice of an installation organization right away.

privacy window tinting for home 2021

How to choose windows for a gym or fitness club?

The best sports windows are none. Choose outdoor sports whenever possible, rather than indoors.

But since we have even fewer green lawns than sunny and not rainy days, we will return to the ground, or rather to the gym.

Consider the option when a sports club or fitness center is not a purpose-built building.

The air conditioner will not help

Exercising in a stuffy room is not just unpleasant, but in the first place it is unsafe. An ordinary air conditioner only cools the air and does not saturate it with oxygen in any way – therefore it only creates the illusion of a ventilated room and fresh air.



Different Types of Windows to Install in New Home


The content of the article

  • # 1. What kind of windows are installed in wooden houses?
  • # 2. Wooden euro windows and ordinary wooden windows
  • 3. Plastic windows for a wooden house
  • 4. Choosing the right glass unit
  • 5. Size and way of opening
  • 6. Features of installing windows in a wooden house

A wooden house is coziness, warmth and a special aroma. Today, when the frantic rhythm of the big city is boring, as is the abundance of reinforced concrete, wooden buildings are regaining their former popularity. In exchange for the many advantages of log and timber houses, you have to put up with privacy window film.

For example, choosing the first plastic windows that come across and installing them using standard technology will not work. You need a special approach. Otherwise there is a risk of changing windows in a couple of years, no matter how high-quality they are.

We figure out which windows to choose in a wooden house. Moreover, how to install them so that they work out the period declared by the manufacturer.
privacy window film


Previously, in wooden houses, as, indeed, in all others, only wooden windows were installed. Moreover, there were no other options, only their quality was very different. If the old wooden windows are in good condition in the house and it is a pity to dismantle them. Similarly, it makes sense to restore and insulate them.

Nevertheless, in most cases it would be most logical to replace the old windows with new privacy window film. And here great difficulties await us. The issue of choosing windows for a wooden house is also an acute issue for those who are engaged in the construction of a new house. Also, a lot of attention will have to be paid to the correct installation of the window.

The following windows are suitable for a wooden house:

  • ordinary wooden;
  • wooden euro windows;
  • plastic windows.

Aluminum windows are taboo for a wooden house. Their design is such that condensation can form not only on the glass, but also on the frame, and contact with moisture will not benefit the wooden structure. Among the possible consequences is the appearance of mold and deformation of the structure.


Looking ahead, we note that wooden windows are the best option for a wooden house in terms of aesthetics and environmental friendliness. Many people rightly believe that building a house from natural wood and installing unnatural plastic windows is completely illogical. Indeed, there are a lot of advantages of wooden windows:

  • Beautiful appearance. Wooden windows blend harmoniously with a house built from a bar or log;
  • naturalness and environmental friendliness;
  • good performance of heat and sound insulation;
  • strength;
  • wood is a flexible material, so you can get a frame of almost any shape;
  • Scratches and dents that will inevitably appear during active use can be easily removed.



If in ordinary city apartments the installation of a privacy window film is not in doubt, then when it comes to a wooden house, many developers and private builders question their relevance. Hence, there are several main reasons:


Plastic is not a tree, it is difficult to argue here, but to look alien, standing out in white against the background of a bar, a modern plastic window will not. Manufacturers have learned to give frames any shade and pattern using lamination. Therefore, plastic can easily repeat the structure of any wood species;

Plastic does not allow air to pass through

 This is true, but in conditions when all the wooden walls of the house breathe, non-breathable plastic, which occupies a small area, will not really change the situation. If doubts remain, the construction of a plastic window can be equipped with ventilation valves and regulate the amount of air entering the apartment.


A good profile is only half the battle. It is also important to choose a high-quality double-glazed window, because it makes up about 90% of the area of ​​the entire window. We will not consider ordinary old-style windows – today, in all respects, privacy window film is better. Similarly, it may differ in the following characteristics:

Number of cameras

The camera is understood as the distance between the glasses. Two glasses are a single-chamber double-glazed unit; three are two-chamber, etc. The more chambers, the better the heat and sound insulation qualities.

For the domestic climate, it is better to take a two-chamber double – glazed window. Moreover, a single-chamber one is suitable only for technical non-residential premises and southern regions. Here in winter the temperature does not drop below -5 0 C, but its sound insulation qualities are still not very good.


The size of the windows largely depends on the interior and facade design, but common sense should not be left. Windows that are too small will not let in enough light, and too large can make the wood house colder.

The generally accepted rule is that 1m 2 of glazing is required per 10 m 2 of area, but you can retreat from it when the room is drawn in length or width. The maximum level of natural light should be in the living room, nursery, and study. Hence, these rooms have windows to the south and east, but the bedroom, kitchen and technical rooms can be turned to the north and west.

Popular privacy window film style

Today, the Scandinavian privacy window film style is very popular, which is distinguished by large windows. In wooden houses, a large area of ​​glazing looks appropriate, but it is important to know some safety standards.

If ordinary double-glazed windows are used, then it is undesirable to make the total area of ​​the glazed structure more than 6 m 2. It may not withstand the wind load. Each of the doors should be no more than 2.8 m 2 , otherwise a strong pressure of the glass unit on the frame and fittings will be created.

If you plan to install an arched window, then the radius of the arch should not be less than 35 cm.

privacy window film 2021


When it comes to a wooden house, the installation of privacy window film is somewhat more complicated in comparison with brick, concrete and other houses. The reason is the strong shrinkage of the tree, especially in the first years after the construction of the building.

Shrinkage occurs due to the loss of stored moisture by the wood, and the worse the wood has been dried, the more volume it will lose. For a year, shrinkage can be up to 1.5 cm per meter of height, these processes are most active for the first 5 years, then the tree can also change its volume, absorbing and releasing moisture.


If you install privacy window film using traditional technology, then in the first year you may not notice any problems, because the weight of the tree will compress the layer of polyurethane foam , but then the structure itself will begin to deform, and as a result the glass will crack.


How to increase performance of photochromic windows?

Anti-bacterial smart windows for home

photochromic windows

Smart windows and home automation…. Can we use smart windows and doors? Is it possible to integrate door and photochromic windows into home automation?

First of all, we must explain to you what we are talking about when we talk about home automation. You must know that home automation is a cutting-edge technology. It allows you to connect all the electronic devices in your home and home. You can control them remotely, automatically and remotely.

What is a triple glass?

A triple glazing is a specific type of double glazing, and if you’ve already read the previous article, you already know what we’re talking about. You can call it a double chamber because it has a particular conformation.

All ‘ outside and all’ inside, there are two glass panes; between them, there is a cavity, filled with gas and therefore sealed from the outside. The cavity is itself broken in two by a third glass, to increase its insulating capacity.

The performance of photochromic windows

The performance of the glass is not the only important one, but so are those of the whole called “window system “, that is the union of the glass and the window.

So, what should you pay attention to when choosing between double and triple photochromic windows in the historic center?

Meanwhile, the window must be suitable for triple glazing, also to ensure that its performance is optimized.

How to choose window for a home?

But you have to be careful! The choice of a window frame also depends on the structure of the wall space and its architectural characteristics.


These, in the case of a renovation and redevelopment of a house in the historic center, often pose duties and obligations. They are difficult to face, unless you want to proceed with complex and intricate processes, during the production phase of the window or door.

In particular, the profile of the window frame must be at least 80 mm, sufficient to contain a glass seat of at least 40 mm. This space is large enough to allow the installation of photochromic windows with good mechanical and acoustic characteristics.

But it is also suitable for allowing the two cavities to have a size suitable for optimizing their performance.

What type of photochromic windows glass you should install?

However, before proceeding with the choice of the type of glass to install, it is important to evaluate the size and topology of the openings. This is because generally, a triple glass has a greater weight than a double glass; weight which, in addition, large lights could increase a lot.

Here’s what you need to know about these products that allow you to give new features, or a new look, to the glass in your home, office or company.

Have you heard of window films and want to know more about these solutions? You are in the right place. Here you will find out what they are, how they work and what the various types are, each with its own function and advantages.

So let’s start with the answer to the first question.

What are window films?

As the name suggests, we are talking about adhesive films that are applied on the windows. They consist of several layers of different materials, the characteristics of which determine their function. The adhesive coating is always present on the internal face, while the external surface is scratch-resistant.

Let’s now come to the most interesting part of this article: the one that will allow you to understand how you can use window films to get the effect you want on your windows and, more generally, on the windows.

photochromic windows 2021

Window films: what are the types?

So far we have seen what all photochromic windows have in common. But the variants on the market have very different functions. Let’s find out the main types:

Anti-sun films 

They reflect solar energy, keeping the interior cool during the summer. They guarantee you considerable energy and economic savings on cooling costs;

Insulating films 

Unlike the previous product, this film keeps the heat inside your home, office or company during the cold months. In this case, the savings are on heating;

Security films 

They transform a normal window into safety glass. They minimize the risks for the person deriving from the breakage and are therefore anti-injury, but there are also anti-intrusion and anti-explosion versions;

Privacy films 

These are darkening solutions that allow external light to enter but prevent those outside from seeing what you are doing inside. Or decorative films that, while allowing the light to pass, prevent the sight in both directions.

Switch LCD films 


When they are in the ON position the film becomes totally transparent, while in the OFF position the glass is completely obscured from the bidirectional view and you can also use it for rear projection.

What are the advantages of photochromic windows?

Each photochromic windows have its own peculiarities and advantages. You can learn more by clicking on the single type in the previous paragraph. But there are some characteristics common to most adhesive films. Let’s see what they are:

  • Economic savingscompared to glass replacement;
  • Less invasiveintervention
  • Possibility of removalif desired
  • Absolute transparency
  • Light, medium or strong anti- glare effect , according to your needs
  • Elimination of the color change ofcarpets, floors, furniture and works of art exposed to light.

What are the benefits of antibacterial films?

The health of the people comes first. And the antibacterial films protect it, preventing infections that can lead to serious consequences.
But there is also another non-negligible advantage of an economic nature. Installing these products prevents the costs necessary and for the care of infected people and also those for the remediation of contaminated environments.

Do these films also work against viruses?

Bacteria and viruses are two completely different things. Antibacterial films are not effective against viruses. In order to avoid an unfair expense, if you want to buy films passed off as ” anti-virus “, carefully check the veracity of the relevant official certificates .


Excellent, here we are at the end of our photochromic windows analysis. We hope that you have digested this information. It will help you in future to select right option for your home.

However, from the point of view of the electrical system of the house, this is an operation that undoubtedly requires a lot of work.